Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Heide

Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Heide

*This is the fourth part of the series of features about the Miss Agoo beauties conquering the Mutia ti La Union crowns with the achievement of a 5-peat victory, consecutively winning the crown for 5 straight years.

Maria Heide Ronato Ehrenberg:  The queen who clinched the 3rd consecutive crown for  Agoo in Mutia ti La Union



Maria Heide Ronato Ehrenberg, a lovely lady known to be friendly, straight forward and fun-loving person as what her friends describe her, Heide is a very happy and compassionate person and that’s the reason why she can easily gain friends. She loves meeting new people, sharing and talking about a variety of things and laugh about anything under the sun with her  friends.


She considers the Basilica Minore of our Lady of Charity as tourist spot in Agoo that describes her personality since she love church and most of all because she trust and know that God is working awesomely through it. Basilica Minore of our Lady of Charity her my favorite church next to Paoay church because of its undeniably beauty, she said “I don’t know why but everytime I pass by through the church (ever since I was a child) whether I am walking or riding a bus I always make sure that I have to make a glance of it (or visit) and say a little prayer. I relate it to my personality because I’m a kind of person whom you can trust and lean on just like God whenever I have problems I just talk to him and everything will be fine and same with my friends and family since I am easy to talk to and a good listener.”


When she was asked about her pageant journey, here is what she can say. “To be honest I really don’t know how it all started. I’m just a very, very shy girl with zero self confidence and self esteem maybe because I was bullied pretty badly in my elementary days. Looking back to that time were in some of my classmates (group of girls sometimes boys) who would throw stuff to me, slap me at the face, kicking my legs everytime they want, call me ugly and stupid, mock me and of course tell me they would beat me up if I ever fought back. I can still remember them singing and making poems telling how ugly and stupid I am. It was like their daily mission. When I got home from school, I would go to my room and cry. I go to school seeking an education but unfortunately that isn’t possible due to all of the people who bully me both physically and emotionally to be honest it made my world very small.
Everything changes when I transfer to a new school (highchool) it was the time that almost everyone appreciates me admires me. They forced me to join pageant at my school and activities until college. My first ever pageant was Mr. And Ms. LUCST 2007 during high school and I won. My self-confidence and everything about me is back. A big thank you to all my classmates, teachers and handler (Audie Camacho, it was him who discovered my potentials to be a beauty queen) because of them I was able to spread my BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, CONFIDENT and DEDICATED wings back again.
P.S. I am sad that I have to share this story of mine but I just want to tell everyone who is going through the same. It gets better. I know it’s really hard trust me, and you might feel like giving up sometimes, but you have to be yourself and stay confident. Don’t let them get to you.”


Her crowning moment during that time as Mutia ti La Union 2014 was really incomparable. It was the biggest, most memorable moment that ever happen in her life. To be honest she wasn’t really expecting it all I thought I will end up as a runner up as it was happening to her  ALL THE TIME. Seeing the crowd cheer and be there for her  was really something. It was the first time in her life that she got much attention from people she didn’t even know. It was a victory that she and the team of Agoo worked hard for.


Heide consider Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach as her idol when it comes to the world of pageantry simply because of her determination. She actually recalled to me how many times she joined pageants and always ending up as a runner-up but never the crown and it happened that Pia had experienced that in her journey in Bb. Pilipinas for three times, And the time came that she had decided to stop joining pageants because she thought that she will never be a beaty queen that she will never clinch a CROWN! But a big blessing came and that was when the municipality of Agoo appointed her as the Miss Agoo 2013 and will represent Agoo to the Mutia ti La Union 2014 which she eventually won, and adding to that is she did not just won the crown as the MLU 2014 but also the most coveted award coming from her fellow candidates as she also won the Miss Friendship, a special award sponsored by Airwindzone (this blog). She was so humble that when I awarded her , she told me “Finally nameet ko po kayo, follower po ako ng mga posts nu po.” So humble and it touched my heart that since then I was always praying for her good life that I even prayed that, if not one of my friends will clinched the title, please let Miss Friendship win, which she eventually did. Additional to that is, during the Electric Float Parade in Aringay, I arrived in the venue and went directly to visit the church and there was her mother and sister praying for her thus prayers and strong faith in God really directed her into victory.


Believe it or not she is already contented winning Mutia ti La Union 2014 that she had never dream of joining national pageants because at the first place it was not her  dream at all of becoming a beauty queen but it was her goal to join Mutia ti La Union .It just happen that a lot of people keep saying that she should be joining pageants because she got the height and the qualities of a beauty queen but she  loves joining pageants because she got to meet different people from different places, for experience and most importantly gaining friends and of course joining pageants comes with so many perks and lastly the cash prize.


She even recalled the very first time that she was able to watch Mutia ti La Union live on top of our van since we don’t have ticket and the place was so crowded so we decided to climb up to our van so we can see the stage and guest artists. She recalled it was 16 or 17 years ago when she was still young and she never thought that time will come that she will be given a chance to step up to that same stage and be able to represent the municipality of Agoo. She don’t know how to express her gratitude since she believe that saying thank you is not enough. She  will be forever grateful to ma’am Cory, Sir Dong, to the municipal mayor Sandra and congressman Franny Eriguel, people of Agoo, kuya Michael, kuya Balot, kuya Bjay, to all the people who believed and supported her and of course to the one and only beauty queen maker of the north, Paul Sanglay. “Thank you for the trust and for believing in me that I can be a beautyqueen. I may not be a native of agoo but AGOO will always be in my heart FOREVER! ”


Isn’t her pageant journey so inspiring? Heide will remain as the Mutia ti La Union 2014 who won two coveted crowns for that pageant, the 3rd consecutive MLU Crown for Agoo and the crown of love from her fellow candidates as the Miss Friendship of her batch. And the author wishes the best for Heide in journey of her life since I know how good her heart is.




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