Kasuotang Inabel Bangar

The ABEL industry of Bangar, La Union was given a focus thru the designs of 

the following artists:

  1. Dave Ocampo
  2. Edwin Uy
  3. Sony Boy Mindo
  4. Nico Agustin
  5. Vince Sityar

Abel or Ilocano weave cloth is still a thriving industry in some Ilocos particularly in Bangar, La Union.
Thur the efforts of Hon. Joy Pinzon Merin and headed by Hon. SBM Irene Taguiam, the fashion show showcasing the INABEL had been a successful event as participated by the La Union’s vibrant women
like Hon. Mary Jane Ortega, Secretary General of Citynet and former Mayor of the City of San Fernando,
Hon. Joy Pinzon-Merin, Mayor of the Municipality of Bangar, La Union,
Hon. Victoria Lucina-Aragon of the 1st District of La Union,
Hon. Ma. Minda Fontanilla, Mayor of the Municipality of Bacnotan
Hon. Wendy Joy Buquing, ABC President of Sudipen, La Union
Hon. Rachel Pinzon, SBM of Luna,
Hon. Irene Taguiam, SBM of Bangar,
Mrs. Ethel Marron , the first Lady of Luna,
Mrs. Vini Nola Ortega , the wife of Cong. Pacoy Ortega of ABONO Party List,
Mrs. Verina Lopez, Tourism Officer of Pugo
and Mrs. Rufina Pinzon, mother of the municipal mayor of Bangar and wife of the former Mayor George Pinzon
and models both from La Union like Anna Katrina Bautista-Cabradilla, Ryan Cabradila, Alvin Haider, Hershey Montecastro, Carina Ragmac and Jennifer Obejas and Manila based models who are prominent names in pageants like Bb. Pilipinas International 2011- Dianne Necio, 4th Princess Miss World Philippines 2012 – Brenna Gamboa, Mrs. Universe – Philippines 2012 -Joy Castillo – Pasidis and other familiar faces.

The Gala Night was serenaded by Bruce Paragas who brought cheers for rendering songs from different generations who touched the heart of the diverse audience.
The Manila designers gave a collection described to be class and full of elegance.

Here are some photos of the event courtesy of I-Biz Studio
and check-out this link:

735944_475420795837515_1260688302_o (1)

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