Miss World 2012

The Pageant started with TV host Myleene Klass and American actor Jason Cook welcoming huge number of pageant spectators.

The stunning 116 contestants were introduced individually to the audience as they walked the ramp while the Mongolian warriors perform live on stage.

The show starts with an AVP of all the 116 contestants reminiscing the the beautiful city and culture of Shanghai and Changsu. It showcased the wonderful time the contestants had in China where they witnessed China’s culture and arts.

Fast track Winners
Winner of Miss World Beauty with a Purpose 2012 – India. Her work for the underprivileged children was given focus.
Winner of Miss World Talent round – China PR
Miss World Sports Woman 2012 – Miss Sweden
Winner of Multimedia Award 2012 – Miss India
The winner of Beach Fashion round 2012 – Miss Wales
And the Winner of top Model round 2012 – Miss South Sudan.

After the contestants from all around the World perform the Dances of the World.
The top 15 semi finalists were announced in random order
China PR
South Sudan
United States

2012 Top 15

The night was more into frenzy when the Top 7 beauties were announced
1. Jamaica
2. South Sudan
3. India
4. Australia
5. Brazil
6. China
7. Wales

Then Julia Morley announced the top 3

2nd Princess – Australia (Jessica Kahawaty)
1st Princess – Wales (Sophie Moulds)
Miss World 2012 – China PR (Wenxia Yu)

The Crowning
Miss World 2012 – CHINA PR

The new Miss World is WENXIA YU from China who was crowned in Mongolia which is under China. She is the second Chinesewoman to win Miss World. The first Chinesewoman to win Miss World was Zhang Zilin who was crowned in 2007 also in China.

Miss Wales, Sophie Moulds, First princess
Miss China, Wenxia Yu, Miss World 2012
Miss Australia, Jessica Kahawaty, Second Princess

2nd Princess – Australia (Jessica Kahawaty)
1st Princess – Wales (Sophie Moulds)
Miss World 2012 – China PR (Wenxia Yu)

The Continental Queens

Why is there no announcement of the Best Designer Award?
rumored to be the winner of the Best Designer Award but was not even confirmed during the Pageant nght

Why is there no Best in Costume Award or Best Performer in Dances of the World?
Why is the unique talent of a beauty queen that garnered a worldwide trending in global news agencies didn’t win Miss Talent or even the Social Media Award for having been a global news in different social sites?

The most unique Talent in Miss World 2012 but only considered as a TOP 5 and not awarded as the Best in Talent.

Where are Miss Venezuela and Miss Colombia? What happened and what went wrong to them?

So many ifs and so many whys but hoping that Philippines will have another good fight next year.

Here are some Photos of the new Miss World 2012

during the Designer’s Fashion Show

Miss World 2011 (Venezuela)
Miss World 2012 (China PR)

from a flower headdress to a blue crown..

This scene is the EPIC Part of the show…
Super laugh with what Miss Malawi did to Miss New Zealand

Credits to the owners of the Photographs used.

3 thoughts on “Miss World 2012”

  1. No prestige at all!how can they say “beauty with a purpose.”if the organizer or the executive commity especially Mrs.Julia Morley doesn’t know how to apply fairness in her pagent.Miss World commity are all bunch of crook people.sad to say but this pagent must be boycott.

  2. cooking show from china. julia morley, what a disgrace that you gave the crown again to china in mongolia, china!

    what a pity they didn’t give the best in talent award to miss Philippines after all the worldwide attention and the designers award.even if she was supposed to be in the top 7, she placed 8th over all, if she was in the top 7 man china will eat dirt in the q&A, but well it has been planed a long time ago for CHINA to win again after staging the contest for less than a decade…they gave the talent to china so that it won’t look like she was a mediocre candidate.

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