7th La Union Surfing Break

The 7th La Union  Surfing Break is here once again and loaded with activities.
I did join the opening event in partnership with Red Cross, The Surfing Break Fun Run.
and gotta check out the other events,

It is the event held annually at Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union and the recipient of the ” 2012 ATOP-DOT BEST TOURISM EVENT OF THE PHILIPPINES-SPORTS AND WELLNESS CATEGORY” announced in Zamboanga during the ATOP Convention.

at the starting point in Precidencia of San Juan, La Union

with Sir Adamor Dagang of the PITO

Breakfast at Kahuna

friend from Agoo

with Ma’am Matet

with Yvanna
Credits: Ma’am Matet

Sand castle Competition

the ever sweet group of the Secretariat
with my dearest Sister, Joanna

with Jamyh, Reynard and Edrhean

The Red Cross Volunteers

2nd Runner-up
Sala Ti Dalluyon

1st Runner-up of the Sala Ti Dalluyon

IBP Kamagong
Champion of the Sala Ti Dalluyon
The 7th La Union Surfing Break 2012

be sure to fill ur tummy at Sisigsilog

with the Pretty Mutya ng La Union 2010
Kimberly Anne Santos

with Brian Valdez Melchor & Hermy Oreal
of I-Biz Studio and El Navi Restaurant

Feel Good SPa

I-Biz Studio

Frenzy Freeze

Surfing Bodies
Winners – Jaycee & Marla
1RU – Jerico & Chat
2RU – Rico & Dun

Congratz Passion for Fashion by Ronelio C. DY
You and your team did a great job sa Surfing Bodies!
(Chad Baniqued, Elmer Niduaza and Peter)
thumbs up..

with Sir Marvin Nuto
Credits: Ma’am Matet

with Arlyn Hagad & Edwin Batalla
Credits: Marvin Nuto

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