Miss Congeniality in Mutia ti La Union 2014

Miss Congeniality

 Miss Congeniality, Miss Amity or Miss Friendship, a special award in a beauty pageant that is chosen by the candidates themselves. It is considered the most special award since it is the evidence wherein pageant is not all about competition but also building camaraderie amongst the candidates. The term “Miss Congeniality” became a word of mouth also when Sandra Bullock made a movie about pageants with it as the title.


In this year’s edition of Mutia ti La Union 2014, my blog, airwindzone.wordpress.com  and fb pages www.facebook.com/airwind07 and www.facebook.com/airwindzone  will be the sponsor of Miss Congeniality. Candidates had chosen their winner thru a votation held at Diego Silang Hall after the Talent and Sponsor’s night last February 25, 2014.There was a tie between Miss  Agoo and Miss City of San Fernando and the winner will be awarded on the pageant night on March 2, 2014 at the City Plaza of the City of San Fernando, La Union. 

I would like to thank  Lovely Joy Hermosa and Luvinia Gregorio for the support in this sponsorship.




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