Miss Tourism World Philippines 2013 (Aiyana Camille Mikiewicz)


The coronation night of the Miss Tourism World 2013 was held last May 17, 2013 wherein Mutia ti La Union 2012, Aiyana Camille “AJ” Mickiewicz won and will represent the Philippines in the upcoming Miss Tourism World 2013 to be held in Malabo, Equitorial Guinea this coming October 12, 2013.

AJ also won several special awards such as Best in Talent, Miss Sundance, Miss Light Skin, Miss GLOWWing Skin and Miss Lady Grace.

She is under the guidance of the TEAM AIYANA that includes

her mother, Ana Marie January who was so supportive of her endeavors,

her mentor, hairstylist, make-up artist and designer, Paul Sanglay.

her QA mentor, Faize and

her publicist, yours truly, Airwind G. Bautista.

Last Friday night, she amazed the audience with her wit and beauty. 

The Question:
“What do you wish to have..Money or Fame?”
The Answer:
“If I were to choose, I would rather have money, because I believe with money, it will get me somewhere in life, whether to reach my goals, being realistic and practical in our generation nowadays, and I think with tourism, I think that’s what the things, we could do to promote our country as one, is having money in order to help others, and when they are in need.”

her court includes:

Sherry Rose Guanga (Bride of the World Philippines 2013)

Elle Hollman (Best Model of the World Philippines 2013),

Jeriza Saulog (MTWP – Luzon)

Cristlet Rose Gerona (MTWP – Mindanao)

 Ramona Yamat (MTWP – Visayas)

and Czarina Rose Rosales (MTWP – NCR)

This is her message to everyone who became part of her journey:


-My family
-My friends
-My supporters
-La UNION (my home province)
-Girls who also aspire to be a beauty queen

To God be the glory for what He has given me being on this MTWP2013 journey.

On my next journey (going for Miss Tourism World 2013 on Oct.12,2013) I will DO IT for my country.

Proud Ilokana, Proud Filipina!

Maraming salamat po sa lahat ng mga sumuporta po sa akin sa journey ko na to. God bless u all! (^_^)”





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