miss supranational

Miss Supranational is an annual international beauty contest run by the World Beauty Association.

The contest was founded in 2009 by World Beauty Association in PłockPoland.



Miss Supranational was started in 2009 in Poland with 36 entries and the  number of candidates increased with 66 on 2010 then on its third edition, there were  70 delegates around the world competed for the crown this year, 2012, there were 53 candidates based the photos of candidates in their website. 


“Unite our World with Beauty!” is the slogan.

The list of winners includes the following

Oksana Moria
1st ever winner of Miss Supranational 2009 held in Poland

Karina Pinilla Corro
(Miss Panama)
Miss Supranational 2010 held in Poland

Monika Lewczuk
(Miss Poland)
Miss Supranational 2011 held in Poland

Miss Lourenz Grace Remetillo was the Filipina representative last 2011.

Lourenz Grace Remetillo
The first Filipina to represent the country in Miss Supranational 2011

The Bb. Pilipinas Charities, Inc. had now joined the Miss Supranational thru the appointment of Bb. Pilipinas 2012 – 1st Runner-up, Miss Elaine Kay Moll.

Elaine Kay Moll
2nd Filipina representative but from 1st BPCI

Come what may, whatever the result will be, it is great when the Philippines is being represented in any contests.

Credits to supranational and other owners of the the photos used in this post.



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