Ilokano Style

The leaders from La Union created a parody of Gangnam Style but a better version since it was in Ilocano while showcasing the public servants as the stars of the video as they featured also the scenic spots, one town one product, delicacies and attractions of the different municipalities of the province.
Here it is and enjoy the video

A parody of Gang Nam Style featuring the Government Officials of La Union headed by Gov. Manoling Ortega, Cong. Victor Ortega, Cong. Eufranio Eriguel, Cong. Pacoy Ortega of ABONO Partylist, Vice Governor Aureo Augusto Nisce, the Provincial Board Members, Mayor Pablo Ortega and the 19 municipal mayors with the special participation of the People of La Union.

This video was shared to me. I don’t own the video but it deserved to be shared since it is a Video showcasing how FUN it is in La Union.
It was shown as part of the opening number of Mutia Ti La Union 2013 held last March 2, 2013.
Lyrics by Joel Macanaya, interpreted by Douglas of Version 4.O.event and video produced by Blue Monster Crew.
The show was directed by Kitchie Benedicto-Paulino.

Great Job and Kudos to the owners of the video.

One thought on “Ilokano Style”

  1. Like! Nagsireb diay nagcompose iti lyrics.Nalalaing, napipintas, nagugwapo dagiti nagsasala! Naragsak ah pabuya! Ngem, maybagak laeng kadi, sapay koma ta mas nay showcase, mas naypakita pay koma dagiti napipintas ah luglugar nga mabalin mapagpasyaran, dimmawat koma ti copyright nga mayruar ti nagan ken buya ti Thunderbird Resort, Kultura Splash Wave, etc, ta dakkel a katulungan para iti turismo iti ili (dagidiay iti sapsapulek,wenno haan q lng napansin, diay ThunderBird nakitak,ngbassit met iti litrato na, ulit2 met iti ngsa2laan da a luglugar). Ken naduma-duma pay ah prod-produkto iti ili ti La Union,naimas met ket iti chichacorn, bibingka, etc. Understandable nga haan nga maysirrek amin diay lyrics iti kayat nga maybaga, indalan laeng koma iti pannakabackgrounden, namayat diay half screen, dadiay kagudwa diay agsalsala, santo diay kagudwa dadigiay maypabuya (naaramid ngem, manayunan pay koma). Anyway, in general, big applause met latta! Mayat! :))

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