Miss BHC 2014

MISS BHC 2014 

Miss BHC 2014 – Lovey Jaeanne Tadina (Diamond)

First Runner-Up – Patricia Mae Samulde (Jade)

Second Runner-Up – Gabrielle Denise Pan (Sapphire)

Third Runner-Up – Maria Carmela Erfe (Amethyst)



Best in Production Number – Lovey Jaeanne Tadina (Diamond)
Best in Creative Costume – Patricia Samulde (Jade)
Best in Couture Hat – Janine Ariane Nisperos (Emerald)
Best in Talent – Maria Carmela Erfe (Amethyst)
Best in Evening Gown – Patricia Samulde (Jade)
Most Articulate – Lovey Jaeanne Tadina (Diamond)
Miss Photogenic (sponsored by Colorado) – Ritika Sheetak (Quartz)
Miss Congeniality – Jemina Numos (Topaz)

Miss JUDEA – Rosemarie Mayo (Garnet)
Charina’s (Miss BHC 2007) Choice – Maria Carmela Erfe (Amethyst) 
Miss SKM – Maria Carmela Erfe (Amethyst)
Miss Hotel Ariana – Lovey Jaeanne Tadina (Diamond)
Mss Flawless – Lovey Jaeanne Tadina (Diamond)
Miss Winsome Smile – Gabrielle Denise Pan (Sapphire)
Miss Skylander – Lovey Jaeanne Tadina (Diamond)
Miss Love Radio – Lovey Jaeanne Tadina (Diamond)
Miss Briggs and Kaith Travel and Tours – Gabrielle Denise Pan (Sapphire)
Miss AXA – Ritika Sheetak (Quartz)
Miss TOPCUTS – Rosemarie Mayo (Garnet)

view more photos at Airwind



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