Julio Villafuerte ..

FEU’s bringas (Walang breathing)

Trending topics or sensationalized personalities but when someone did good..
Few people care and few people are aware..
what’s the reflection?
We are such a nation of judgmental species….why do i say that coz I admit I am one, so critical of others and kinda follow what is trending and always make SABIT or SAWSAW to any hot topic..
how I wish we also get to TREND personalities like

  • Japeth Aguilar
  • Alexis Monsanto
  • Kesz Valdez
  • Darren Espanto
  • Ronald Gadayan
  • Gregory Galgana Villar III
  • Eleazar Rullan
  • Kenneth Isaiah Abante 
  • Angelita Bombarda 
  • Jerome David
  • John Michael Dellariarte 
  • Daniel Philip Dy 
  • Jay-R Mendoza
  • Ruthell Moreno 
  • Maria Janua Polinar
  • Kurt Gerrard See
  • Juan Carlo Tejano 

and more like them..
Wondering who they are?
 Google them and get to know that they are bunch of good people who did something good for the society but not too popular, only few  people recognize their contribution for the good of the society.

Now, reflect, are those popular or trending personalities deserve our time of giving them attention? or those good people also deserve to be recognized. Before we judge, reflect first. A good advice that I should also follow because I AM NOT PERFECT. .

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