Passion for fashion by Ronelio C. Dy

Passion for Fashion by Ronelio Carreon Dy

Contact Numbers:

Ronelio Dy from Agoo, La Union is now one of the in-demand Stylist (Hair and Make-up artist), designer, handler and event organizer in La Union.
But who is the person behind the artist?
He is currently working as government employee at the Provincial Budget office of the Province of La Union. he graduated with the degree of  Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science at the DMMMSU -MLUC.

He had been associated with a lot of events like the following:
Miss Burgos 2008 (event organizer/stylist)
DPWH Region 1 during the 110th anniversary cultural contest 2008 (Designer)
Region 1 Land Bank of the Philippines – Managers Annual Convention Presentation (Designer)
Miss Burgos in Mutia ng La Union 2008 & 2009 (Official designer)
La Union Medical Society 2008 – present (wardrobe consultant)
Miss Aringay 2011 (event organizer/stylist)
DSWD Bagong Sibol Choir 2011 (wardrobe designer)
Mr. & Miss Com Sci 2012 – DMMMSU Agoo (Designer of official wear)
Mutia ng Kabataan ng La Union 2011 (Designer of official wear)
Mr. & Miss Barangay Mart One 2012 (Designer of official wear)
and many more weddings, debuts and other pageants.

The List goes on and on as he actively participates in different events that let him to showcase his talents.








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