Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Aiyana

Miss Agoo beauties conquered the Mutia ti La Union Crown: Aiyana

*This is the first part of the series of features about the Miss Agoo beauties conquering the Mutia ti La Union crowns with the achievement of a 5-peat victory, consecutively winning the crown for 5 straight years.

Aiyana Camille Mikiewicz:  The queen that started the lucky streak for Agoo in Mutia ti La Union

Aiyana Camille Co Mikiewicz was the Queen of the North during her prime with her titles as the winner of the following pageants:

  1. Miss Dagupan Fashionista 2010
  2. Miss Panagbenga 2011
  3. Miss Silka Baguio 2011
  4. Miss Agoo 2011
  5. Miss Catwalk Diva 2011
  6. Miss Laoag City International 2012 Pamulinawen Festival Queen
  7. Mutia Ti La Union 2012
  8. Miss Magic 2012
  9. Miss Tourism World Philippines 2013
  10. Miss Tourism Asia 2013 in Miss Tourism World 2013

AJ, to her friends is now 27 years old and a 5’7” stunner who is also known as a beauty with mixed heritage as ¼ Polish & ¼ Ukrainean form her father and ¼ Chinese and ¼ Filipino from her mother. A mother of two who is currently finishing her BA Psychology major at the University of South Florida, USA who plans to pursue a career as a police officer.

She is a strong, persistent and positive lady who believes that she was not in her position in life if she didn’t have those traits especially right now as a mom who goes back to school while trying to raise her kids since she wants to graduate and finished schooling which was put on hold when she joined national pageant. She is inspired by her kids who is reminded every morning just merely looking at her kids that’s she do it for them so that one day, her kids will be able to claim that even she stopped studying before she is still managed to eventually graduate

As a Miss Agoo 2011, she described her personality, using a tourist attraction in Agoo, as the “Eagle of the North” monument since she always wants to see everything form a bird’s eyeview, always wanting to see what’s ahead of her and what was behind her or the reason why she have to leave and fly, what she needed to focus on when reaching her goals in life.

She aims to continue promoting Agoo thru the use of social media since nowadays everybody is glued to the internet especially when it comes to using facebook. She wants to post  herself,  a picture of the Agoo and promote why others needs to  visit the place and purchase local goods produced from the said town.

According to AJ, when asked how she was motivated to join pageants, She recalled that “It’s actually kind of funny how my pageant journey really started…to make the long story short I mainly joined because I really wanted to lose weight and feel confident about my body and win the cash prize. Knowing there was a reward of money when you won drove me to thinking how much of a big help this would be towards my studies.”

She also recalled her first pageant experience,  “My first pageant was actually when I was teased into joining Ms.Psychology 2010 at SLU during my freshman year. It was Paul Sanglay who discovered me and became my handler ever since my pageant journey started.” She will always be grateful to Mader Paul Sanglay for all the sacrifices and mentorship she did for AJ, since she was able to cross over to the pageant community thru the guidance of the said mentor.

As a Miss Agoo clinching the crown in Mutia ti La Union 2012, AJ felt so good knowing she made her hometown proud that all her hard work paid off since it also boosted her confidence that she was thinking. “wow!, thank you Lord for another crown you’ve given me.” At that time it was her  7th victory in a row and from there on she knew it was time for nationals.

She honestly didn’t really have any big dreams when she started her pageant journey. Her main focus everytime she was in a competition was to just win so she can take home the cash prize. To be able to buy the things she still needed for school and show people that if you work really hard you can achieve what you set your mind too. One of the BIGGEST things she was so proud of herself throughout her pageant journey was how disciplined she became when it came to losing weight. She  was a big girl when she started…but thru dieting, exercise, hery mom constantly guided on what  she ate. It became a real wake up call for her how important it was to also be concerned about her health at that time. To be able to obtain actual abs which she  would have never thought in a million years, she would get was such an awesome feeling for her

Dayanara Torres, who won the title Miss Universe 1993 representing Puerto Rico is her beauty queen idol, besides her beauty and grace, she  really admire her because of her own foundation she was able to create offering scholarships to poor kids in Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

If she  were able to join another pageant, after her stint in Bb. Pilipinas 2013 and won as Miss Jag and Miss Tourism World Philippines 2013m which she was able to clinch  the title, she would probably be joining  Miss Philippines Earth, since it was the pageant she haven’t joined  and missed the opportunity to do so when she  had the chance and she admires how the pageant  really advocates about taking care of mother earth.

To sum it up, this is her  message to her  supporters and to the people of Agoo? “My message to everyone is thank you once again for supporting me through out my pageant journey. I hope you guys won’t forget the time I made you guys proud for bringing home the crown as Mutia ti La Union 2012. To future Miss Agoo contestants and reigning Miss Agoo beauty queens who will be in Mutia Ti La Union all I can say is always remember no matter how high you get in life to always keep your feet on the ground and thank God for all the blessings he’s given you and will continue to give you.”

She noted that she was not able to achieve her pageant achievements without the support of her mother, Ana, who guided her all throughout, her family which was her strength,  Mader Paul Sanglay and her team who mentored her and created a beauty queen in her, to the Municipality of Agoo under the leadership of former Mayor Sandra Eriguel and Congressman Eufranio Eriguel and everyone who believes in her.

To all the pageant fans of Aiyana, she will always be remembered as the lady who started the lucky winning back to back to back triumph of Miss  Agoo beauty queens in Mutia ti La Union.

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