Señorita Féria De Candon won by 3 consecutive years by ladies from Cervantes

Señorita Féria De Candon won by 3 consecutive years by ladies from Cervantes

Senorita Feria de Candon is a pageant in Candon City giving tribute to the annual trade fair and showcasing the tourism and trade of the municipalities of the second district of Ilocos Sur. An electric float parade where municipalities and their muse parade to showcase the beauty and artistry of their towns. The municipality of Sta. Cruz had been the hall of famer for their back to back to back achievement as Best in Float. In every float, there is a Senorita of their own municipality as a representative in the annual pageant. And for the past three years, the Senoritas of Cervantes, Ilocos Sur had achieved a 3-peat achievement with the crowning of Jasmin Abraham the 2013 winner, Angelita Soliven as 2014 winner and April Soliven as the recent 2015 winner. The 2014 and 2015 winners are also holding a record to beat since the crowned beauties are sisters. Last April 16, 2015, I have the chance to host the Bb. Cervantes 2015 pageant together with April Soliven wherein Jasmine and Angelita were given a recognition for their back to back achievement and this year of 2016, April was also given the same recognition for her achievement. Now, the different municipalities of the second district will surely be preparing for another grand event on December 2, 2016 thru their floats and Senoritas And here is a short conversation with the Soliven sisters about their historical back to back Señorita crown as sisters and fellows from Cervantes.


I got the chance to talk to the two Señorita Féria De Candon beauty quuens, Angelita and April Soliven.

Angelita Soliven is 19 but she was only 17 when she won the crown and she stands 5’5, currently taking up Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science at Lorma Colleges. She won as Miss ISPSC 2014, when she was in high school then clinched the  Miss Lorma Intramurals 2014,  Miss SBO Sportsfest 2014,  Senorita Feria de Candon 2014,  Miss NTA at Miss Virginia Tobacco 2015, Miss Magic 2015 2nd runner up and Miss Silka Ilocandia 2016 1RU and Miss Agoo 2016 2nd RU.

Angelita isa dreamer, believer and hardworking person because her top priority is her studies. She wants to  advertise the OTOP of Cervantes which is ginger by posting information on social media accounts. Ginger is very nutritious and it can treat different illnesses which she think is relevant today.

She wants to live life to the fullest that’s why she want to try new things like joining pageants in which she can meet new people and to discover things which she like. When she was in her 1st year high school she experienced her first pageant at school. She decided to join because she wants to have an extra-curricular grade in order to attain her rank, then she realized that joining beauty pageant makes her happy.

On clinching the crown as Señorita Féria de Candon representing Cervantes, Angelita was really surprised because she didn’t expect to clinch the crown but  likewise happy to see all Cervantenians cheered for her that night. To join more beauty pageants in order to experience new things, meet new people and to become a good role model and likewise Angelita is  hoping to do these things and still continue her studies, are her future plans. She considers, April Soliven, her sister as her pageant idol because she is the one who worries about everything- her walk, the way she smile, and the way that she delivers herself to the audience.

Regarding her future plans about pageants, she can’t really tell for now but her  heart belongs to our City which is San Fernando, that she will eventually joins the prestigious search for Miss City of San Fernando. And here is her message to her supporters and to the people of Cervantes, “Cervantenians are really supportive that’s why I just want to say thank you and I am really proud to say that I am a certified cervantenian. I just want to ask their prayers for our candidate for Senorita Feria De Candon 2016.”

Here is my conversation with her elder sister, April with whom she passed the crown last 2015.

Señorita Féria De Candon

April Paredes Soliven started joining pageants when she was 15 and now a Registered Respiratory  Therapist and currently working at ITRMC, 23 years old and stand 5’7″. SHe graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy at Lorma Colleges.

Her pageant titles includes Miss Cervantes 2010, Miss ISPSC 2010,
Baggak ti Begnas 2011, Miss City of San Fernando – Barangay 2012, Miss Santo Tomas – Barangay 2015, Señorita feria de Candon 2015, Miss Casino Filipino 2016 1st Runner-up  and a Miss Global Philippines 2016 official candidate where she won Best in Costume.
April is Loving, she treasures  the people who took care of her and loved her unconditionally and she makes sure she give them back the care and love they deserve and she also loves hard and deep. April is Determined- because with God’s help, she do her best to attain what she wants and she was willing to sacrifice her time and exerts her full effort just to achieve her dream and she is Simple, because she was raised in the barrio with a simple life.
She describes her personality  like that of the Bessang Pass Shrine since it is very iconic not only in Cervantes but in the entire Ilocos region. It is where General Yamashita had his last stand against the American soldiers. It marks the end of world war II.  April is also an iconic in a way that she wants to be remembered as someone who values her heritage.
The Ginger tea is perfect this season. Cough and colds is very rampant and one way to cure it is drinking a warm tea. The ginger tea is perfect plus it has antioxidant properties thus she wants to promote their OTOP in anyway she could just like her answer during the pageant, she will utilize and promote an OTOP thru social media and showing on hand experience of using it.

Joining pageant was her childhood dream,  and looking back  it was her first mentor wayback highschool, Mr Ariel Asuncion who was her first trainer. She recalled their ramp sessions at their municipal stage every night and their QnA sessions after and she  owe her basics to him.
April feel overwhelmed and blessed being crowned as Señorita Feria de Candon 2015 and she offer the humble achievement to her hometown. Miss Universe 2016 Pia Wurtzbach is her idol because she is a strong and well determined woman with a big heart thus she adore her so much for that.

April have big plans for 2018. I pray and ask for God’s guidance as I prepare for a big battle in a pageant.  But she aspires to join the a provincial pageant since she had been staying here in La Union for almost 6 years now but she never joined Mutia Ti La Union thus she wish to join MLU next year because it will be her last chance since she is already 23.
This is her message to her supporters and to the people of Cervantes, “I wanna thank them for supporting me most especially in my national pageant last June. They travelled all the way from Cervantes to Manila just to watch me. You are my inspiration and motivation to push through my dream. Thank you so much! Ayayaten kayo unay.”

Now there is a big expectations about the Senorita Feria De Candon crown if the delegate form Cervantes will again clinch it or time to pass it to another town.
Watch the pageant on December 2, 2016 and witness as April SOliven will crown her successor and let us see if it will be another lady form Cervantes.


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Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Heide

Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Heide

*This is the fourth part of the series of features about the Miss Agoo beauties conquering the Mutia ti La Union crowns with the achievement of a 5-peat victory, consecutively winning the crown for 5 straight years.

Maria Heide Ronato Ehrenberg:  The queen who clinched the 3rd consecutive crown for  Agoo in Mutia ti La Union



Maria Heide Ronato Ehrenberg, a lovely lady known to be friendly, straight forward and fun-loving person as what her friends describe her, Heide is a very happy and compassionate person and that’s the reason why she can easily gain friends. She loves meeting new people, sharing and talking about a variety of things and laugh about anything under the sun with her  friends.


She considers the Basilica Minore of our Lady of Charity as tourist spot in Agoo that describes her personality since she love church and most of all because she trust and know that God is working awesomely through it. Basilica Minore of our Lady of Charity her my favorite church next to Paoay church because of its undeniably beauty, she said “I don’t know why but everytime I pass by through the church (ever since I was a child) whether I am walking or riding a bus I always make sure that I have to make a glance of it (or visit) and say a little prayer. I relate it to my personality because I’m a kind of person whom you can trust and lean on just like God whenever I have problems I just talk to him and everything will be fine and same with my friends and family since I am easy to talk to and a good listener.”


When she was asked about her pageant journey, here is what she can say. “To be honest I really don’t know how it all started. I’m just a very, very shy girl with zero self confidence and self esteem maybe because I was bullied pretty badly in my elementary days. Looking back to that time were in some of my classmates (group of girls sometimes boys) who would throw stuff to me, slap me at the face, kicking my legs everytime they want, call me ugly and stupid, mock me and of course tell me they would beat me up if I ever fought back. I can still remember them singing and making poems telling how ugly and stupid I am. It was like their daily mission. When I got home from school, I would go to my room and cry. I go to school seeking an education but unfortunately that isn’t possible due to all of the people who bully me both physically and emotionally to be honest it made my world very small.
Everything changes when I transfer to a new school (highchool) it was the time that almost everyone appreciates me admires me. They forced me to join pageant at my school and activities until college. My first ever pageant was Mr. And Ms. LUCST 2007 during high school and I won. My self-confidence and everything about me is back. A big thank you to all my classmates, teachers and handler (Audie Camacho, it was him who discovered my potentials to be a beauty queen) because of them I was able to spread my BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, CONFIDENT and DEDICATED wings back again.
P.S. I am sad that I have to share this story of mine but I just want to tell everyone who is going through the same. It gets better. I know it’s really hard trust me, and you might feel like giving up sometimes, but you have to be yourself and stay confident. Don’t let them get to you.”


Her crowning moment during that time as Mutia ti La Union 2014 was really incomparable. It was the biggest, most memorable moment that ever happen in her life. To be honest she wasn’t really expecting it all I thought I will end up as a runner up as it was happening to her  ALL THE TIME. Seeing the crowd cheer and be there for her  was really something. It was the first time in her life that she got much attention from people she didn’t even know. It was a victory that she and the team of Agoo worked hard for.


Heide consider Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach as her idol when it comes to the world of pageantry simply because of her determination. She actually recalled to me how many times she joined pageants and always ending up as a runner-up but never the crown and it happened that Pia had experienced that in her journey in Bb. Pilipinas for three times, And the time came that she had decided to stop joining pageants because she thought that she will never be a beaty queen that she will never clinch a CROWN! But a big blessing came and that was when the municipality of Agoo appointed her as the Miss Agoo 2013 and will represent Agoo to the Mutia ti La Union 2014 which she eventually won, and adding to that is she did not just won the crown as the MLU 2014 but also the most coveted award coming from her fellow candidates as she also won the Miss Friendship, a special award sponsored by Airwindzone (this blog). She was so humble that when I awarded her , she told me “Finally nameet ko po kayo, follower po ako ng mga posts nu po.” So humble and it touched my heart that since then I was always praying for her good life that I even prayed that, if not one of my friends will clinched the title, please let Miss Friendship win, which she eventually did. Additional to that is, during the Electric Float Parade in Aringay, I arrived in the venue and went directly to visit the church and there was her mother and sister praying for her thus prayers and strong faith in God really directed her into victory.


Believe it or not she is already contented winning Mutia ti La Union 2014 that she had never dream of joining national pageants because at the first place it was not her  dream at all of becoming a beauty queen but it was her goal to join Mutia ti La Union .It just happen that a lot of people keep saying that she should be joining pageants because she got the height and the qualities of a beauty queen but she  loves joining pageants because she got to meet different people from different places, for experience and most importantly gaining friends and of course joining pageants comes with so many perks and lastly the cash prize.


She even recalled the very first time that she was able to watch Mutia ti La Union live on top of our van since we don’t have ticket and the place was so crowded so we decided to climb up to our van so we can see the stage and guest artists. She recalled it was 16 or 17 years ago when she was still young and she never thought that time will come that she will be given a chance to step up to that same stage and be able to represent the municipality of Agoo. She don’t know how to express her gratitude since she believe that saying thank you is not enough. She  will be forever grateful to ma’am Cory, Sir Dong, to the municipal mayor Sandra and congressman Franny Eriguel, people of Agoo, kuya Michael, kuya Balot, kuya Bjay, to all the people who believed and supported her and of course to the one and only beauty queen maker of the north, Paul Sanglay. “Thank you for the trust and for believing in me that I can be a beautyqueen. I may not be a native of agoo but AGOO will always be in my heart FOREVER! ”


Isn’t her pageant journey so inspiring? Heide will remain as the Mutia ti La Union 2014 who won two coveted crowns for that pageant, the 3rd consecutive MLU Crown for Agoo and the crown of love from her fellow candidates as the Miss Friendship of her batch. And the author wishes the best for Heide in journey of her life since I know how good her heart is.




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Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Trizha

Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Trizha
*This is the 3rd part of the series of features about the Miss Agoo beauties conquering the Mutia ti La Union crowns with the achievement of a 5-peat victory, consecutively winning the crown for 5 straight years.
Trizha Ocampo: The queen who clinched the fifth crown to continue the lucky streak of Agoo in Mutia ti La Union

The latest lady who clinched the Mutia ti La Union crown for Agoo is Trizha Bartolome Ocampo last March 2, 2016, she is a proud Ilocana who was born in California but raised in Agoo, La Union since 2001.
Trizha stands 5’8” and a 22 years old student of University of Baguio taking up BA Communication and her passion for pageantry and modelling are the reasons for her love for make-up and fashion which she eventually used in her pageant journey.
Her pageant achievements include, Miss Alloria Philippines as 1st Runner-up, Mutia ti Sto. Tomas 2014 as Mutia ti Turismo,, Miss Agoo 2015, Mutia ti La Union 2016 and Miss Baguio City 2016 as 3rd Runner-up.
She is a mdern Maria Clara since at this point of modern time, she exudes traits of a dalagang Filipina, an out-going person and spontaneous in her actions but still tamed in a way that she knows her limits and she is forever thankful to her mom for the proper up-bringing and guidance, she had chosen to be that way because she wants to be a good example to the young ladies and show them that they can still be a Maria Clara kind of girl by showing modesty, dignity and self-respect and knowing your limitations as young lady and woman of worth.
She describes her personality like that of the Agoo Basilica because of her strong faith in God and strong foundation of herself, knowing who she is and what she wants to be in life, knowing her worth in this world and very determined to reach all of her dreams in the future.
I asked her to pick one product of Agoo and how she will advertise it. She aim to advertise the Dinengdeng of Agoo, as it is in line with her course, advertising would not be a problem so she wants to create an infomercial about dinengdeng, how it is made and publish it in social media and could use her Public Relations skills to organize a workshop seminar, open to the public, on how to create the dish and what are the benefits it can give.
The memory of her first pageant, Mr. and Miss Agoo Montessori Learning Center 2004, made her realize that she had fallen in love with pageantry and dreamed of being a beauty queen someday, she was already interested to join when she was in first year high school but her mom advised her to wait for the right time and after 3 years, she joined under the mentorship of Mr. Rodelio Indong who is the one who always believed in her beauty and capability to be a beauty queen.
She is motivated by her dream of becoming a national beauty queen and hopes to represent the country in a global pageant. Winning Mutia ti La Union 2016 is still a surreal experience because for her, it was just a dream but now a reality and she is happy and blessed to give pride to her hometown, to the place she calls her second home and she did gave back the honor that Agoo deserves.
Her goals in pageantry is for her to gain experience in joining local pageants to make her ready for the nationals since she is so humble to admit that she still needs a lot of improvement.
Her beauty queen icon is Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach because of her determination to win despite failing on her first tries, Miss Universe 2015 had inspired her to never give up on her dreams even if you fail multiple times, rather stand up again with your head up high. That after graduating in college she plans to pursue her dreams of joining a national pageant, she intends to join Bb. Pilipinas in the future, as a step to make her dreams of competing in a global pageant and represent our country.
As a sign of gratitude for her victory as 5th lady who clinched the Mutia ti La Union crown for Agoo, under Ma’am Cory and mader Paul Sanglay, and the Municiapl government of Agoo under Mayor Sandra Eriguel and Congressman Franny Eriguel, she have this message to all her supporters, “To my fellow Agoeños, thank you so much for being a huge influence in my life. The beauty queen that I am now and who I am now will never be the same without all of you. Because Agoo will never be the best without its people. Thank you for all of your support since day 1 and may you be with me till my last hurrah as a beauty queen. I will forever be proud to be an ilocana from Agoo, La Union. May God Bless all Agoeños and Agoo. I Love you all.”

So let us keep on supporting Trizha in her future pageant journey.



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Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Alessandra

Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Alessandra

*This is the 2nd part of the series of features about the Miss Agoo beauties conquering the Mutia ti La Union crowns with the achievement of a 5-peat victory, consecutively winning the crown for 5 straight years.


Alessandra Casimiro:  The queen who clinched the fourth crown to continue the  lucky streak of Agoo in Mutia ti La Union


Alessandra Casimiro, the 23 year old  and 5’51/2 lady was the fourth lady who clinched the consecutive victory of Miss Agoo in Mutia ti La Union when she was crowned last March 2, 2015.


Alessandra graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in Central Luzon State University and also took up Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling at the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University – South La Union Campus, Agoo, La Union.


Her pageant journey includes the following:

  • Miss Nueva Ecija High School 2009
  • Miss Brgy. Kalikid Sur 2009 1st runner up
  • PCNL (Philippine College of Northern Luzon) 2010
  • Miss CLSU (Central Luzon State University) 2011
  • Miss DCSUC 2011 runner up- (interschool-regional)
  • Miss SCUAA 2014 1st runner up (interschool-regional)
  • Cabanatuan 2010 4th runner up
  • Nueva Ecija 2012 1st runner up
  • Republika Filipina 2014 2nd Runner up (national)
  • Miss Agoo 2014 2nd runner up
  • Mutia Ti La Union 2015
  • Mutya ng Pilipinas 2015 Candidate


Alessandra is lady who is simple, congenial and strong. She is a simple person who wants a simple life, simple dreams and simple happiness because simple things makes her happy  since there is always beauty in simplicity that if you are simple, you can easily be contented with what you have without any form of regrets. She is a friendly person and she makes the usual bad impression of her being a snob, because of her chinky eyes, however, when they get to know her  well and saw her simplicity everything goes backwards, because they can easily get along with her since she is the type  of person that when she trusted you as a friend, she can give her everything because friendship means a lot to her . And the reason of all these characteristics that she have is because of being strong and she consider herself as one because of the challenges that she had faced during early age. Being strong for her means “giving up is not in her vocabulary, instead hope and determination are always with here all the time.” And that’s the reason why, she became the simple and congenial type of person. Considering that she had faced a challenge of a being in a broken family and she supported herself until she graduated college, and she is still asking herself “If I am not that kind of person then how will I survive? “


One of the most known destination in the Municipality of Agoo is our historical Church which is the “Our lady of Charity Basilica”.  She must say that it is one of the huge old churches that she knows. Knowing that it was founded in 1578 and was reconstructed in 1975, the beauty of the church both inside and outside was still preserved up until now proving that age is not an issue but it’s the people who care about our precious one. Because of its solemn ambiance which brings peace of mind to the prayers, this church has proven that the beauty doesn’t just exist outside but deeper in our heart and souls. And since that we all know that our church “Nuestra Señora de Caridad” was located along the side of National Highway, tourists can easily find the heart of our Municipality that is why passengers can easily approach the said church. Relating it to her personality, She is an open book type of person in which people can easily know who she is. She is  the kind of person that if you need someone to talk to, to have someone that at least will listen to you no matter who you are, she will always be there and will never be hard to find. Cause that is also the thing that she felt in that church whenever  she visits the basilica for an hour just talking to herself and to God. She is indeed someone to lean on, just like the basilica where you can find solace and comfort..



If she will choose one product f Ago that she will promote, it will be the native cake specifically “patupat”. She had  tasted different patupat from different places but Agoo has the best. She saw how many vendors sell the native cake in the market most especially on Tuesdays, apart from the vendors selling it using bicycle almost every day. And she had noticed that it is one of the products of Agoo that balikbayan will never forget to buy before leaving ther place. To advertise it, she suggested that she must first coordinate with the local government. Since, people of Agoo love native cakes, they must consider gathering the  vendors first  then orient them how to have an equal quality of best patupat in Agoo so that they will have the signature patupat that everybody ever wants. Second, is by advertising it by a mass of people, publicly opening the opportunity of everyone to discover more of the native cake on how to improve it by means of a fiesta competitions and creative ideas of modeling the product in which beauties of Agoo will be competing. Lastly, is by showing it to the people of La Union that Agoo has the best “patupat”. Marketing it to the whole province, will be a great opportunity for the livelihood of the people of Agoo. And to have a better market they  must also advertise the product well by showing creativity to the people of La Union. And Alessandra being one of the ambassadresses of Agoo and La Union,  it is a must to have the power to encourage and promote the  product by means of  presence and beauty in showing them how to deal with it and what it is. The best model is the one who do not just advertise but also the one who patronize the product which she usually do by enjoying a meal with the patupat.


She  never wanted to join pageants before, but what pushed her to join pageants are the benefits of being a beauty queen in which she can help her family financially and also herself, as a self-supporting student.  Beauty pageant did not just give her the opportunity to improve her  self-confidence but it also gave her hope in dreaming and pursue what she  really wanted in life. Pageants made her a determined person, and that’s what motivates her  even more.


She started joining pageants when she was in high school and that is because she was  obliged to do so as she was always the muse in the class which she never wanted, because what she really wanted deep inside was the position of the president. Well, everything has a reason because she didn’t know that God was just preparing her for bigger battles were sheI can use it as my weapon. After winning the school pageant, everything goes continuously smooth as she joins almost yearly to earn money from it. And since pageants gave her doors of opportunities to open, it helped her support her family and her studies.  She can say that she let herself be discovered in the world of beauty queens.

Alessandra have only one word in her heart when she clinched the 4th crown of Mutia ti La Union for her hometown of Agoo, and that is “BLESSED” and she is blessed to be an Agoenian. Clinching the 4th crown of the 4th consecutive year was indeed gratifying in her  part. She can say that Agoo really has the best team because they nailed it. From the cooperation of the people of Agoo in supporting their candidate, employees of Agoo who never fail to support her even in her little needs, and the best glam team in La Union, who wouldn’t be motivated to cooperate to win the title. She cannot make it without them. All the hard work, pressure and sleepless nights were vanished once she see the people loving her and appreciating what  she have done. It is indeed once in a lifetime fairytale in her  life. Cause at least for once, She have seen the fruit of all the hardships of joining beauty pageants since the day she chose to be part of the pageant world.

In her  pageant journey, she was never been so ambitious with the crown, never did she think that one day, she will have the crown in her head because for her, pageants are just a game. It doesn’t matter if she have a crown as long as she inspire other people in any way she can. And the main reason of her joining pageants was not  because of the crown, it’s about how will it help her financially and socially cause network for her is something to be treasured. But the moment she  graduated college and joined Mutia ti La Union, that is the only moment she told herself that she can do it this time. And she had realized that the result of everything is on how we think of it, it’s about the power of the mind. Thinking that she don’t want to break the pride of Agoo and fail them. As she  goes along with her pageant journey, wether getting the crown is her goal or not what matters for her all the time is the aspiration of being contented.

Alessandra considers  Gloria Diaz,as her beauty queen icon,  as she was La Union’s pride, a smart, sophisticated and simple woman that every LaUnenian should be proud of.


For now, she is not thinking of any pageants to join t, since after joining National Pageant and seeing the nature behind everything. She thinks she is already contented that she have been the Mutia ti La Union 2015.


She will always be grateful to the best glam team of Agoo, headed by Ma’am Cory, Sir Dong, Mader Paul Sanglay, the municoal government under Mayor Sandra Eriguel and Congressman Franny Eriguel and all the people of Agoo, she have this message,  “ To the people of Agoo who still believe in me, I cannot thank you enough for making me strong since day one. Beauty Queens are known to be an inspiration for everyone, but for me YOU are our inspiration. Without the people who believe in us, we can never be an inspiration to others. Because simply believing in us makes a difference in ourselves, YOU made me who I am now. Thank you making me strong. Keep inspiring others and believing in the capabilities of the next generation.”


As for now, it is the best to wish Alessandra all the best in her profession that she can continue grow as a professional and an inspiration of her determination and strong will to survive in life.




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Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Aiyana

Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Aiyana

*This is the first part of the series of features about the Miss Agoo beauties conquering the Mutia ti La Union crowns with the achievement of a 5-peat victory, consecutively winning the crown for 5 straight years.

Aiyana Camille Mikiewicz:  The queen that started the lucky streak for Agoo in Mutia ti La Union

Aiyana Camille Co Mikiewicz was the Queen of the North during her prime with her titles as the winner of the following pageants:

  1. Miss Dagupan Fashionista 2010
  2. Miss Panagbenga 2011
  3. Miss Silka Baguio 2011
  4. Miss Agoo 2011
  5. Miss Catwalk Diva 2011
  6. Miss Laoag City International 2012 Pamulinawen Festival Queen
  7. Mutia Ti La Union 2012
  8. Miss Magic 2012
  9. Miss Tourism World Philippines 2013
  10. Miss Tourism Asia 2013 in Miss Tourism World 2013

AJ, to her friends is now 27 years old and a 5’7” stunner who is also known as a beauty with mixed heritage as ¼ Polish & ¼ Ukrainean form her father and ¼ Chinese and ¼ Filipino from her mother. A mother of two who is currently finishing her BA Psychology major at the University of South Florida, USA who plans to pursue a career as a police officer.

She is a strong, persistent and positive lady who believes that she was not in her position in life if she didn’t have those traits especially right now as a mom who goes back to school while trying to raise her kids since she wants to graduate and finished schooling which was put on hold when she joined national pageant. She is inspired by her kids who is reminded every morning just merely looking at her kids that’s she do it for them so that one day, her kids will be able to claim that even she stopped studying before she is still managed to eventually graduate

As a Miss Agoo 2011, she described her personality, using a tourist attraction in Agoo, as the “Eagle of the North” monument since she always wants to see everything form a bird’s eyeview, always wanting to see what’s ahead of her and what was behind her or the reason why she have to leave and fly, what she needed to focus on when reaching her goals in life.

She aims to continue promoting Agoo thru the use of social media since nowadays everybody is glued to the internet especially when it comes to using facebook. She wants to post  herself,  a picture of the Agoo and promote why others needs to  visit the place and purchase local goods produced from the said town.

According to AJ, when asked how she was motivated to join pageants, She recalled that “It’s actually kind of funny how my pageant journey really started…to make the long story short I mainly joined because I really wanted to lose weight and feel confident about my body and win the cash prize. Knowing there was a reward of money when you won drove me to thinking how much of a big help this would be towards my studies.”

She also recalled her first pageant experience,  “My first pageant was actually when I was teased into joining Ms.Psychology 2010 at SLU during my freshman year. It was Paul Sanglay who discovered me and became my handler ever since my pageant journey started.” She will always be grateful to Mader Paul Sanglay for all the sacrifices and mentorship she did for AJ, since she was able to cross over to the pageant community thru the guidance of the said mentor.

As a Miss Agoo clinching the crown in Mutia ti La Union 2012, AJ felt so good knowing she made her hometown proud that all her hard work paid off since it also boosted her confidence that she was thinking. “wow!, thank you Lord for another crown you’ve given me.” At that time it was her  7th victory in a row and from there on she knew it was time for nationals.

She honestly didn’t really have any big dreams when she started her pageant journey. Her main focus everytime she was in a competition was to just win so she can take home the cash prize. To be able to buy the things she still needed for school and show people that if you work really hard you can achieve what you set your mind too. One of the BIGGEST things she was so proud of herself throughout her pageant journey was how disciplined she became when it came to losing weight. She  was a big girl when she started…but thru dieting, exercise, hery mom constantly guided on what  she ate. It became a real wake up call for her how important it was to also be concerned about her health at that time. To be able to obtain actual abs which she  would have never thought in a million years, she would get was such an awesome feeling for her

Dayanara Torres, who won the title Miss Universe 1993 representing Puerto Rico is her beauty queen idol, besides her beauty and grace, she  really admire her because of her own foundation she was able to create offering scholarships to poor kids in Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

If she  were able to join another pageant, after her stint in Bb. Pilipinas 2013 and won as Miss Jag and Miss Tourism World Philippines 2013m which she was able to clinch  the title, she would probably be joining  Miss Philippines Earth, since it was the pageant she haven’t joined  and missed the opportunity to do so when she  had the chance and she admires how the pageant  really advocates about taking care of mother earth.

To sum it up, this is her  message to her  supporters and to the people of Agoo? “My message to everyone is thank you once again for supporting me through out my pageant journey. I hope you guys won’t forget the time I made you guys proud for bringing home the crown as Mutia ti La Union 2012. To future Miss Agoo contestants and reigning Miss Agoo beauty queens who will be in Mutia Ti La Union all I can say is always remember no matter how high you get in life to always keep your feet on the ground and thank God for all the blessings he’s given you and will continue to give you.”

She noted that she was not able to achieve her pageant achievements without the support of her mother, Ana, who guided her all throughout, her family which was her strength,  Mader Paul Sanglay and her team who mentored her and created a beauty queen in her, to the Municipality of Agoo under the leadership of former Mayor Sandra Eriguel and Congressman Eufranio Eriguel and everyone who believes in her.

To all the pageant fans of Aiyana, she will always be remembered as the lady who started the lucky winning back to back to back triumph of Miss  Agoo beauty queens in Mutia ti La Union.

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CHINX: The Cosplay Star of the North

CHINX: The Cosplay  Star of the North
Venus April Grace Carpio Soriano of Agoo, La Union, popularly known as CHINX is considered as the Cosplay Star of the North for being a known cosplayer in the region.
Chinx loves anime that inspired her to embrace the culture of cosplay.

In her spare time, she loves to bake and she enrolled in Asiaworld Culinary Academy to enhance her craft and she also loves to experiment with make-up and she even got a Youtube Vlog on make-up tutorials, she is also into photography especially capturing kids as her subject.
She actually have her own business offering fashion and make-up fro everyone and photo shoots for kids.

Feel free to view her VLOGS

Youtube channel:

Order your fashionista items at her
Online shop:

Or visit Her store and the contact number for inquiries:
Chinx Shop,
San Agustin Norte, Agoo, La Union

She started to cosplay when she joined an event in the City of San Fernando where she was given a special award and then great things happened that she begun to be part of the cosplay community that she even joined the Anicraze in Baguio City where re was part of the representatives of LUCO and she may not be actively joining contests but remain as a cosplay personality as a judge in cosplay events like when she was a jury in the event of the LUCO and LUTCC last 2014 and even a judge in the Science Week celebration of Don Eulogio de Guzman Memorial National High School last September 2015.
She combined her love for fashion, make-up and anime where she applied it in cosplay that she got to change looks and portray different personalities where she can go from a shy looking girl to a warrior amazon in an instant.
It all began when she was in 2nd year high school that she started to like the idea of cosplaying, she started buying wigs in Divisoria and dressed up as different movie characters that she was doing it without being aware that there is indeed a cosplay competition in the country, not until 2014, she joined a cosplay event in La Union as per suggestion by a photographer friend and then she bloomed as a Cosplay Star with constant invitations and shoots.
Chinx is so happy with how her cosplay activity is doing since she just thought to be a random cosplayer and no one will notice her since she started low key and don’t even have cosplayer friends before but far from her expectations, cosplaying had given such impact on her life right now.
She loves vocaloid characters and enjoyed dressing up as Lolita since thru this that she can show her “kikay” or gothic side. She is not expecting too much to be as popular as the Manila based cosplayer but she is not closing her doors if she will be given the chance.
She considered her participation in Anicraze as a big achievement since there were so many participants as well as it was her first time to be a warrior. At the same time, she feel so grateful whenever she is invited to grace events especially in schools, as a cosplayer since she knows how she makes the audience so happy with her character.
She is always be grateful to all people who supports her since she is happy in doing it and sharing a smile in the hearts of other people.

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