7th Christ the King Youth Day

7th Christ the King Youth Day  “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19)

The event will be on November 15-17, 2013 at the Saint Louis College, City of San Fernando, La Union since the Host Parish will be the combined Immaculate Conception Parish of Carlatan and the former Nuestra Señora  de Salvacion Parish of Lingsat.

It will be the 7th edition after it debuted in Bacnotan, La Union then in Pudo, La Union then in Bangar, La Union, then in Bauang, La Union, then San Juan, La Union and last year in Damortis, Sto. Tomas, La Union. The event was organized by the Diocesan Youth Ministry started by the nuns, Sr. Edith and Sr. Mariejo, with the clergy, Fr. Gary and Fr. Noel and from the DYM, Lorenna Luna, way back 2007 in Bacnotan, under the supervision of the late Apo Bishop Artemio Rillera. The event became an annual gathering of Diocesan Youth Ministers from the different parishes of the Diocese of San Fernando de La Union and then as years passed by, the religious organizations like Youth For Christ and Campus Ministers were invited to join.

It will be recalled that during the CKYD in San Juan, La Union last 2011 when the sad news was announced, the time when Apo Artemio bid farewell and the death of the FATHER of the Youth Ministers became a shock to the DYM but were united to treasure all the knowledge he had imparted and brought of inspirations to serve the Ministry.


for a bird’s eye view of the past CKYD, just browse the albums by clicking the link…






San Juan:





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