ATIN CSFLU (Association of Tourism Industries and Networks in the City of San Fernando, La Union)

ATIN CSFLU (Association of Tourism Industries and Networks in the City of San Fernando, La Union)

The officers of the Tourism Council of the City of San Fernando, La Union had reorganized themselves by forming a new group last October 16, 2016, it is now the ATIN CSFLU or the Association of Tourism Industries and Networks in the City of San Fernando, La Union that aims to unite and collaborate with all tourism related establishments, tourism advocates, tourism institutions, non-governmental organizations and everyone who wants to take part in the promotion of tourism in the city because it is the vision of the ATIN CSFLU to promote the City of San Fernando, La Union as a tourism destination and make the visitors to explore the beauty of the city and avoid making it just a pit stop rather the guests will discover of how beautiful the city is with its rich culture and arts, also to promote natural wonders and man-made structures and enjoy their stay in the city since it is indeed a place of beautiful tourist spots, delectable foods, interesting income generating projects per barangay and of course, the city has lovely and amiable citizens that would make your visit and stay in the city as an experience worth to remember.

ATIN CSFLU have a lot of activities lined-up to make the community get involved in tourism promotion of the city as well as the whole province of La Union.

Obra ti Ima: Arts Roadshow for a Cause, a partnership of ATIN CSFLU (Association of Tourism Industires and Networks in the City of San Fernando, La Union) , AGLAUN (Artist Guild of La Union)  and the City Government  of San Fernando, headed by Mayor Herminigildo”Dong” Gualberto,  together with Halo-Halo De Iloko, Oasis Country Resort, Thunderbird Resort and Le Monet Hotel, is an arts exhibit wherein the proceeds of the sale of the paintings and sculptures will be for the benefit of the deaf and mute community of the city that would enable them to finance their handicrafts making which is a source of livelihood for them to feel independent. Last October 28, 2016, the event had a ribbon cutting graced by the Filipina beauty who was recently crowned as Miss Diamond of the World 2016 in Algeria, Miss Chistine Joy Picardal who is a tourism advocate herself and she is from La Union. The exhibit will have be in Halo-Halo de Iloko from October 28, 2016 until November 30, 2016 then it will be transferred in Le Monet Hotel from December 1-30, 2016 and followed y Oasis Country Resort and Thunderbird.

Kararua Tour was the next project of ATIN CSFLU, it was held last October 30, 2016 in allegedly haunted places in the city, but instead of ghost hunting, the group offered prayers for the soul of those who are believed to be haunting the places. It was covered by ABS-CBN and TV 5.

Among the planned activities of the group are the following:

  • VISIKleta Iglesia, a pilgrimage of the different churches in the province of La Union
  • Ukay-Ukay, a garage sale that will aim to generate funds for outreach activities of the association especially this Christmas season
  • Summer Camp of Culinary and Arts as part of the activities that targets the kids to get themselves involved in enhancing their talents in arts and culinary.
  • Feature Writing from students (Photos and Articles) for the ATIN CSFLU page
  • Music Video Contest
  • Tourism seminar
  • Kararua Tour 2017 – to include spots in Bauang and San Juan

and more to come

The officers of ATIN CSFLU

Chairman: Xavier Mercado

Vice Chairman: LJ Rosales

Secretary: Jam Dangle

Assistant Secretary: Mark Aquino

Treasurer: Gemma Ducusin

Assistant Treasurer: Aubrey Mercado

Auditor: Jojo Go


Institutions: Arlene Dejos

Community Services: Brennus Paragas

Youth Services: Matet Madrid-Ancheta

Environment: ANgelica Maranan

Publicity, Events & Membership:  Airwind. Erwin G. Bautista


Everyone is invited to be part of ATIN CSFLU and to register as a member as well as on how to be involved in the activities of the association,  just contact Airwind, Erwin G.  Bautista, the Director of Publicity, Events and Membership thru 0928-5989799 or send an email at



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