Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Trizha

Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Trizha
*This is the 3rd part of the series of features about the Miss Agoo beauties conquering the Mutia ti La Union crowns with the achievement of a 5-peat victory, consecutively winning the crown for 5 straight years.
Trizha Ocampo: The queen who clinched the fifth crown to continue the lucky streak of Agoo in Mutia ti La Union

The latest lady who clinched the Mutia ti La Union crown for Agoo is Trizha Bartolome Ocampo last March 2, 2016, she is a proud Ilocana who was born in California but raised in Agoo, La Union since 2001.
Trizha stands 5’8” and a 22 years old student of University of Baguio taking up BA Communication and her passion for pageantry and modelling are the reasons for her love for make-up and fashion which she eventually used in her pageant journey.
Her pageant achievements include, Miss Alloria Philippines as 1st Runner-up, Mutia ti Sto. Tomas 2014 as Mutia ti Turismo,, Miss Agoo 2015, Mutia ti La Union 2016 and Miss Baguio City 2016 as 3rd Runner-up.
She is a mdern Maria Clara since at this point of modern time, she exudes traits of a dalagang Filipina, an out-going person and spontaneous in her actions but still tamed in a way that she knows her limits and she is forever thankful to her mom for the proper up-bringing and guidance, she had chosen to be that way because she wants to be a good example to the young ladies and show them that they can still be a Maria Clara kind of girl by showing modesty, dignity and self-respect and knowing your limitations as young lady and woman of worth.
She describes her personality like that of the Agoo Basilica because of her strong faith in God and strong foundation of herself, knowing who she is and what she wants to be in life, knowing her worth in this world and very determined to reach all of her dreams in the future.
I asked her to pick one product of Agoo and how she will advertise it. She aim to advertise the Dinengdeng of Agoo, as it is in line with her course, advertising would not be a problem so she wants to create an infomercial about dinengdeng, how it is made and publish it in social media and could use her Public Relations skills to organize a workshop seminar, open to the public, on how to create the dish and what are the benefits it can give.
The memory of her first pageant, Mr. and Miss Agoo Montessori Learning Center 2004, made her realize that she had fallen in love with pageantry and dreamed of being a beauty queen someday, she was already interested to join when she was in first year high school but her mom advised her to wait for the right time and after 3 years, she joined under the mentorship of Mr. Rodelio Indong who is the one who always believed in her beauty and capability to be a beauty queen.
She is motivated by her dream of becoming a national beauty queen and hopes to represent the country in a global pageant. Winning Mutia ti La Union 2016 is still a surreal experience because for her, it was just a dream but now a reality and she is happy and blessed to give pride to her hometown, to the place she calls her second home and she did gave back the honor that Agoo deserves.
Her goals in pageantry is for her to gain experience in joining local pageants to make her ready for the nationals since she is so humble to admit that she still needs a lot of improvement.
Her beauty queen icon is Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach because of her determination to win despite failing on her first tries, Miss Universe 2015 had inspired her to never give up on her dreams even if you fail multiple times, rather stand up again with your head up high. That after graduating in college she plans to pursue her dreams of joining a national pageant, she intends to join Bb. Pilipinas in the future, as a step to make her dreams of competing in a global pageant and represent our country.
As a sign of gratitude for her victory as 5th lady who clinched the Mutia ti La Union crown for Agoo, under Ma’am Cory and mader Paul Sanglay, and the Municiapl government of Agoo under Mayor Sandra Eriguel and Congressman Franny Eriguel, she have this message to all her supporters, “To my fellow Agoeños, thank you so much for being a huge influence in my life. The beauty queen that I am now and who I am now will never be the same without all of you. Because Agoo will never be the best without its people. Thank you for all of your support since day 1 and may you be with me till my last hurrah as a beauty queen. I will forever be proud to be an ilocana from Agoo, La Union. May God Bless all Agoeños and Agoo. I Love you all.”

So let us keep on supporting Trizha in her future pageant journey.



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