Avonlea Manibog

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Who is she? let’s take time to read this post from Joey Galon, Pageant Coach & Media Correspondent

“For decades, we have witnessed the enchanting Filipina beauty of the Manibog women gracing our pageant stages and now a new Manibog princess is about to officially hit the competition stage in California!

With their exotic Philippine infused cultures, the Manibog women have made a significant impact in our pageant history:

– Lisa Manibog – Binibining Pilipinas International, Binibining Pilipinas USA and finalist in Miss California USA (Aunt)
– Francel Manibog Caracol – Placing top 12 in Miss World, Top 5 Binibining Pilipinas USA (Aunt)
– Lana Manibog – Placing finalist in both Miss California USA & Mutya Ng Pilipinas (Aunt)
– Ariana Manibog – Miss Asia USA, Miss Philippines USA (Cousin)

Avonlea Manibog, a 19 year old, Filipina mixed beauty, is the first cousin to Ariana Manibog who in 2010, slam dunked her win in her very first pageant at Miss Asia USA. Avonlea, a straight A student at Fresno State University has been an avid athlete and accomplished student through high school and is a very strong & committed stage performer in both song and in dance. She will be competing next week in her first pageant, Miss Clovis County which is a preliminary to Miss California in the Miss America pageant system. *Miss America, a 92 year old pageant in the U.S. and the largest women’s scholarship provider rewarding $45 million in cash and scholarships annually to young women like Avonlea..”

I then did  clicked the link and shared but what is so admirable about Avonlea is that, she commented on her fellow 11 candidates and relayed such sweet words. She highlighted what is beautiful to each candidates and for that I gave her a THUMBS UP and hoping the best for her.

Remember the name AVONLEA MANIBOG.


Photo Credits to Avonlea’s FB profile.

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