Mutia ti La Union 2017


Mutia ti La Union 2017
March 2, 2017, City Plaza,
City of San Fernando, La Union

On March 2, 2017, the fairest lady of the 19 municipalities and 1 city of the province will be crowned as the Mutia ti La Union 2017
And here is my personal opinion about the ladies based on what I have observed for the past few days of activities, their over-all look during the pre-pageant and on their performance during their municipal pageant.
Agoo, Carina Carino – a classic beauty of a pageant queen who got the toughest role, to duplicate her mom’s achievement and to continue the back to back to back peat in MLU of her municipality. Her charming face is her biggest asset but ready to bloom when she starts talking for she is one intelligent beauty queen.
Aringay, Leslie Diego – the lady with the hot looks, a seductress on the stage ready to charm the judges and audience with her suave moves and looks. I am a fan of her ballroom dancing skills which is evident when she walk with her sexy glides
Bacnotan, Marijo Quillon – she is not your typical beauty queen for her short hair and boyish moves but upon stepping on stage you can see the persona of a feisty lady. She can captivate you with her charming face and gorgeous looks.
Bagulin, Darlene Joy Villaruz – her captivating looks and big asset compensate her height since she may not be tall but looks gorgeous on stage since she got a good body proportion and moviestar looks equipped with a svelte figure and sexy runway skills
Balaoan, Katherine Joy Adona – she is the epitome of a supermodel in the making who conquered the pageant stage for her height and runway skills can bring her to the top if she can perform well just like what she did in Balaoan where she looks so fresh and jolly but so ready to be crowned
Bangar, Roxanne Sanglay – her beautiful face alone can make you fall in love with her, she have the innocent aura and looks shy but on stage she is such a beauty to behold. She is simple but so lovely to look at.
Bauang, Nadine Cabangcla – this lady is full of mystery since you can always see her in a corner reviewing for her lessons but when activities resume, she looks so ready to hit the stage anytime, her aura is somewhat unpredictable and looks “nanlalamon sa stage” which is a threat to the other candidates
Burgos, Jackie Angayen – the lady who can capture your attention when she smile since she looks radiantly beautiful, she is the lady that once you take longer in looking at her, she looks more beautiful.
Caba, April Soliven – the chinita charmer is the one to beat since she is the most ready to be crowned with her height, beauty, wit and runway skills and what is so nice of her is she is so ready to share her skills to the other ladies and her beautiful face is combined with a beautiful heart for her younger sisters in the pageant especially when she shares her killer catwalk skills to them.
Luna, Darlene Caoile – the lady who is the most “kikay”, she is always seen to be jolly and be the darling of the crowd but when activities resume, she is one serious lady who takes in-charge of the task
Naguilian, Junea Mae Junio – her biggest asset is her lovely face and if she will have the same aura just like when she joined Mutya ng Kabataan 2015, then she can easily penetrate the semis.
Pugo, Mica Bantiding – full of character, her beauty is the one you will fall in love as you watch her on stage and sashay on the ramp. She is such an adorable girl.
Rosario, Shaira Dela Rosa – the lady with a charming smile and a flawless skin, that are the stuff that you can first observe when you see her on stage.
City of San Fernando, Alyanna Berline Choo – her lean frame is an advantage for she is tall and her body frame is to die for and one great thing about her is jolly disposition that she brings thus her aura is always full of good vibes and it shows when she is on the stage
San Gabriel, Danica Marzo – her Morena Oriental look combined is a global hit and that makes her stand-out. Another asset is her pouting lips and sexy eyes that makes her looks so gorgeous.
San Juan, Joana Palabay – she has a pretty face and a captivating smile. She always looks sweet and lovely. She was crowned as her municipality’s queen last December 2015 thus she has the longest period to prepare herself to take the crown.
Santol, Princess Ronduen – the lady who is fierce and a catwalk diva who conquers the stage with her presence, her height compliments her sultry looks and modeling skills and it can help her boost her chance to win.
Santo Tomas, Swantel Cruz – her talent and beauty combined, she has the most artistahin look and full of character as well. She knows the proper projection and always on point.
Sudipen, Rosalie Espiritu- the morena lady who got a great smile and a gorgeous body. Her morena looks shows her Filipina beauty and her latest looks deviate from her looks on her previous pageants so it is a refreshing sight of her.
Tubao, Aila Estolas– she got a stunning smile and such a graceful lady who shines on stage.

The representatives of Burgos, Pugo and Tubao are the ladies who will be my first time to watch while I was able to watch the pageants of the other 17 ladies have participated. I was able to watch Agoo, Balaoan, Bauang, Luna, City of San Fernando, San Gabriel, Santol, Santo Tomas and Sudipen in their municipal pageants. I was a judge on the pageants of the followings ladies, Bacnotan, Naguilian. I was able to watch Aringay, Bagulin, Caba and Rosario in other pageants prior to their appointments to represent the said municipalities in this year’s edition of MLU. I was able to watch Bangar and San Juan in other pageants but I missed their municipal pageants. I have observed that they have improved a lot compared to their past pageant exposures and I hope the best for them since it was their dream to be part of the provincial pageant and represent not just themselves but the 19 municipalities and the lone city of La Union.

Watch the pageant night on March 2, 2017 and be a witness who will be crowned as Mutia ti La Union 2017, Mutia ti Turismo and Mutia ti Kalikasan among the 20 lovely candidates.
The pageant is organized by the Provincial Government of La Union with the participation of the 19 municipalities and one city of the province.
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167th La Union Foundation Anniversary
Theme: Heart’s Beating as One for the Love of La Union

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