Czarmaine Laoan


Czarmaine Laoan, CzaCza to her close friends is a big loss to the world of pageants in Ilocos Region since she was a supreme queen who had clinched a lot of titles to boot but unfortunately met an accident that claimed the life of the beautiful CzaCza. .
Described to be a sweet one, a caring daughter, sister and friend, CzaCza was able to create a strong aura that in a pageant, if she was one of the candidates, it was already expected she will end up as a winner or one of the winners.
Among the memorable titles she had were the following
Surfing Bodies 2008 Female Winner
Miss Barangay 2010, Caba, La Union
Summer Hunk & Babe 2010 Female Winner (Sudipen, La Union)
Mutya ng Kalikasan 2011 in Mutya ng La Union 2011
Miss Philippine Tobacco Institute 2011 in Miss Virginia Tobacco 2011
Miss June (My Girl 2011)

  • and a lot more titles 
  • But unfortunately, she met a vehicular accident last December 26, 2012 that took the life of the angel of Ilocos Pageant.
    Last January 5, 2013, there was a tribute for her where family, friends, churchmates and relatives shared their memories about CzaCza and one things is common, her memory speaks of how industrious she was that at early age, she was been helping to earn a living even her parents have their own jobs and another things is how caring she was, whose prayers aim for a good life for her loved ones and not just for herself.

    She was laid to rest last January 6, 2013 but in our memory, she will always be the CHARMING Czacza.




    Photo Credits: ABS-CBN for her my Girl Headshots, I-Biz Studio

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