Miss City of San Fernando 2017 : Pre-Pageant Night

A Beauty queen is not just a girl with the beauty and brains but also someone who is talented.

Last March 12, 2017, the 19 official candidates of the annual search for Miss City of San Fernando 2017 and Miss Barangay 2017 had their talent competition and sponsors’ night at the City of San Fernando, La Union as organized by the City Government of San Fernando and Specialized Trade and Management, Inc.

The 19 ladies presented their talent and also sashayed the runway with outfits from Boardwak and from the collections of Jeffrey Rogador.

Here is my own opinion regarding the performances of the 19 candidates:
1. Camille Era Bulatao, She presented a declamation and she is good at it, her husky voice seems so sexy as well as her pouting lips. Her aura is the classic morena beauty and such a delight to watch her.
2. Kahreen Lou Mondina, She danced like there is no tomorrow, she is the best dancer among all the candidates. Her poise is always at point and her being a great dancer transpired in her moves in the runway.
3. Micamelle Ducusin, She got one of the strongest presence with her loud voice and strong dance performance, her smile is one of her asset. She also did great with her runway skill.
4. Maricar Orque, She looks meek in her dance number but you can’t deny how she looks great with her height. She just needs to keep her momentum and poise in the runway.
5. Jay-mi Reusser, She performed belly dancing and her whistle bait figure was given exposure and she really looks so radiant up in the stage, with her flawless skin, that captivates the audience to cheer for her.
6. Audrey Baniqued, wow, great singer, I always see her as a quiet lady and always had her hair covering half of her face, so her up do is great to enhance her looks and her voice matches her beauty that sums up with a beautiful sight to behold.
7. Alec Alexis Flores, the festival dance she performed is like a celebration of her beauty and feminity, she is one of those lady who captivates the audience with her beauty and wit. She looks great and knows how to sashay on the stage
8. Michelle Gurtiza – a mestiza beauty who looks frail but she can prove you wrong when she is on the stage since she looks so regal and a queen to look at.
9. Cris Doctolero, one of the talented beauty with a performance that doesn’t show her looks but her moves, and she can really move, she can have a great career in doing that actually, the LED dance performance is quite a breath of fresh air, and aside from that, she knows how to strut her stufff and can captivate the audience with her runway skills.
10. Ailyn Grace Mae Santos, the power dance full of energy and maintained a smile throughout the performance, she is one to beat with her talent and wit.
11. Ellaine Loice Pascua, she looks so great and the best hair-do of the night, she performed a Hawaiian dance and she is one of the ladies who do great in the runway as well as she can express her thoughts well.
12. Jonryl Anne Navora, a contemporary dance performance from her and combine a good runway performance, she did a great job during the talent night and if she maintain great work, she is one of the ladies to beat.
13. May Ann Soriano, one of the strongrdt presence of the night, she can be bubbly off the stage but when she is on the stage, she turned a serious competitor and with her height and beauty, she did a great job.
14. Joana Marie Rimando, she is a good singer and her runway skills looks competitive that she really did a great performance for the night.
15. Almira Pimentel, the best performance for the night for me, I so love spoken poetry, since she was able to deliver it with much emotion and focus, she got good runway skills and a beautiful face.
16. Donabelle Erno – she performed a contemporary dance and she did great with her looks and talent, this morena beauty is one of the frontrunner for her unique styling and great runway skills. I know she can deliver well since she is one witty lady.
17. Angelita Soliven – She did a festival dance and her dancing prowess captured the sponsors since she is one of the most awarded candidate showing how sponsors saw the potential in her. Her biggest asset is not just her wit and height and posture but her charm since she got one of the sweetest smile and a beauty that you will love the longer you look at her.
18. Aileen Grace Cabiladas – she did a ballroom dancing and with her good walk and simple beauty, she can be a threat to the crown since she is a fighter and appreciates the tips shared to her.
19. Anne Margareth Sanglay, she did a spray painting as her talent and she seems like someone painting her posture and wit then capture the title. She got one of the best poise with her statuesque feature and just wait when she opens her mouth because she is witty lady.
Special awards from sponsors were also awarded to the following candidates:
Miss Uniking Commercial 2017 – #7, Alec Alexis Flores
Miss Chic-Boy 2017 – #16, Donabelle Erno
Miss C2 2017 – #17, Angelita Soliven
Miss Toyota Vios 2017 – #18, Aileen Grace Cabiladas
Miss Toyota Innova 2017 – #19, Anne Margareth Sanglay
Miss My FM 2017 – #17, Angelita Soliven
Miss Mart One 2017- #7, Alec Alexis Flores
Miss AirwindZone Fashionista 2017 – #17, Angelita Soliven
Miss Coca-Cola 2017 -#16, Donabelle Erno
Miss Halo-Halo De Iloko 2017 – #9, Cris Doctolero
Miss Sister’s Choice 2017- #16, Donabelle Erno
Miss Mc Donald Smile – #17, Angelita Soliven
Miss Caronia 2017- #12, Jonryl Anne Navora
Miss Jergens 2017 – #5, 5. Jay-mi Reusser
Miss GG Resort 2017 -#17, Angelita Soliven
Miss Atrium Travel & Tours 2017 – #2, Kahreen Lou Mondina
Miss Carpro 2017 – #17, Angelita Soliven
Miss Salon Natyn 2017 -#19, Anne Margareth Sanglay
Miss Chowking 2017 – #17, Angelita Soliven
Miss Hyundai 2017 – #19, Anne Margareth Sanglay

To sum it up, the idea of bringing the talent competition in the plaza as well as to award some of the special awards prior to the pageant night is a great idea since the airtime on the pageant night will be lessen but I just hope they will still show clips of the awarding so that the sponsors will still be given exposure. Formerly, talent competition was just presented in the mall where limited audience are present and bringing it in the plaza made the people really a part of the celebration.
It was just kinda sad that the guest performers are good and can carry a tune but the people are wondering who they are but it was great that people are appreciative of them and maybe their road manager can try to be friendlier next time since I know how unfriendly she was towards some of the people. I don’t want to edit this part so her attention can be called and might learn to always be friendly to protect the career of their talents but it was great for Boardwalk to bring One Up and let them perform and be known by the people in this part of our country.

Watch out for the Pageant Night on March 20, 2017, City Plaza, City of San Fernando, La Union.
The pageant is organized by the City Government of San Fernando, La Union under the leadership of Mayor Herminigildo “DONG” Gualberto, Vice Mayor Alfred Ortega, the City Councilors. STRAM, Specialized Trade and Marketing Inc is the production in-charge of the pageant and AirwindZone is one of the sponsors.

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