Vote for Eri Gregorio Kawahara

Eri Gregorio Kawahara is a 12 years old Filipina Beauty living in Japan who is currently enrolled as a first year student in a middle school.
Eri is a typical teen-ager who wants to prove something about herself  that served as her inspiration to join the contest.
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Then to VOTE for her, press the STAR in the PINK BOX, then a THANK YOU message will be the confirmation that you have a VALID VOTE for her.

VOTING can be done DAILY, one vote per day until November 4, 2013.




Eri’s mom is Filipina, an Ilocana while her father is a Japanese. Quite interesting info about Eri is that she is a survivor from the bullying she experienced in the past where her features is quite different thus she was even hospitalized for the stress brought by her fellow kids who were teasing her looks. That situation made her feel so down and considered herself to be ugly. A challenge from her aunt, Luvinia served as the wake-up call for her to realize how beautiful she is when she joined an audition and now she is being casted as bit player in some shows.

Joining the contest will serve as her stepping stone for a career in Japan so she could have more investment for costumes and make-over for her to cope u with the needs of being a regular cast in shows thru purchasing costumes and having the looks needed for the shows she is going to be part of. 

A little info about SOLADO based from their webpage:

Is the epicenter for the latest trends, city people who are sensitive to the fashion always gather, Ri Harajuku, Takeshita through. Sorado Harajuku, birth “enjoy shopping and dining in loose and comfortable” as a fashion and food space in such Takeshita street.By the coined word “Do (act)” and, double-Me partitioning of the scale the “Ra-de ♪” under “Solar (sun)” of, and have the feeling an exciting warm and cheerful you can experience in Sorado was. The most important feature of such Sorado the “bright light of abundance”.To be able to spend a relaxed a day in the sun-drenched with Sun’s, and many on-site installation large windows to incorporate with plenty of sunlight. I was provided with a terrace with exterior corridors Suites open-minded, to 3F to 1F. New face of Ri Harajuku, Takeshita through, please come to find a nice time to Sorado.


for more info on how to vote for her
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