Anie Uson: Miss Silka Baguio 2016

Congratulations to Anie Uson for winning Miss Silka Baguio 2016

One event that I needed to cover was Miss Silka Baguio 2016 and i was honored to be part of the team that I was again part of a pageant journey of one lady but this particular pageant was so special because of the feedback.

The victory of Anie Uson as Miss Silka Baguio 2016 could now attest that thru my posts especially about pageants are indeed helpful not just for me but for people who read my posts just like what the pageant organizer told me that she discovered about the pageant thru my hashtag of #MissSilkaBaguio2106 and I am so glad to hear it coz I know that a simple act like that shows I am not worthless rather i was able to make someone’s dream turned into a reality thru my post.

Cosmetique Asia in cooperation with Icon Events and Services presented  Miss Silka Baguio 2016 and here is the set of winners of the pageant held last August 30, 2016 at the Baguio Convention Center, Baguio City


Miss Silka Baguio 2016 – Anie Uson
1st Runner Up -Arianne Dia Gallotan
2nd Runner Up – Lyneree Wly Montero
3rd Runner Up – Shaira Casi


Thanks to Icon Events for the opportunity to be part of your prestigious production
Thanks a lot to Le Monet Hotel thu ma’am Charmaine Joy Rama-De Guzman, Dysenio Craft And Events by Ron Dy and Villa D El-Lita for the support in our first venture as
#TeamAirwindzone to cover the Miss Silka Baguio 2016
Thanks a lot to Dyem Quintero Ram Runas Junard Natividad and El Mateo for the efforts and sharing your talents,
Thanks ate Nora Acosta Rodriguez for the support po…
Pageant Coverage by #TeamAirwindzone
(Dyem Quintero, Ram, Junard & El Mateo)
Special thanks to the following:
Villa D’ El-Lita Hotel, Resort & Restaurant
Dysenio Craft & Events by Ronelio Dy
Le Monet Hotel
#MissSilkaBaguio2016 #MissSilkaPhilippines2016
#pageant #pageantologist
Tnx ate Nora Acosta for the support
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