Paul Sanglay: The beauty queen maker of the north

Miss Agoo’s 5 Peat Mutia ti La Union winners: a Record to Beat
Every year the province of La Union celebrates our foundation anniversary and the highlight of the said event is crowning the loveliest and smartest lady of the province but since 2012, the municipality of Agoo had been clinching the Mutia ti La Union crown.
It all started with Aiyana Camille Mikiewicz on 2012, Kimberly Mae Penchon on 2013, Maria Heide Ronato Ehrenberg on 2014, Alessandra Casimiro on 2015 and Trizha Ocampo on 2016. This year the Miss Agoo 2016 title was clinched by Carina Carino and the expectations are so high that she is predicted again by a lot of pageant fans to win the Mutia ti La Union 2017 crown to achieve a 6 peat of pageant victory and additional to that is the fact that her mom, Ms. Nora Gebilaguin was also a former beauty queen as Miss Agoo 1986 and Mutia ti La Union 1987 winner.

Their victory indeed had proven that the slogan “Agoo, Kay Ganda” is so true since the municipality is indeed a lovely town with beautiful people proven by the 5 consecutive years of clinching the title of Mutia ti La Union.
Aside from the Miss Agoo team headed by ma’am Cory Padillaof the Municipal Government of Agoo, there is one person that the pageant fans are so grateful for that achievement and that is no other than the beauty queen maker herself, Mader Paul Sanglay, who was behind the rigorous pageant trainings, wardrobe and looks of the said beauty queens.
Mother Paul to many, started her pageant mentoring in Agoo when Aiyana Camille Mikiewicz joined and clinched eh Miss Agoo 2011 title then represented Agoo in Mutia ti La Union 2012 where she harvested almost all the special awards.
Winning the 5 consecutive crowns of Mutia ti La Union is a blessing and the fruit of hardwork of Mother Paul, she is not pressured since she believes that if you work hard for it then you will get it and achieve victory I the end.
Mother Paul is grateful to everyone who believes in his ability and capacity to do the work as a pageant mentor. She will continue her passion to produce more beaut queens from the north, to support and train more beauties to fulfill their dreams ad an advice to all aspiring beauties to have focus, proper training and good packaging as a preparation to achieve the crown.
Let us all watch out for Mother Paul Sanglay as she will again be the pageant mentor of Carina Cariño who will represent Agoo in Mutia ti La Union 2017.
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