Miss Virginia Tobacco 2013

Tobacco Festival City of Candon Fiesta Schedule

Angelica Maranan was a great queen for having been an achiever in pageants as well as academics that ladies or the next set of winners should emulate.

The Candidates for Miss Virginia Tobacco 2013

01_Silver Cherish L. Ballesteros_Candon
02_Mabel joy L. Verceles_LaUnion
03_Ainah Apple V. Frez_IlocosNort
04_Editha Framal V. Gaerlan_IlocosNorte
05_Wilna I. Garcia_Vigan
06_Princess Raihanie S. Salleh_IlocosNorte
07_Maria Isabelle V. Aggabao_Candon
08_Edrian G. Balcita_LaUnion
09_Plinky p. Andreza_Abra
10_ Pearlynne Phia D. Patacsil_LaUnion
11_April P. Soliven_Candon
12_ Jennifer M. Valera_Abra


Photo Credits to: April Soliven & Candon LGU

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