CHINX: The Cosplay Star of the North

CHINX: The Cosplay  Star of the North
Venus April Grace Carpio Soriano of Agoo, La Union, popularly known as CHINX is considered as the Cosplay Star of the North for being a known cosplayer in the region.
Chinx loves anime that inspired her to embrace the culture of cosplay.

In her spare time, she loves to bake and she enrolled in Asiaworld Culinary Academy to enhance her craft and she also loves to experiment with make-up and she even got a Youtube Vlog on make-up tutorials, she is also into photography especially capturing kids as her subject.
She actually have her own business offering fashion and make-up fro everyone and photo shoots for kids.

Feel free to view her VLOGS

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Chinx Shop,
San Agustin Norte, Agoo, La Union

She started to cosplay when she joined an event in the City of San Fernando where she was given a special award and then great things happened that she begun to be part of the cosplay community that she even joined the Anicraze in Baguio City where re was part of the representatives of LUCO and she may not be actively joining contests but remain as a cosplay personality as a judge in cosplay events like when she was a jury in the event of the LUCO and LUTCC last 2014 and even a judge in the Science Week celebration of Don Eulogio de Guzman Memorial National High School last September 2015.
She combined her love for fashion, make-up and anime where she applied it in cosplay that she got to change looks and portray different personalities where she can go from a shy looking girl to a warrior amazon in an instant.
It all began when she was in 2nd year high school that she started to like the idea of cosplaying, she started buying wigs in Divisoria and dressed up as different movie characters that she was doing it without being aware that there is indeed a cosplay competition in the country, not until 2014, she joined a cosplay event in La Union as per suggestion by a photographer friend and then she bloomed as a Cosplay Star with constant invitations and shoots.
Chinx is so happy with how her cosplay activity is doing since she just thought to be a random cosplayer and no one will notice her since she started low key and don’t even have cosplayer friends before but far from her expectations, cosplaying had given such impact on her life right now.
She loves vocaloid characters and enjoyed dressing up as Lolita since thru this that she can show her “kikay” or gothic side. She is not expecting too much to be as popular as the Manila based cosplayer but she is not closing her doors if she will be given the chance.
She considered her participation in Anicraze as a big achievement since there were so many participants as well as it was her first time to be a warrior. At the same time, she feel so grateful whenever she is invited to grace events especially in schools, as a cosplayer since she knows how she makes the audience so happy with her character.
She is always be grateful to all people who supports her since she is happy in doing it and sharing a smile in the hearts of other people.

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