Olivia Kaye Bang-oa (The 2013 Tourism Queen of La Union)

Mutia ti Turismo 2013  Olivia Kaye Bang-oa (San Gabriel)
Olivia Kaye Bang-oa, I got the first chance to watch her at the SBO Campus King & Queen 2011 where she clinched the 1st Princess title then unfortunately I had a hosting engagement in Sudipen during her Miss San Gabriel pageant thus I was not able to witness her to be crowned as her municipality’s representative but was able to watch her at the recently concluded Mutia ti La Union 2013 where she emerged as the Mutia ti Turismo 2013.

I asked her about her experiences in the said pageant and here is her response.
"My experience in joining MLU 2013 was really one of a kind; it was tiring but the outcome was perfectly great. And when I was declared as the Mutia ti Turismo 2013 I felt so overwhelmed simply because I'm not expecting that I can be one of the 3 title holders this year knowing that I'm not really into joining beauty pageants not just like the other candidates. And I am so PROUD of my hometown-San Gabriel, of all the top 5 winner San Gabriel was the only municipality that has a 4th class rank and the rest are 1st class municipality. 

Who is BEA behind this competition? Well, I’m the type of girl who would love to stay at home and watch movies the whole day since I’m already a registered nurse. But then I can’t stay at home and have a stagnant lifestyle that is why I’ll be looking for a job by next week for me to start a new career aside from being a beauty queen.

The best experience that I had during the pageant was when I met 2 lovely ladies who became my closest friends during the entire competition, and I’m very proud to tell everyone that our friendship will not/never stop even after this pageant ends. :))

I have a simple message for everyone -Being one of the new ambassadresses of goodwill I will be doing my part in helping out in the community, I will be participating in majority of the activities focusing on environmental awareness and health care. I will also be able to use my innate charm in influencing the youth to participate in the said activities. For those who supported me during the Mutia Ti La Union 2013, thank you so much; for those who haven’t had the chance to support me, please do so by being a blessing to others, by promoting our beautiful province”
My assessment of her performance?
She did a great job and after Mutya ti La Union 2010, Kimberly Anne Santos, San Gabriel is back on the top 5. I find her regal moves as a charm coz she may look so fragile but when she do the catwalk, she looks so elegant and seems like a Disney princess. So it was not a surprise to see her winning the Best in Gown.
One thing a lot of people don’t know is that she won a special award for her costume because one of the jury was so charmed by the amazing costume and absolutely by  the way she carried it, thus a Most Ecological Costume award was conceptualized. I know about it coz I was her “MASCOT” during the judging of costumes, I mean I was her temporary escort. 
Another trivia is that she had ended the 3 years straight  wins of City of San Fernando as Mutia ti Turismo since 2010 to 2012.
Olivia is also an achiever not only in pageants but graduated as Cum Laude in La Finns Scholastica and is now a Registered Nurse proves that she is also a smart girl.
So to Miss Olivia Kaye Bang-oa, you have a bright future ahead of you and hoping the best to come your way.



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