Rolyne Mae Pajarillo (La Union’s 2013 Queen of the Environment)

Rolyne Mae Pajarillo, The Queen of the Environment

She is one humble girl who is very much appreciatve of all the things that was happening top her. She is always grateful and takes time to say THANK YOU. This lady was so young when she was in her gala uniform and was asked to screen for Miss Bacnotan 2007 and she ended as the first runner-up of Paulyne Rivera. But her pageant journey didn’t end and she was handpicked to represent her beloved town of Bacnotan for Mutia ti La Union 2013. In the said pagenat where I first heard ehr name form another handler, Mother Nars who told me that the candidate of Bacnotan is a pretty, dusky and witty lass named Rolyne Mae Pajarillo.
Her petite and lean frame surprises a lot of audience when she performed a modern version of Tinikling and it made her land in the Top 5 finalists of talent performers and in the pageant itself, she was declared Mutia ti Kalikasan 2013, thus making her a great handpicked candidate since she didn’t fail her fellowmen from Bacnotan for she gave a strong and winning performance last March 2, 2013. during the Search for Mutia ti La Union 2013.
Now let’s join her as she shares her pageant journey.


“To be chosen to represent our municipality in that esteemed pageant was really an honor and a pressure, too. I was humbled that they have seen my potentials despite my incapacities. With this, a lot of expectations came into my glands that I almost wanted to quit: infinite hopes from people who believe and from those who censures me.
Mayor Ma. Minda L. Fontanilla and Bacnotan LGU had given their full trust in my shoulders. Trust that I can bring home something not just for me but for the people of my town. Their belief in my aptitudes and the spirit of having faith in Him pressed me to continue and finish the battle which I started. With the little confidence I had before, prayer was my only way to fortify myself.
The Mutia Ti La Union 2013 was never an easy activity. Rehearsals, talent practices, photo shoot preparations, etc needed a lot of determination to satisfy not just the spectators but the ones who aims for the best in you, too. I was really afraid of ‘sighs’ and was troubled by rejections. But those fears were the reasons why I struggled, persevered and pushed myself to the best of bests.
This contest had opened a lot of chances for me. I confess, I only have two close friends among the nineteen beautiful ladies. This is not being a snob but it’s all about being real. I just spent time with those whom I get along with: the ones who shared the same interest as mine.
My days in the search were savored. Sometimes exhausted but comforted by my day-day success. All forms of pains were completely rewarding. Going home with a crown was such a very big blessing from above. I just aimed to be in the top ten, if given the chance to be picked in for the best five, I will be very happy. The chance of getting a mark at the third spot was a great wow!
To everyone who extended their prayers and support, with you I celebrate this victory. To the people of my town, the crown, trophies and sashes I brought home is not just for me, I competed to the best of my ability because it’s all for you. With unified effort, we’ll have something to be proud of. With belief in our provider, everything will rest in place. With humility above all victories, more and more will come our way. With so much joy in our hearts, the spirit of oneness shall reign for a better Bacnotan.
Mutia Ti Kalikasan 2013 – let’s not just be grateful about the title, let’s look beyond the words. Actions will speak louder and it’s for the benefit of all. Let’s keep Bacnotan, let’s keep La Union, clean, green and peaceful! Promoting MINDA – Mula Intay Nayunan, Dalus Aywanan!
Thank you very much to everyone. Let’s give back all the glories to God. I am pleased to share this to you, “attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference!” Think now, move now, be a steward of the nature!”
This interview made me to salute how witty this girl is. So hoooray for the beautiful and smart Mutia ti Kalikasan 2013, Rolyne Mae Pajarillo of Bacnotan.


Photo Credits from the FB of Miss Rolyne Mae Pajarillo.






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