International Carnival Queen 2013

Patricia Lae Ejercitado will represent the Philippines in International Carnival Queen 2013 to be held in Curacao this January 31 2013

The quest for the loveliest belle of the carnival is on with the recent news of the International carnival Queen.
“Perhaps, no other event has piqued the interest and stirred a nation’s imagination more than the fabled Manila Carnivals. Held from 1908-1939, the 2-week fair was organized as a goodwill event to celebrate harmonious U.S.-Philippine relations and to showcase our commercial, industrial and agricultural progress. Spectacular parades, lavish shows, firework displays and the crowning of the Manila Carnival Queen highlighted the “greatest annual event in the Orient”. (from

It had been said to be the origin of the pageants of the Philippines that it was an event that a lot of Filipinos were anticipating. Just like the usual scenario during  fiestas, where the crowning of the loveliest belle highlights any festivities.
The title of Carnival Queen had been rekindled thru the news that our country will take part in the “International Carnival Queen 2013” in Curacao.
wherein the Philippines will be represented by Patricia Lae Ejercitado in the said pageant.
So let’s wish the best for her as she ramp to showcase the Filipina beauty.

Check out the other candidates at their official website
while I will be sharing some info about the said pageant based from their webpage.

The International Carnaval Queen Pageant (ICQ) is an annual International Carnival Pageant that is held in Curacao.
This event started in 2010 with limited resources but with an aggressive promotion to strategic areas this event has become a well known and very attractive pageant in the world.
With participation of contestants from different countries ranging from Central America, Caribbean, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The pageant was founded in 2010 by Coridja Stars Productions presided by Corrine Djaoen-Genaro. Coridja Stars Productions has a team of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in Carnival & Beauty pageants and event coordination both local and international.

There are 3 main events for International Carnival queen: – Installation night on January 27th 2013. Installation night will be held around the fountain at The Renaissance Hotel and it starts at 19:00 pm. If you want to be a part of the “Installation Night” then you will need to apply for tickets at Coridja Stars Production’s office, the installation night is free but there is a limited amount of people that can attend.

– Pre-election on January 29th 2013. For this event you will also need to apply for tickets at Coridja Stars Production’s office, the pre-election will be free too. It will be held in the ballroom of The Renaissance Hotel at 17:00 pm.

– International Carnival Queen 2013 And last but not least the final show, this will take place at the World Trade Center (WTC) on January 31st 2013, starting at 19:15 pm. Tickets are available for fl. 50,- at Pomp station Sta. Maria/ 24 uur uit de Muur.

Hoping that the Philippines will create waves in the pageant for a good start and be an annual event with our country’s participation.

NOTE: after creating hopes and raves for Patricia Lae, she was not able to participate due to the lack of Visa. Hoping next time that before a press release, papers should already be ready to avoid disappointments from fans

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