Joel Goncalves

Joel Goncalves is 15 and from Brisbane, Australia who made his first TV appearance on X Factor Australia on August 2012.
There is a big question among those who admire and captivated by his talent as well as looks.
Is he destined for a successful solo career or will he be the first member of the next Aussie group boyband?


 Here’s some link of his Youtube Vids

Credits to the owners of the Photos of Joel Goncalves

Feast your eyes..

Joel Goncalves in X-Factor Australia

X-Factor Mall Show

Here is the full video of the audition

Joel on the Ensemble Challenge had a bad performance and he had been booted out of the competition.

2 thoughts on “Joel Goncalves”

  1. Joel Goncalves will make it big with that dynamite voice!!!!… I will be honored to be assigned as his marketing arm here in California… for free, i will do it… I have an 11 year old son, he loves music and how i wish he can finally discover his pathway towards singing the way Joel did….

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