Christ The King Youth Day


For the 6th time, the Diocesan Youth Ministry of the Diocese of San Fernando de La Union had organized the youth ministers of the Diocese for a three day gathering called the Christ The King Youth Day.

It was thru teh initiative of Rev. Artemio Rillera, when it was held at Bacnotan, then in Pugo, Bangar, Bauang and San Juan.
The Bishop loved the YOUTH MINISTERS that this 3 day event manifested how he trusted them to gather in the Holy name of the Lord.
The untimely farewell of the Bishop happened during the culminating mass last year during the 5th CKYD in San Juan, La Union.
Today, November is the start of the 3 day celebration of the 6th Annual Christ the King Youth Day with the Send Off Mass of the Youth Pilgrim Cross with the relic St. Josephine Bakhita,
at 8am at St. John the Baptist Parish in San Juan and presided by Rev. Fr. Bryan Pulido. Then at around 11 am, it had gone south to the churches in San Fernando, Bauang and Agoo.
It’s final stop will be at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Damortis at around 4pm in the afternoon in which there will be a mass presided by Rev. Fr. Ranier Andrada.
St. Josephine Bahkita and St. John Bosco, patrons of youth, interceded for the success of the said event.
Thus we ask God to bless the Youths, all the leaders of the church who continue to support and guide them as well as the Foster Parents who will be taking care of the delegates.

See u in Damortis!

Preparations done at the Pastoral Center

fixing the IDs of the delegates and of the staffs

hard working Youth Ministers guided by Sisters in charge

finalizing the lists of the foster parents and the assigned delegates thru the leadership of Youth Leader, Lorenna Luna

Send-off mass at San Juan, La Union

The Youth Cross

Choir from the Youth Ministers of San Juan and Bacnotan

Fr. Bryan Pulido officiated the send-off mass

Students of Escuela de San Juan and San Juan National high School with some parents attended the send-off mass

Youth ministers from
San Juan, Bacnotan, San Gabriel, City of San Fernando, Aringay, Bangar , Sudipen and Damortis
attended the send-off mass.

Youth Ministers
from the parish of St. John, San Juan, La Union

the truck was ready
As prepared by the Youth ministers from San Juan.

The Youth Cross with the unified Youth Ministers to travel and bring it in Damortis.

The Journey of the Youth Cross continues
thru the good deeds that someone can do for his/her fellows.

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