Jessica Sanchez a real Pinoy Pride

One foreigner  was in an inquiry in twitter that goes this way.

“Here is the question…why do the Philippines claimJessica Sanchez?
Jessica was born an raised in the US. I don’t THINK she speaks tagalog.”

Just  a simple answer,
Jessica’s mom is a Filipina thus she is considered a Filipino Pride.



Jessica Sanchez holding a DOT slogan.
credits to the owner of the Photograph

@jSanchezAI11 when she arrived in Manila
credits to Batangas Today

@JSanchezAI11 being interviewed by Filipino press
Credits to

Furthermore, we, the Filipinos have this culture of making a big deal out of an achievement of a fellow Filipino,
whether that personality is full blooded Pinoy,
a part Filipino or even that person can’t speak our language, the Filipino or any of our dialect.
When we hear a song, watch a movie or a TV Show, read an article and something related to Filipinos was mentioned, we consider it as a Pinoy Pride
and even when something not good was mentioned, the whole country became frenzy just to say our piece and tries to defend our Pinoy Pride.
Most of the time when we have new acquaintance, we try to dig deeper and ask where that person came from then ask his/her family background just to find out if we are related to one another, trying to find connection.
Thus it is just right to consider Jessica Sanchez as a Pinoy Pride, she was born in the US with a Filipino mother and Mexican father, with US citizenship, but the fact that she did recognize her being a Filipino is an indication that she embraced her heritage.She even gave a courtesy call to PNoy when he went in the US.
As simple as that but it seems that this NASTY FOREIGNER sounds like making a make a big deal out of it MAYBE because she is the manager of another Pinoy Pride, Charice.
The Filipino artist who became popular for being a simple Performing Artist with a great voice but now slowly turning into a mockery for her personality, grooming and trying hard American Accent. Thus I think she is more to be questioned about her heritage that she seems to stay away from by trying to look like and sound like an American.
What a pathetic thing to do, question a nation for embracing a Pinoy Pride when her protegee is the one trying hard to look like an American.
I did read her other posts and she seems to have a problem with us Filipinos like questioning why we don’t appreciate what we have.

What is the problem with Filipinos hailing Jessica Sanchez? It would look worse when Filipinos won’t be proud of her achievement.
The problem with Charice being ridiculed by Filipinos is simply because she became airhead with her style, talks like and looks like a Trying hard American wannabe.
If only she remained as the simple girl we used to know, with a powerful talent, she could still be loved a lot by her countrymen.
Evolution in looks as part of growing up is not bad, but it looks ugly, when such style doesn’t match the beautiful aura form a swan to ugly duckling already.
I hailed Charice’s achievement, making name for the Philippines but the fact that she now faces a lot of controversies like that of her dad’s death, the issue with David Foster and her looks. It was a big disappointment. Yes I hope she will still be admired for her talent and it’s good, I could close my eyes when listening to her angelic voice. The Corazon in Glee was great and the cute girl with a powerful voice gracing talent shows in ABS-CBN, that the Charice I want to remember.

I love the simple Charice!

DUH! That’s is why we have the slogan It’s More Fun in the Philippines to shout-out our appreciation of how beautiful our country is, of how we could be proud of our heritage.
If I am a public official, I do want to consider Courtney Blooding as a Persona Non-Grata already coz it is so obvious she does have a problem with our country, the people and our culture.

Going back to Jessica,
why do Filipino people hailed her as a Pinoy Pride?
again the logic that her mother is a Filipino and how her LOLA talks about their Filipino heritage

It must be recalled that Jessica was aiming to perform in the Philippines because and they got lots of love for her
and she doesn’t need to be born in the Philippines nor speak the language rather the fact that her family had let her experience Pinoy stuff like eating Filipino food such as “lumpia, pancit, adobo” thrn recently in her visit in our country, she ate BALUT.
She also performed IKAW, an OPM popularized by Flipino artists.
Jessica is also distinctly Filipino just by being a family-oriented. Thru “Balitang America” she recalled how she looks up to her mother, who had been the one that inspired her, taught her so many things that made her the way she is right now. “I want to give them back every bit of support that they’ve given to me throughout the years. They’ve supported me and sacrificed so many things. I just want my family to be happy and I wanna be happy,” such adorable words form her. Knowing more Tagalog than Mexican, she does so obviously embracing her Filipino heritage thus there is no need to question why she is a Pinoy Pride.
About her looks, I do wish that she will keep her distinct Filipino-Mexican look and just improve and became a SWAN and not the other way around. She also admitted that is not a perfect girl and admitted that when she is in a glamour look she feels so dolled-up to play the part when performing.

Our country, the Filipino people and Filipino heritage are not perfect, but still a lovely culture culture, with beautiful people and a country to be proud of.
That is what Pinoy Pride means, the imperfections are the reasons why the Philippines is such a country to behold.
This is my opinion, you may disagree with me but still I consider Charice and Jessica both as Pinoy Pride but I found Courtney Blooding as nasty who don’t deserve to be in our country.

Anyway here is a repost of the other side of the story
from, and

Someone is confused why Pinoys claim Jessica Sanchez as their own.

Courtney Blooding, the former production assistant of award-winning record producer David Foster who was recently appointed by singer Charice Pempengco as her manager, recently aired her bewilderment on the matter via Twitter by posing a question to her followers via several posts.

“Ok, I have a legit question. I am not trying to judge or anything, I just want to know.

“Here is the question…why do the Philippines claim Jessica Sanchez? Jessica was born an[d] raised in the US. I don’t THINK she speaks [T]agalog.

“Which, to me, makes her true American. How many people in the US come from mixed cultural backgrounds? We r a melting pot.

“AND I just read that this concert is her first ever trip to the Philippines….

“Isn’t a Filipino passport kind of a big indication of citizenship and a lack of one a big indication of no citizenship?

Apparently, Blooding feels that Pinoys “claiming” Sanchez — whose mother hails from Samal, Bataan — is a big “turn-off.”

She posted, “If only the people of the Philippines would stop looking elsewhere and focus on local things, maybe they could see the value of many of the great people and resources there. Many great things and people there. It’s just a group mentality that it’s not good enough. It’s kind of a turn off to a foreigner such as myself cuz it can come across as ungrateful for the talent and resources God gave.”

Blooding denied commenting on the matter just to direct attention to her ward.

“There is room for everyone an[d] people will love or hate no matter what. But I just think it’s kind of wrong to say Jessica is part of Filipino pride when she is American before anything else,” she said.

The outspoken American added that more than anything else she is “insulted”that Filipinos seemingly only put “value” on something that the US approves.

“And the more I think about it, I start to get insulted on many levels. Ph can’t claim something that is made in USA. And they only wanted to claim Charice after people in the USA put value in her. It’s wrong for both singers. Sorry, I’m just feeling a bit indignant about the situation,” she posted.

Blooding hypothesized that if Sanchez, who is in Manila along with other “AI” finalists for a one-night concert Friday, would be asked about it, she would probably identify herself an American more than anything else.

“I mean if she had to mark on a form a particular country or culture, what would be? I assume American,” she said.

In the end, Blooding defended herself from critics who condemned her opinion.

She went on to maintain that she also likes Sanchez and that she is not aching for the “limelight,” only that she wants to understand Filipino mentality.

“Please don’t condemn me for asking a cultural question,” she said.

9 thoughts on “Jessica Sanchez a real Pinoy Pride”

  1. Do not ever mention “It’s more fun in the Philippines” where you get judged by the color of your hair if you aim to promote either. Separate one from the other. You either judge base on someone’s worth (even then, how can you measure someone’s worth?) or simply promote “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.

  2. hey that’s just part of the filipino culture that has to change bringing down others it’s called crab mentality.I am so sorry courtney it is sad but it is a reality here.The phillippines is still divided.

    1. What she did was also to put down Pinoy Pride to lift up Charice.
      No country will be in one direction you think US has jaz one direction of mentality. They also disagree but the funny thing is this American questioning our sense of Pinoy Pride but she is a manager of one celebrity who’s recent personality changes ahs a direction of going beyond being a Filipina.
      She said her piece and I say mine. But in the end let’ all be united in God’s name.

  3. The only thing that I can say on this is… Whether you like it or not…whether Jessica was born in the US or somewhere else in any part of the world ?… & the fact of the matter is, Jessica’s Mother is a truely Filipina blood…so, Jessica is still or has a Filipino heritage…and the Filipinos are proud of her…all her achievements, success & more success in the future to come…that’s why the Filipinos are happy for her & for the whole family…because they’ve succeed & made it in America…That’s why, most Filipinos loved their fellow countrymen who lived abroad who’ve done well, whether you speak Tagalog or not….so don’t question because if you are foreigner, you’ll never get it or understand the Filipino culture…thank you.

    1. This shouldn’t even be an issue if no one questions why an achievement of a fellow is a pride for others.
      I agree..we should always look at the positive side of the fact that another Pinoy is making a name for herself.

  4. Jose Rizal, this is the person I think of when I’m asked about Pinoy Pride. It’s what you have done for your country. Do something that would benefit the Filipino people without thinking about yourself, then you’ll get my vote.

    Feed the hungry, do some charity work, help the less fortunate Filipinos. It’s not how many fans you have, because of your singing prowess, your punching power, this should not be the basis of Pinoy Pride.

    Manny Paquiao, Arnel Pineda, Lea Salonga and Charice to name just a few, these Filipinos have contributed greatly through their charity work all over the country and had helped our country to be recognized around the world that it’s not just a country of caregivers and domestic helpers.

    As for Jessica, I can’t say I know much about her, what she’s done for the Philippines, besides getting second runner up on American Idol and I’m guessing that she did that for herself and her family and was not thinking about Pinoy Pride when she entered the contest.

    As I see it, Jessica is only being used by the producers of AI just for their own benefit. They did the same with Tia Megia. They cashed in with ticket sales when AI went to the Philippines for a concert. Why? Because of Pinoy Pride, they saw this and they cashed in. Does anyone know what happened to Tia? Is she still with the producers of AI? Did she get a record deal?

    Don’t let this Pinoy Pride be something that parasites from other countries could use to cash in.

    Filipinos are proud people, lets be reminded of the real reason why, think of Jose Rizal.

  5. A must read and understand… so we stop
    questioning Pinoy pride:

    World Bank: Philippines is the 4th
    biggest remittance recipient in 2010.

    According to the report:

    1.) India amounted to $55 billion

    2.) China with $51 billion,

    3.) Mexico with $22.6 billion

    4.) Philippines with $21.3 billion.

    Philippines is the smallest nation
    compared to the first 3 mentioned above.

    To our Kababayans, this is the
    collective accomplishment of Filipinos
    abroad that you can be proud of. We are
    here to help our nation’s economy, so we
    deserved to be recognized as Filipinos
    no matter what.

    When the first Filipino, our very great
    grandfather who first set his foot to the foreign land many many
    years ago (if only he is alive today) will be very happy and proud to
    know that his prayers were answered,
    that one day those Pinoys whom he
    referred to as his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren,
    who will follow his footsteps, will
    achieve huge success and recognition

    Jessica Sanchez is just one of the answer to
    his prayers, his big dreams…his vision…coupled with courage and

    So please welcome Jessica home with open
    mind, open arms and loving hearts.

    Only God knows what is her purpose and
    mission in life that will benefit poor
    nations around the world like The

    Filipinos should not compare Jessica
    Sanchez to our finest song artist in the
    Philippines like Lea Salonga, SarahG,
    Charice, Arnel Pineda, and many more.
    Please stop, just look at your 10
    fingers for a minute, none of them are
    the same…why? they all have different
    purpose; so as your idols, they have
    different purpose in life.

    They all started to do charity works, then with
    the addition of an American Grammy, charity begins to grow
    better. Hmmm… so God gave us an
    American Idol sweetheart, Jessica
    Sanchez, and now we just have to wait
    and give her time to grow.

    This young lady bumped into good people
    like David Foster, George Clooney,Katy
    Perry, and many more, who are
    into big charity works. so she is on the
    right path to pursuing it big to make
    the difference.

    Let’s pray can create a song
    with Jessica, in collaboration with
    other finest song artist in the
    Philippines; a song that the world will
    embrace to feed the poor not only in the
    Philippines but poor nations around the
    guys, you never heard of “Candle in the
    Wind” by Elton John? that sold about 3.5
    million copies of CDs in first week
    alone and 37 million copies in 4 months
    of that year 1997, multiply that with
    $12 per copy, that’s tons of money!
    That was extraordinary!!! that until now
    lots of poor people around the world are
    benefiting from it.

    I actually bought ten of that CD’s to
    support, and when i learned about the
    huge sale of it, i was telling everyone
    that i hope and pray this can happen in
    the Philippines, because that is exactly
    what we need to elevate the lives of the poor
    in our country and other poor nations.

    Have a vision and a dream for a change…
    for your kababayans and poor people from other nations who are not fortunate as you are… this was my hope and dream since 1997? and i felt this dream to be coming to fruition, because now we have more talented song artist in the Philippines more than ever! and with the addition of and Jessica Sanchez, they can make it happen.

    So, let’s support Jessica so she can
    achieve huge success. The bigger she
    gets, the faster she can accomplish her
    mission, and her journey will be
    smooth, fun and just wonderful! because
    you and I became part of it.


  6. she is a American with no dual citizen ship and as a Canadian who doesn’t even take much pride in some of our stars Justin bieber Avril Lavigne I cant stand either band I cant even enjoy the music of nickleback and they are all Canadian bands but yet these singers who aren’t even pinoy are getting treated as more important stars than home grown Filipino singer a few that I like

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