Kimberle Mae Penchon The lady who gave Agoo a back to back victory in Mutia Ti La Union 2013

Kimberle Mae Penchon of Agoo was adjudged as the Mutia ti La Union 2013 last March 2, 2013. Her victory made history as AGOO’s back to back victory in Mutia ti La Union after Aiyana Mikiwicz won the title last 2012.
Kim was the winner of Miss Agoo 2012, Miss Baguio 2012 and now the Mutia ti La Union 2013. I got the first chance of meeting her last Feb. 9, 2013 during the Mr. & Miss Teen Agoo 2013 where I watched thru the invitation of Mr. Michael Razon of the Agoo Municipal Office. She was amiable but quite reserved. Just smiling when you look at her sitting in a corner. Unlike other girls who are loud and create a stir of their presence. She got a morena beauty which is mesmerizing especially when she graced the stage.
Join us as she recalls her pageant journey in Mutia ti La Union 2013


“Mutia ti La Union was a big challenge for me specially that a lot of issues popped out regarding my win as Miss Baguio 2012, but my very supportive municipality did not want me to bear the issues as much as possible so they took good care of it even before the rehearsals started and for that I give all the credit to them. On my part, all I could say is that, winning as Mutia ti La Union 2013 already proved that I am qualified for the title.
During the final announcement of the winners I was not expecting but I was hoping, like all of us were. The crown is not just my achievement but the achievement of my municipality,my coordinators ,the team of Mr. Paul Sanglay, and my family and friends who’ve been there through the hardship of the pageant.
It was hard to represent Agoo because of the mark that Miss AIyana Camille Mikiewicz left, it was hard to follow her steps but I am again thankful that my municipality did not made me feel pressure over that matter. They did not compare me to her so the pressure did not reach the point of finding myself competing with Bb pilipinas candidate no. 47. All of my support is with her since we belong under one manager, and I am very honored with that.
me personally
I am a very shy and very private person, I dont like attention much, I still like being alone despite the fact that I gained a lot of friends. I seldom wear make-up at school cause I like being simple. I would want everybody to see me as a simple friend more that someone who’s got three crowns on her head.”


Hopefully, a national pageant next year with another beauty from La Union thru Kimberly Penchon.

Credits to all owners of the photographs used.
Ma’am Matet Madrid-Ancheta, Ma’am Myla Madrid, Sir Michael Fontanilla Razon and other photographers



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