A VERTEXT Experience in Laoag City

Going in Laoag City is a great experience with the accommodating hospitality of Vertext Handyphone Company.
As the P.R.O. of  Aiyana Camille Mikiewicz, I joined her and the whole Team Aiyana for a week-end in Laoag City since she had turned-over the title of Miss Laoag City 2012 International Quest for Pamulinawen Festival Queen and crown her successor, Miss Sweetheart Olla.
It all started with an accommodation at Grand Octagon Hotel, Laoag City, followed by the Vertext Photo Shoot at the Vertext Office courtesy of the great Mr. Handy Lao, where Aiyana had a photo session with Mr. Glenn Tumaneng wearing the gorgeous outfits by Mz. Jayny Lao.
Then wrapped up at the Coronation Night of the Miss Laoag City 2013 at the Centennial Arena.
There was a grand production with the grand stage,  great production number and the Kids of Laoag are indeed a pool of talents, nice outfits worn by the candidates and at the same time by the reigning queen, Aiyana Camille Mikiewicz courtesy of Mz. Amor but never forget the inspiring messages of Sen. Manny Villar, Gov. Imee Marcos and Hon. Chevylle Fariñas.
All in all, the experience was great but let me just introduce Vertext to those are not based in Laoag and wondering what is this all about.


The Owner, Mr. Handy Lao and some photos during the event.

It had been known in the province of Ilocos Norte that the VERTEXT HANDYPHONES is the company who always brings cheers to the people of the province. But where did VERTEXT came from? it is an interesting journey of success.

It all started with a dream…that pushed to be a reality…and recognition. The VERTEXT HANDYPHONES first store was put up in the heart of Laoag City. It was June of 2003 when a portion at the Queenies Beauty Parlor (formerly QUEENS Beauty Parlor) at Nolasco St. was set up to display various cellphone products and SMART call cards. There were 2 sales attendants and 2 technicians who rendered service to customers.

It may not be an immediate success but due to the great working attitude of the employees had brought business expansion wherein a couple of months of hard work and and quality service was extended to the satisfaction of customers had created a popularity of the VERTEXT HANDYPHONES that bigger changes had happened and the primary improvement was present with the construction of a new building owned by the family of the VERTEXT HANDYPHONES owner thus it had allocated a bigger portion at the commercial area of the new building for the new VERTEXT HANYPHONES MAIN BRANCH. It is located at Barangay 18 M.H. Del Pilar St. Laoag City. It was December of 2003 when the big changed happened. Maintaining the first store was never a difficulty and called it its 1st branch. The necessity of owning a gadget for communication had been the reason that VERTEXT expanded with the increasing improvement to answer the increasing demands thus creating increase of employees.

Not just having a bigger space and adding employees were the big changes that have happened. Awarding to VERTEXT HANDYPHONES the distributorship of SMART PRODUCTS was also a big celebratory. The exclusivity of SMART PRODUCTS being sold by VERTEXT HANDYPHONES gave more chances to aspiring sales personnel. The organizational chart of VERTEXT HANDYPHONES became innovative. More people were hired and new job descriptions were created. All of these changes were mandated by SMART COMMUNICATION, INC. New positions that were opened were Distributor Sales Personnel (DSP) and Distributor Agents Coordinator (DAC). Because of highly competent performances of DSPs, there were chosen employees to be supervisors.
Four years after, another branch was born. That time, it was obvious that VERTEXT HANDYPHONES wanted to start targeting the province of Ilocos Norte. A new branch in Barangay Ablan, Dewey St. Batac, Ilocos Norte was put up. It was November of 2007 when the 2nd branch was opened. There were 3 cashiers who were alternately scheduled to look into the new said branch. It was a great move to cater people from outside Laoag City.

Bringing advancement and new technologies all around Ilocos Norte was never a struggle with VERTEXT HANDYPHONES. Grabbing each opportunity of opening a new branch was a definite sign of pursuance and aggressiveness. Opening the 3rd branch of VERTEXT HANDYPHONES was an inspiration to every entrepreneur. It was February of 2009 when the 3rd branch was opened. This time it is located at the east side of the Laoag Central Elementary School. It was December 03, 2009 when the 4th branch was opened at Robinsons Mall, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte.
Now VERTEXT HANDYPHONES is the leading distributor of SMART products in the entire Ilocos Norte. Through its three branches- it offers the largest and most diversified range of telecommunications products and services across the region. VERTEXT HANDYPHONES is Laoag City’s pioneer and market leader in the telecoms business. Starting from humble beginnings in 2003, it has grown into a Telecom distribution chain of four successful branches … with the plan to open up more located in Ilocos Norte and plans to tend its branches southward. Its product lines include digital cameras, laptop, cellular phones, accessories, prepaid cards, electronic load, satellite phones, cellphone repairs and services.

Due to the great success of VERTEXT HANDYPHONES, it had been taking part in Laoag City PAMULINAWEN FESTIVAL thru the sponsorship of candidates in the Miss Laoag City International Quest for Pamulinawen Festival and also organizing events as part of SMART’s line-up of activities thru concerts.

In the said involvement as sponsor of Miss Laoag where I got to discover the greatness of Mr. Handy Lao for his hospitality goes beyond by making you feel welcome in the City of Laoag but also to make you feel going back but you won’t worry of any trouble of communication to the loved you left because you could always rely on the gadgets and services from VERTEXT HANDYPHONES.

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