Sen. Bongbong Marcos on the Cyber Crime Law

Statement from Sen. Bongbong Marcos

The Cyber Crime Bill has been passed into law and that is it for now. The Committee Report that I signed did not contain the Libel Clause. The records will show that when the Libel Clause was introduced and approved on the same day, I was away on “official business.” This is no time to make excuses nor to blame anyone for what I cannot agree to with regards the Libel Clause. Having said that, I would rather be accused of a lapse in supervision than not do anything to correct it. The internet as a whole and the numerous ways it is used including social networks such as this one, has been something close to my heart. I have been a netizen since the early 90’s when “dial-up” was the way to log on and I have watched it grow and I have seen it as a tool for the empowerment of people to air their grievances, share information, gather information, and communicate in “real time” and thus, participate directly in bettering society for the good of all mankind. I have had my share of libelous attacks both in traditional media and in cybermedia but that is a small thing for me to consider compared to the benefits a free internet brings to all of us. It will be a fatal mistake to muzzle our voices in this medium that is the most democratic and empowering to the individual that technology has given to us. I do not suggest that we “throw the baby out with the bath water,” but the Libel Clause must be amended and free speech upheld. I will file a bill to that effect and support all efforts made in the same direction.

WOW..I salute the senator if he could do some amendments that would prevent DEMOCRACY to be in question so that Freedom of Speech can still be enliven but of course our responsibility to take into consideration to practice Ethics in Information technology.

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