Mutya ti Kooperatiba 2013

The recently concluded Mutia ti Kooperatiba 2013 pageant crowned a stunner from La Union, Christine Joy Picardal.

The Mutya ti Kooperatiba 2013 is a quest of the Sacred Heart Savings Cooperative for the lady who will be the image model of the said cooperative. The grand winner will be spokesperson and will be the face of the advertisement materials of the SHSC.

Christine Joy shared her experience in the said pageant.
“Honestly speaking I didn’t know it was a prestigious pageant ’til I met and greeted my 20 fellow candidates last March 9, and luckily ranked 1 on that pre-pageant. Mother Leon, my handler/manager entered me in the said pageant. With almost 2 weeks to prepare, I added Cardio exercises with my diet during Mutia ti La Union 2013. And I also did some researches on what SHSC brings for us.
Honestly, as they were calling the Top 5, I wasn’t expecting for number 11, which is my number, to be called. But back before the proclamation formation I prayed to God. If I’ll be part of the Top 5, call me on the 3rd announcing of numbers. And coincidentally, the emcee did call me on his 3rd calling! And it was back to zero so I think God really helped me all through out.”


This her message to all her supporters:
“To all who supported , because really it was me who gained the most applause during the self-intro , I bring back all the glory to all of you! It was you who motivated me and gave me self-esteem to smile and have that almost-perfect-poise on stage. And it was you who let me feel that I am Mutia ti Kooperatiba 2013. Thanks to all of you! ‘Til we meet again!”

She informed me that her handler still have a long list of pageants around Ilocos Sur and Norte for her to join at. thus she hoped the bring the bacon again. On going Nationals, if her preparations are enough already, Bb. Pilipinas is the first on her list. Thus if that will come true, we will be seeing another La Union beauty to grace the stage of a national pageant.

2013MutyaTiKooperatiba_ChristineJoy Picardal

Photo Credits: Jescel Micah Balingsat

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