Alexia Sonia Edmund Miss Baguio Tourism 2016

Alexia Sonia C. Edmund

The lovely lady of Baguio City clinched the Miss Baguio Tourism 2016 title. The 19 years old stunner stands 5’6 1/2″ and currently enrolled at the Saint Louis University taking up Medical Laboratory Science.

She was also a former winner of the titles,
Miss Roxas 2013 and Queen Isabela Tourism 2015.

Alexia is a God fearing lady who do things that she knows would please the Lord and avoid things that may disappoint HIM. She is also a dedicated lady wherein, in everything that she does, she always giver her 100 % so that, at the end of the day all that she could harvest would grant her satisfaction. Another word to describe her is being diligent since as an intern and a future Louisian MLS graduate, she needs to always practice diligence in order to show authentic service to her patients.

Using a tourist attraction in Baguio, she described her personality as the PMA because just like the cadets, Alex lives a life governed with virtues, she is disciplined and she wants to serve her fellow countrymen.

Racist people and her desire to make her mother proud of her, had motivated Alex to join pageants. She joined beauty pageants to build up her confidence, to gain respect from other people, and to make her family proud especially her mother that made use of pageants as her training ground to be a better individual.

Taking a look at her pageant journey, she started her very first pageant as Mr and Miss UN 2012 during 4th year in high school. She was lucky enough to bring home the title. The next year, 2013, she joined the search for Miss Roxas after graduating from high school. Her talent scout/handler during her first pageant was Tita Mundang Macugay who’ve been always been very supportive even from the beginning.
After clinching a crown during the recently concluded Miss Baguio 2016, Alex was so thankful and overwhelmed because of the people who supported and believed in her.
Alex dreams to join a national pageant, to win a national crown and to represent Philippines in a global pageant. She idolizes Venus Raj, because despite of all criticisms she received during her reign, she managed to prove her capabilities to her bashers, to stand tall for her advocacy and to make every Filipino can be recalled that Venus had faced a lot of bashing and criticism because of her complexion, not a typical mestiza Queen but she was humble enough to proved that color is not an hindrance to achieve your goals in life.
In the future, Alex dreams to clinch the title of Binibining Pilipinas Universe, since she aspires to alter the mindset of our fellow Filipinos that “only tisays and morenas could represent our kind of beauty in an international pageant”. She wants to prove that even a black young lady could also stand as a role model to everyone. She knows it’s kind of a big dream but, that’s what she do to always dream big.

She is very grateful to the undying appreciation, love and support of her supporters and one day she will surely be hitting the pageants in national level and will make the people who believes in her, to be proud of her achievements.

As part of the audience during the said pageant, I could say that Alex have this charming personality and good articulation of her thoughts about matters of life. Her humility and beauty will surely go places.

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Alexia Sonia Edmund:Miss Baguio Tourism 2016

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