Aiyana Mikiewicz (A beauty queen who wears a crown not just on her head but also a crown in her heart)

Pageant is not all about the crown and the prestige but also giving back to the people,  that is one thing I had proven.

I am so privileged to witness the activities of Miss Tourism World Philippines 2013, Aiyana Camille Co Mikiewicz of La Union who had been actively participating in various socio-civic activities that let her inspire a lot of people to do their share in making other people’s life a better one.


Last April 20, 2013, she took part in the earth preservation program of JCI (Junior Chamber International), thru the “CURE the Mountain” a tree planting activity in Camp 8, Baguio City where she served as an Earth Ambassador by encouraging the young people to do their share in preserving the nature thru reforestation projects and  implementing the Solid Waste Management Act thru the 3Rs (Re-use, reduce and recycle) so that mountains can be preserved and trees will be the source of life thru clean environment.








Next was the SPIN Carnival, a project of SPIN (Serving People in Need) where her guest appearance had brought a thousand smiles to the indigent kids of Bauang, La Union last April 30, 2013. Her simple way of spending time with the kids was so great that even parents and the organizers were amazed with her presence. A simple photo op became a treasure to behold.













And recently, last May 23, 2013, she had joined the “Put a Smile on a Child’s Face” an outreach program of Feel Good Spa & Salon, located at Juan Go Bldg., Biday, City of San Fernando, La Union. Thru the invitation of Mrs. Elsie Negrillo Villanueva, owner of the spa. It was a feeding program and gift-giving activity of the said establishment, it was held in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union. Her presence was a blast that brought cheers and happiness to the constituents of the barangay hailed as the Surfing Capital of the North but the kids were happier when she handed out the gifts already and some are even amazed that I think, getting close to her is as precious as the gift packs.










It is indeed an admirable act that you see Aiyana Mikiewicz sharing her precious time and spent it doing charity events that her effort to reach out to other people is a manifestation that she is not just wearing a crown on her head but also in her heart.

Special thanks to her ever supportive mom, Ms. Ana Marie Co January who had been so nice and accommodating to join her in the outreach projects that you can see the source of AJ’s sincerity to serve and that’s one thing she got from her mom.


The JCI, SPIN and Feel Good had expressed that it was a privilege that Aiyana Mikiewicz had taken part in their charity events, thus they all have the same message of support to her next pageant, Miss Tourism World 2013 to be held in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa on October 12, 2013.

 Photo Credits: Matet Madrid-Ancheta, Ana Marie January, Lyka Mateo and Airwind Zone

One thought on “Aiyana Mikiewicz (A beauty queen who wears a crown not just on her head but also a crown in her heart)”

  1. Great deeds Ms Aij! May all the other beauty queens of today follow ur footsteps … Reaching out to the less fortunate is the most fulfilling stage in our lives , love and learn … Leave a legacy !goodluck and godbless on your way to the Ms World Tourism in West Africa !

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