The Pageantologist

The Journey of a Geek: The Pageantologist

Pageantologist, a monicker I earned as a pageant blogger documenting pageants in the Northern Region of the Philippines particularly in my province of La Union.

I am grateful to everyone who had given me the opportunity to become one. My journey began when I was just an expectator who watched pageants, take pictures and upload in my social media accounts. Then came the time that people had shown interest in what I post. I already saw comments about my posts, a repost, a number of shares and personal messages of gratitude for my posts and the best thing that usually melts my heart is when I see people posting my photography in an album in their own social media account or use it as their profile picture.

In my Journey as a Geek, I had met a lot of people who became the instruments in building me up as someone who became known because of being a blogger of pageants. I will be posting about them in my future posts since I have a load of stories to share about my KINGs and QUEENs of my pageant journey but in the meantime, I would like to share my journey.

Someone who had been regularly watching pageants, I am not a good viewer when it comes to lining up since I am someone who avoids long lines thus if I have to watch and must pass thru the long line, I usually gets impatient and avoid watching the pageant already thus it was then a pleasure on my part when people invites me to grace their occasion and watch and post about it since I am given a good assistance to enter the venue and given a good seat. I am grateful to everyone who had given me such assistance and invitation.

The role of the pageantologist is to document the pageant and share the result for the followers to be updated especially the candidates and their family, who want to treasure the experience.

I will be forever grateful to Agoo and Santol who paved the way for my work to be recognized since both municipalities used my photography of Mutia ti La Union 2012, Miss Aiyana Camille Mikiewicz of Agoo and Mutia ti Kalikasan 2012, Miss Maribeth Raguindin, the tarp with my photography were posted in their town to celebrate their victory.

As a pageantologist, I am not only confined into documenting pageant but also given the chance to support my favorite candidate by giving my own special award, AirwindZone Male & Female Fashionista. It is my way of giving back to the organizers who gave me an invitation as well as to put a smile in the heart of the chosen candidates.

It is also overwhelming when organizers gave me the chance to seat as part of the jury since it paved the way for me to be part of shaping up the dream of the deserving candidates to clinch the crown. I never give a 100% as a grade since I know that nobody is perfect but I can give a grade as high as 99.99% if truly a deserving one, that is why it breaks my heart when someone among the jury wants to manipulate the result by giving 100% to the candidate who is not even deserving but for no apparent reason, being favored. I had experienced it and was disappointed and most of the time, I speak my mind and deliberate so a good result will eventually be announced. Being a pageant jury should be about balance and will not be favoring candidates especially if not a deserving one. Being a pageant jury is not a privilege but a responsibility.

Before becoming a pageant blogger, I was already hosting thus I am always grateful when pageant organizers make me a pageant host since it is my way of showcasing my passion in entertaining people. I do not know how to sing and I find awkward to dance thus I do my best to keep the event alive and interactive as possible with my hosting skills so the pageant will not be boring but an event of fun and cheers.

As a pageantologist, I was able to be a pageant jury in different municipalities of my beloved province of La Union:

Pageant Jury:

Miss Bauang 2014 (Bauang, La Union)

Miss Bauang 2016 pre-pageant (Bauang, La Union)

Miss Naguilian BASI 2015 (Naguilian, La Union)

Miss Naguilian BASI 2016 pre-pageant (Naguilian, La Union

Mutia ti Santo Tomas 2015,  pre-pageant (Santo Tomas, La Union)

Masculados of Agoo meets Bikini Babes 2015  (Agoo, La Union)

Bb. Rosario 2015 (Rosario, La Union)

Mutya ng Caba 2015 (Caba, La Union)

Little Miss Caba 2014 (Caba, La Union)

Mutya ng Bacnotan 2016 (Bacnotan, La Union)

Mutya ng San Gabriel 2014 (San Gabriel, La Union)

Mutya ng Kabataan 2015 closed interview (City of San Fernando, La Union)


Private pageants

Miss Sophie Paris –City of San Fernando 2014 (City of San Fernando, La Union)

Miss Sophie Paris –Northern Luzon 2014  (City of San Fernando, La Union)

Summer Beauty 2014 of UAP-LU (Bauang, La Union)


Barangay Pageants/Contests

Santacruzan 2016 (Ilocanos Sur, City of San Fernando, La Union

Miss Gay Parian & Got Talent 2016  (Parian, City of San Fernando, La Union)

Mutia ti Panicsican 2015 (Panicsican, San Juan, La Union)

Battle of Bikini Goddess 2015 (Bet-ang, Balaoan, La Union)

Miss Lingsat 2014 (City of San Fernando, La Union)

Miss Gay Tabatina 2014 (Dalumpinas Oeste, City of San Fernando, La Union)

That’s My Tomboy 2014 (Ili Sur, San Juan, La Union)

Miss Flawless de Mayo “Miss Gay Taboc 2013” (Taboc, San Juan, La Union)

Dance Contest 2013 (Ili Sur, San Juan, La Union)

Little Miss Ilocano 2012 (Ilocano, Sudipen, La Union)

Mr. Pogi of Poblacion (Poblacion, Sudipen, La Union)


Campus Pageants:

Mr. & Miss STI College 2016 (STI Colleges, City of San Fernando, La Union)

Lakan at Lakambini ng STI 2016 (STI Colleges, City of San Fernando, La Union)

Mr. & Miss Lorma Foundation 2015, pre-pageant (Lorma Colleges, City of San Fernando, La Union

CCSE Male & Female Fashionista 2015 (Lorma Colleges, City of San Fernando, La Union)

Mr. & Miss SCUAA region 2015 (DMMMSU-NLUC, Bacnotan, La Union)

Mr. & Miss DMMMSU-NLUC Olympics 2015 (DMMMSU-NLUC, Bacnotan, La Union)

Mr. & Miss DMMMSU-NLUC Foundation 2014  (DMMMSU-NLUC, Bacnotan, La Union)

Mr. & Miss DMMMSU Foundation 2015 (DMMMSU-NLUC, Bacnotan, La Union)

Lakan at Lakambini 2015 (Sea & Sky College, City of San Fernando, La Union)

Mr. & Miss Sea & Sky College 2015 (Sea & Sky College, City of San Fernando, La Union)

Mr. & Miss Sea & Sky College 2014 (Sea & Sky College, City of San Fernando, La Union)

Mr. & Miss STI Sportsfest 2015 (STI Colleges, City of San Fernando, La Union)

Mr. & Miss CAS 2015 (DMMMSU-MLUC, City of San Fernando, La Union)

Mr. & Miss NCST 2012 (NCST, City of San Fernando, La Union)

Lakan at Lakambini 2012 (AMA Computer College, City of San Fernando, La Union)


As a Host

Mutia ng Santol 2013 (Santol, La Union)

Mr. PoGay ISEM METRU Santol 2014 (Santol, La Union)

Supermanong Tindero 2015 (Santol, La Union)

Miss San Julian Norte 2015 (Agoo, La Union)

Mutya ng Sudipen 2012 (Sudipen, La Union)

Miss Gay Celebrity of Sudipen 2011 (Sudipen, La Union)

Cultural Dance Festival 2016 (Ipet, Sudipen, La Union)

Rimat ti Ipet 2014 (Ipet, Sudipen, La Union)

Villa De El-Lita Bikini King & Queen 2012 (Villa De El-Lita, Ipet, Sudipen, La Union)


Host in my barangay Sengngat,Sudipen, La Union:

Miss Summer Look 2008

Mutya ng Sengngat 2009

Mutya Ng Sengngat 2010

Miss Gay Sengngat 2011

Mutya ng Sengngat 2012

Miss Gay Sengngat 2013

Miss Bikini Open 2014

Ka-Look-Alike 2015

Hot Bodies 2016


Jury for other provinces:

La Trinidad’s Summer Bodies 2016 (La Trinidad, Benguet)

Baguios Mr. Superbodies 2016 (LOL Comedy Bar, Baguio City)

Bb. Tagudin Perlas ti Amburayan 2015 (Tagudin, Ilocos Sur)

Goddess of the North 2015 (Baguio City)

Hari ng Calabarzon-Laguna 2013 (Santa Cruz, Laguna)

Hari ng Calabarzon 2014 (UP Diliman, Laguna)

Mr. & Miss SunStar Mall 2014 (SunStar Mall, Santa Cruz, Laguna)


Host for other provinces:

Mr. & Miss Beautiful Skin 2015 (Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin, University of Cordillera, Baguio City)

Bb. Cervantes 2015 (Cervantes, Ilocos Sur)

Miss Teen Nalasin 2013 (Nalasin, Santiago, Ilocos Sur)


Official pageant Coverage:

Miss Silka Baguio 2016 (c/o Icon Events & Services, Baguio City)

Mr. & Miss Beautiful Skin 2015 (Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin, CSI the City Mall, City of San Fernando, La Union)

Miss San Julian Norte 2014 (c/o Rannie Nieva, San Julian Norte, Agoo, La Union)

Mutia ti La Union 2016 (c/o PITO La Union)

Miss Marand Beauty 2015 (Marand Resort, Bauang, La Union)

Hari ng Calabarzon-Laguna 2013 (Santa Cruz, Laguna)

Hari ng Calabarzon 2014 (UP Diliman, Laguna)

Mr. & Miss SunStar Mall 2014 (SunStar Mall, Santa Cruz, Laguna)

King & Queen of the Ramp 2009 (Bangar, La Union)



Just recently , at the Miss Silka Baguio 2016, I was able to prove something but here is a brief recall, some people are telling how famewhore I am with my constant posts on my social media account and some are even so nasty towards me in some events since I know they are threatened by my presence to cover an event and post about it, some were so nasty to call my attention and tells me, ”Do not yet post, wait for us to post first.”, Why did Airwind post? We should be the one to post about it.” “Will you delete your post.”, “Why is Airwind always present in pageants, even in far areas?” “Stay away infront of the stage, we have an official photographer.” Nasty and bitches they are, but hey, I just considered it as a challenge, as long as I make someone happy with my pageant coverage, I am already grateful.

The more posts of event coverage that I do, I gain more happiness when people appreciates what I do like they copy or repost my photography. Some credits my name but some upload it as if they own the photos and even cropped my watermark.

I remember notable personalities who always acknowledge my role as a pageantologist, someone told me that ”If nobody had taken a picture of the awarding in a pageant that we are a sponsor, we always refer to your pageant coverage and find photos from your albums.”, thank you ma’am Charry Nisce for that and another one is Sir Bobby Baradi who always acknowledge my presence covering the pageant which he hosts and always announce my name and ask me to stand up and be recognized. I am also delighted whenever Angelica Maranan or Japi Marbella host an event and I am there watching and taking pictures, my name was being mentioned and even ask the audience to follow my social media accounts.

Now back to Miss Silka Baguio 2016, I received a good feedback about my participation in that event, I know that my #TeamAirwindZone is still amateur but we did our best and hoping for more improvement in our part. The pageant organizer, Icon Event and Services contacted me to be part of their team since they researched of possible team to tie-up, and my page came up in the search engine as pageant blogger so it was indeed a good stuff to know but then it became more special when after the pageant, the head organizer, Ma’am Lourdes Neria  informed me an info.

The victory of Anie Uson as Miss Silka Baguio 2016 could now attest that thru my post especially about pageants are indeed helpful not just for me but for people who read my posts just like what the pageant organizer informed me that the winner discovered about the screening thru my hashtag of #MissSilkaBaguio2016 and I am so glad to hear it since I know that a simple act like that shows I am not worthless rather I was able to make someone’s dream turned into a reality thru my post

As far as inspiration, I am blessed that I did met the legendary, Felix Manuel of OPMB Worldwide, whom I met in La Union who were visiting from New York, I was still young when I had watched him on TV and read on news of how he collects significant pageant history and until now, he is still an Icon in pageants. I also looks up to Ma’am Joyce Burton-Titular who inspired me to have my own blog about pageants since her adventures of a beauty queen was the one I always follow, Sir Tony Paat, will always be a source of pageant  vintage documents whom I always look up to and it was a surreal feeling to meet him in person coz he was so bubbly and aged gracefully, for pageant photo documentation, sir Jonas Yu is a favorite since his works are quite a treasure and of course I was so grateful when I met Sir Rafa Delfin of Critical Beauty when he invited me to join the private party of pageant aficionados in Diamond Hotel last December 2014 and I will always be inspired with his words of encouragement to continue my pageant coverage in the province. I was able to meet all of them and I consider the experience as a dream come true.

I will always be grateful to Sir Bobby Baradi for opening doors for me in La Union since he was always tagging me along in numerous events that I was indeed capturing a lot of pageants because of him, to Sir Adamor Dagang and sis Joanna Guerrero of PITO La Union for the access pass to cover the pageants or events they organize for the province and for acknowledging my contributions in the tourism industry thru my posts,  gratitude to sir Gary Gapas of GG Resort,  Charmaine Rama-De Guzman of Le Monet Hotel, Ma’am Wilma Adviento Lazaga of Villa D’ El-Lita for supporting my pageant coverage thru their sponsorship to the pageants I am involved with,  and of course to sir Joel Macanaya of JMJM Productions for making me part of their production for the invitation to be a judge or to simply document their event.

I am grateful with the break given by Icon Event and Services, I am humbled by the experience ma’am Lourdes Neria since I have learned a lot from covering Miss Silka Baguio 2016 and it had opened a lot of doors to meet new people and reunite with old friends based in the City of Pines.

To Sir Ronelio Dy of Dysenio Craft & Events for the great partnership and his endearing support in my hosting career especially for sponsoring my outfits and supporting my pageants.

Special thanks to Aiyana Camille Mikiewicz and her mom, Ana January,  as well as mader Paul Sanglay for the break to enter the pageant world as pageant publicist.

To my original queen who was the first pageant queen who always invited me to cover her pageants, Arlyn Anne Hagad, love you so much sis.

To sis Angelica Maranan who always tag me along in her pageants and sometimes a partner in crime to be  a jury and to host together,

To Soliven family who always tag me along to the pageants of their daughters, April and Angelita. they were not just friends but already a family.

To my princess, Cherise Deslippe who is now embarking in showbiz industry as Cherise Castro,

To my lovely queens, whom I may not always be together but somewhere somehow made an impact to my pageant life, Anna Katrina Bautista-Cabradilla, Kimberly Penchon, Heide Ronato Ehrenberg, Cris Doctolero, Alessandra Casimiro, Trizha Ocampo, Perlas Gayyed, Jen Kimberly Partible, Rolynne Pajarillo, Olivia Bang-oa, Ferbee Ramirez, Edrhian Balcita, Grazielle Istomen, Sheila Nisperos, Laura Nisperos, Katherine Joy Adona, Jordine Rose, Joan Laxa, Maribeth Raguindin, Femarie Ganaden,  Leny Grace Tawagon, Paula Picardal, Christine Picardal, Christine Boado Fontanilla, Shalida Veneracion, Angelica Estacio, Jee Ann Picar, Mari Jo Quillon, Glydel Espero, Michelle Munar, Mary Glory Sharpe, Bernalexie Caballero, Kimberly Anne Santos and many more to mention.

To the talented personalities  whom I look up to and always excited to capture their creations, Mama Rex Vitales, Mader Narciso Agtarap, Mader Virgz Orfiano, sir Freddie Yapit, madam Al Ex, madam Donny Baradi, Sir Rannie Nieva, sir Lenvil Paneda and many more talented Ilocano handlers, make-up artists and designers.

To all pageant kings and queens and their gorgeous handlers, great job guys and I will always be a fan of your works and as long as I can, I will be there to capture moments of your pageant journeys.

And I will always be so relieved to work with passionate and talented people of my #TeamAirwindZone, composed of Dyem, Ram, Junard, El Mateo and Richen. Praying for more projects with you.

Last but not  the least to my dearest angel, Czarmaine Laoan, who will always send me a message of gratitude whenever  she saw a post I do about her pageant, I will always be remembering the goodness of her heart and thank sir Oscar Gatchalian for describing me as her favorite photographer. Rest in peace CzaCza, Arlyn and I will always love and cherish our happy and challenging moments together.

I still have a lot of other events and personalities to be grateful as a pageantologist, that I may not be able to remember everything but in my heart, I will forever be grateful for the opportunities that had been given unto me. It was a humbling experience indeed since everything happens to recognize my worth as a person and as a pageantologist. I would like to extend my gratitude for the referrals and invitations that been extended to me. I may not enumerate them but in my heart, your goodness will forever be etched.


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