One Love, One Hand in Bacnotan

It was a great thing to make a child happy.

I had achieved it again when I was part of the One Love, One Hand in Bacnotan, La Union.
The outreach was made possible thru the unified efforts of the following:  sir Rens Tuzon, Mr.  Nick Anayan , Sir Manny Cariaso and United Bacnotan Group,  Ms. Eunice Galvez, Ms. Michelle Posilero, Mathew Timothy Luis Galvez, Mr. Elijah Galvez &  Hukbong Litratista ng La Union, Mac Gatchalian, Mr. Bobby Bautista, Mr. Wilson Morales, Mr. Joseph Almares, SBM Hon. TJ Ortega, Jonathan Aglosulos, Paratong Elementary School Teachers (Ma’am Julita P. Acosta, OIC, Ma’am Arlyn B. Dacanay, Ma’am Rosalia B. Geraban, Ma’am Noemi C. Olbinado, Ma’am Jean C. Caccam, Ma’am Yolanda A. Marquez, and Ma’am Maria Theresa S. De Castro) and volunteers, Ms. Diana Tipon Sinag and the FEU Fine Arts Batch 1991-1992. 

The outreach was a success in Paratong Elementary School because of the generous hearts of the donors. 
In La Union, I will profess how I admire Ma’am Eunice Galvez and her young kid, Matthew Timothy Luis, who at his young age was so excited to share his toys. Thru the initiative of Elijah Galvez of the Hukbong Litratista ng La Union, Matthew was able to share and handed his toys to Sir Rens, ready for the recipients from Paratong Elementary School.

For the next outreach projects, you can contact me thru my FB,  Airwind Bautista or you can send a message to make your pledge of support at the  One Love, One Hand FB Page.

Here are some photos of the outreach, credits to Sir Rens Tuzon of One Love, One Hand.

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