Señorita Féria De Candon won by 3 consecutive years by ladies from Cervantes

Señorita Féria De Candon won by 3 consecutive years by ladies from Cervantes

Senorita Feria de Candon is a pageant in Candon City giving tribute to the annual trade fair and showcasing the tourism and trade of the municipalities of the second district of Ilocos Sur. An electric float parade where municipalities and their muse parade to showcase the beauty and artistry of their towns. The municipality of Sta. Cruz had been the hall of famer for their back to back to back achievement as Best in Float. In every float, there is a Senorita of their own municipality as a representative in the annual pageant. And for the past three years, the Senoritas of Cervantes, Ilocos Sur had achieved a 3-peat achievement with the crowning of Jasmin Abraham the 2013 winner, Angelita Soliven as 2014 winner and April Soliven as the recent 2015 winner. The 2014 and 2015 winners are also holding a record to beat since the crowned beauties are sisters. Last April 16, 2015, I have the chance to host the Bb. Cervantes 2015 pageant together with April Soliven wherein Jasmine and Angelita were given a recognition for their back to back achievement and this year of 2016, April was also given the same recognition for her achievement. Now, the different municipalities of the second district will surely be preparing for another grand event on December 2, 2016 thru their floats and Senoritas And here is a short conversation with the Soliven sisters about their historical back to back Señorita crown as sisters and fellows from Cervantes.


I got the chance to talk to the two Señorita Féria De Candon beauty quuens, Angelita and April Soliven.

Angelita Soliven is 19 but she was only 17 when she won the crown and she stands 5’5, currently taking up Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science at Lorma Colleges. She won as Miss ISPSC 2014, when she was in high school then clinched the  Miss Lorma Intramurals 2014,  Miss SBO Sportsfest 2014,  Senorita Feria de Candon 2014,  Miss NTA at Miss Virginia Tobacco 2015, Miss Magic 2015 2nd runner up and Miss Silka Ilocandia 2016 1RU and Miss Agoo 2016 2nd RU.

Angelita isa dreamer, believer and hardworking person because her top priority is her studies. She wants to  advertise the OTOP of Cervantes which is ginger by posting information on social media accounts. Ginger is very nutritious and it can treat different illnesses which she think is relevant today.

She wants to live life to the fullest that’s why she want to try new things like joining pageants in which she can meet new people and to discover things which she like. When she was in her 1st year high school she experienced her first pageant at school. She decided to join because she wants to have an extra-curricular grade in order to attain her rank, then she realized that joining beauty pageant makes her happy.

On clinching the crown as Señorita Féria de Candon representing Cervantes, Angelita was really surprised because she didn’t expect to clinch the crown but  likewise happy to see all Cervantenians cheered for her that night. To join more beauty pageants in order to experience new things, meet new people and to become a good role model and likewise Angelita is  hoping to do these things and still continue her studies, are her future plans. She considers, April Soliven, her sister as her pageant idol because she is the one who worries about everything- her walk, the way she smile, and the way that she delivers herself to the audience.

Regarding her future plans about pageants, she can’t really tell for now but her  heart belongs to our City which is San Fernando, that she will eventually joins the prestigious search for Miss City of San Fernando. And here is her message to her supporters and to the people of Cervantes, “Cervantenians are really supportive that’s why I just want to say thank you and I am really proud to say that I am a certified cervantenian. I just want to ask their prayers for our candidate for Senorita Feria De Candon 2016.”

Here is my conversation with her elder sister, April with whom she passed the crown last 2015.

Señorita Féria De Candon

April Paredes Soliven started joining pageants when she was 15 and now a Registered Respiratory  Therapist and currently working at ITRMC, 23 years old and stand 5’7″. SHe graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy at Lorma Colleges.

Her pageant titles includes Miss Cervantes 2010, Miss ISPSC 2010,
Baggak ti Begnas 2011, Miss City of San Fernando – Barangay 2012, Miss Santo Tomas – Barangay 2015, Señorita feria de Candon 2015, Miss Casino Filipino 2016 1st Runner-up  and a Miss Global Philippines 2016 official candidate where she won Best in Costume.
April is Loving, she treasures  the people who took care of her and loved her unconditionally and she makes sure she give them back the care and love they deserve and she also loves hard and deep. April is Determined- because with God’s help, she do her best to attain what she wants and she was willing to sacrifice her time and exerts her full effort just to achieve her dream and she is Simple, because she was raised in the barrio with a simple life.
She describes her personality  like that of the Bessang Pass Shrine since it is very iconic not only in Cervantes but in the entire Ilocos region. It is where General Yamashita had his last stand against the American soldiers. It marks the end of world war II.  April is also an iconic in a way that she wants to be remembered as someone who values her heritage.
The Ginger tea is perfect this season. Cough and colds is very rampant and one way to cure it is drinking a warm tea. The ginger tea is perfect plus it has antioxidant properties thus she wants to promote their OTOP in anyway she could just like her answer during the pageant, she will utilize and promote an OTOP thru social media and showing on hand experience of using it.

Joining pageant was her childhood dream,  and looking back  it was her first mentor wayback highschool, Mr Ariel Asuncion who was her first trainer. She recalled their ramp sessions at their municipal stage every night and their QnA sessions after and she  owe her basics to him.
April feel overwhelmed and blessed being crowned as Señorita Feria de Candon 2015 and she offer the humble achievement to her hometown. Miss Universe 2016 Pia Wurtzbach is her idol because she is a strong and well determined woman with a big heart thus she adore her so much for that.

April have big plans for 2018. I pray and ask for God’s guidance as I prepare for a big battle in a pageant.  But she aspires to join the a provincial pageant since she had been staying here in La Union for almost 6 years now but she never joined Mutia Ti La Union thus she wish to join MLU next year because it will be her last chance since she is already 23.
This is her message to her supporters and to the people of Cervantes, “I wanna thank them for supporting me most especially in my national pageant last June. They travelled all the way from Cervantes to Manila just to watch me. You are my inspiration and motivation to push through my dream. Thank you so much! Ayayaten kayo unay.”

Now there is a big expectations about the Senorita Feria De Candon crown if the delegate form Cervantes will again clinch it or time to pass it to another town.
Watch the pageant on December 2, 2016 and witness as April SOliven will crown her successor and let us see if it will be another lady form Cervantes.


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