Heidi Ronato gave Agoo a 3-peat victory for the said municipality as Mutia ti La Union 2014 winner

Heidi Ronato gave Agoo a 3-peat victory for the said municipality as Mutia ti La Union.


After Aiyana Camille Mikiewicz and Kimberly Mae Penchon who won last 2012 and 2013 respectively, it was a great gift to the people of Agoo, La Union to have another pageant victory and congratulations to the pageant staff of Agoo for a job well done.
Some interesting tidbits:
• Heidi Ronato was a runner-up in Miss Agoo 2011 and also a Miss Bauang 2012 runner-up and a resident of the said town but she was appointed to represent Agoo this year. There is no issue there since she met the requirement of being a La Union resident and even joined a pageant in Agoo.
• She was under the care of Paul Sanglay who is the handler, designer and make-up artist of Aiyana and Kimberly when they won as Mutia ti La Union.
https://airwindzone.wordpress.com/ awarded Heidi as Miss Friendship as this blog sponsored the said special award. *The Airwind Zone’s special awardee had been making a round of awarding an eventual winner started in Lorma’s Mr. & Miss Pharmacy then Mr. Sportfest in SLC, then Mr. & Miss Lorma Colleges and in Miss PTO 2014 of Felkris. Miss Heidi Ronato mentioned that before Mutia ti La Union, she was already a consistent follower of my posts. This author and Miss Joy Ann Laudencia of the PITO had a previous conversation and mentioned that “Miss Agoo will win since AirwindZone had been awarding the eventual winner.” It was a great coincidence.

• Trisha Boado Hernandez, from Aringay was the 2nd Runner-up last 2012 when she represented her town then in 2014, she represented Sto. Tomas and she got the same placement.
Here is the rundown of the pageant’s result:
Top 10
City of San Fernando
Sto. Tomas

Top 5
City of San Fernando
Sto. Tomas
Mutia ti La Union 2014 – Agoo
Mutia ti Turismo – Tubao
Mutia ti Kalikasan – City of San Fernando
1st Runner-up – Bagulin
2nd Runner-up – Sto. Tomas

Nisce’s Winsome Smile – Bagulin
Beautiful Skin – Sudipen
Body Beautiful –Tubao
Best in Gown – Tubao
Best Designer of Gown – Tubao
Best in Swimsuit – Tubao
Miss Photogenic – Tubao
Miss Friendship by Airwind Zone – Agoo
Congratulations to the winners.





More photos at:

2 thoughts on “Heidi Ronato gave Agoo a 3-peat victory for the said municipality as Mutia ti La Union 2014 winner”

  1. congrats to the winners of Mutia Ti Launion, hoping that our town San Pascual Batangas will do the same contest

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