La Union’s Tour Your Own Province

The Provincial Government of La Union had initiated an event that let’s the people of La Union to be motivated to explore our province.

The “Tour Your Own Province” is a venue to be able to be acquainted more with our province.
Divided into two parts, the first group explored the 1st District of La Union last October 4, 2013 while the 2nd part will be on the 11th day of October for the 2nd District of La Union.

For the North La Union tour, it started with a visit at the La Union Culture and Arts Gallery where paintings of La Union artists were displayed and a lot of the participants were surprised that there is an Arts gallery in the City of San Fernando, then brought the participants in the La Union Botanical & Zoological Garden where nature was a great thing to see and the mangoes planted by the Japanese were still existing. The next stop was at the La Union Science Centrum and Museum where the History of the City of San Ferando were narrated thru a series of photos displayed, then the bed of Pres. Elpidio Quirino were on display too and the chance to play with the exhibits lets the participants to have fun while learning new stuff.



The San Juan Pottery in Taboc, San Juan was the next stop wherein the artists had demonstrated how to create a pot and how tedious the procedure but done so great by the artists.


Next was the lunch at River Farm, Bacnotan, La Union folowed by a visit at the La Union Honeybee Center, Bacnotan, La Union. It was a discovery to see a Honey in a Sachet,
but quite interesting to see the Centennial Tree in Carcarmay, Bacnotan, La Union.The tree which is a manistation of the Filipino Culture of being Strong to face any Struggle no matter how hard life is.







Off to Baluarte, Luna, La Union wherein the people were selling pebbles picked from the beach and collected in a bottle then a visit to the Lady of Namacpacan in the St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish, Luna, La Union. How I wish that we were able to isit the house of the Luna heroes (Antonio and Juan).


The ABEL Bangar industry is quite a product of hardwork and artistry but the scene of old ladies doing the work makes me to fear that if this won’t be adopted by the new generation, the possibility of ABEL industry to be affected by the absence of people to do the job. I am saying this because I admire the artistry of the Abel Bangar of Bangar, La Union.



Last destination was the Santol Tree Park and it was great to see Pine Trees in La Union.
In the end, it was a great thing to be able to explore and can attest that our provinc eis indeed full of great things to explore so it is recommended that locals will visit the province to appreciate how beautiful La Union is.


Thumbs up to our Tour Guides, Joanna Guerrero, Dean Mari Rivera, George Pasig, Joan Diaz , Marisol Quilon and Justin Paul Marbella.

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