Beach Break 2014 in La Union

Viva Sports Management Inc. presents Beach Break 2014 on February 21-22, 2014 in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

Free Admission: This is a good news for the people of La Union who had been disappointed with the last Surfing Break 2013, due to ticket selling and now a free admission would make the locals more in the mood to party and enjoy the activities of the Surfing Event, particulalry to party lovin teen-agers, rather than make them feel that if you can’t afford the VIP Ticket then you will just be in the side. Bravo to VMS for coming up with an event that will encourage more locals to enjoy and have fun watching international surfers and pick up more tips in surfing and other related activities.

A brainchild of VSM’s chairman, Mr. Vic Del Rosario, also the head of Viva Communications Inc.;
Beach Break presented by Rider Sandals – the 1st International Surfing Competition to be held in La Union and here is the press info about the said event.


To begin 2014, VSM Viva Sports Management Inc. will launch its very first sports property. All roads will lead to Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan La Union on February 21-22, 2014 for the country’s very first international surfing competition.

Through the Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) group several international surfers are expected to fly in to participate. Countries like Australia, Japan, Indonesia will be represented.

Buji Libarnes and Luke Landrigan arguably the best male surfers of the land will attempt to top the event by leveraging on their home court advantage.

Lorraine Lapus who teaches surfing in Bali is expected to fly back to team up with Nikki de la Paz and lead the charge in the female category. Both ladies have dominated the local surfing scene for the past few years and are expected give the foreign competitors a run for their money.

At stake is a prize money of P200,000.00 on top of having the distinction of winning the first ever international surfing competition in the country.

“Beach Break -Single and Unattached” is designed to be a total experience. Together with the surfing competition there will also be a frisbee tournament organized by the Philippine Ultimate Association, and a beach volleyball tournament featuring VSM’s top volleball superstars, such as Mitch Datuin, Charo Soriano, Mel Gohing and Angge Tabaquero.

Festivities and awarding is scheduled for the evening of February 22 and will culminate with the “Beach Break” party featuring the best bands of the country.







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