Justice for Jason Zeus Infante

In my Facebook account, http://www.facebook.com/earthairwind, a lot of people asked favor thru posting a photo or link to be SHARED and to be LIKED but just today, I was so horrified upon reading the post of

It is about what happened to his brother.
You read and be the judge. If possible kindly share for information dissemination since I believe that even a dead person needs to be respected.

Here is his post and join in prayers for Justice for his Brother.

“Never in my life that I imagined my brother Jason Zeus Infante will experience such cruelty in the hands of the persons from Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines specifically their president “MAAM” Ma. Dominga B. Padilla, MD Founder and Chair whose picture is posted…

August 12, 2012 around 11:30pm the body of my brother was brought to Loyola Guadalupe. There they opened the casket and thought that something was wrong…

I have been with Jason ever since his death from the OR, down to the Morgue, from there I travelled together with him to “Funeraria Filipinas” and I didn’t leave his side only until it was time for his Medico-Legal because we weren’t allowed to enter the place. That was the only time I went home after 2 days of being up…

August 13, 2012 9:00am I was tasked to be the representative of the family for the murder case of my brother to file the case, inquest the murderers and all. We had a certain break around 11:30am so I decided together with my friends to go and check out Jason’s wake and there I witnessed the change in my brothers face. He didn’t look like the person I left in Funeraria Filipinas his eyes was pierced down. My brother has big eyes so it was evident that something was wrong. Then I learned earlier that day my mom together with the embalmers of Loyola Guadalupe opened Jason’s eyes and found out that it was only a cup and a plastic ball that was beneath it. 

The Owner of Funeraria Filipinas went to the wake because she got a call regarding the matter and she said she didn’t know a thing. (Well for one its your business so you need to know!). After which the manager the of Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines together with the doctor that did the autopsy and Medico-Legal went to Loyola Guadalupe to answer to us. Then to find out that they got Jason’s eyes WITHOUT ANYONES CONSENT! 

They were saying that under Republic Act 7885 that they can get the eyes even if they haven’t secured any consent from the family. Only to find out from our lawyers that it wasn’t allowed. Also any common sense would say that if you are getting anything from somebody you have to ask permission. Of course my mom and I got ballistic on them and here are two questions that I would never forget my entire life:

So if we didn’t found out that Jason’s eyes was missing, you will never tell us that you have his eyes?

The Answer was YES!

So you’ve been doing this to other people as well?

The Answer was YES!

After that my heart broke! I cried… How cruel can that be… Just the thought of getting money form my dead brother’s eyes is inhumane! For one my family would have donated the eyes voluntarily if only they have asked. I found this inhumane! CRUEL!

Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines you will have to answer to the whole country regarding this! WE WILL NEVER STOP UNTIL MY BROTHER GETS HIS JUSTICE! BINABOY NIYO ANG KAPATID KO NA PATAY NA! Murdered and stolen how cruel can this get?! This Modus-Operandi that you’ve been doing is inhumane and unjust!

I ask all of you to share this story so that we are well aware of the things that can be done to your deceased loved ones… for the love of my brother’s body and for the love of every person that they did this!

Reading the post is an eye opener since I was not aware of such things happening but reading it had given me goosebumps like I was watching a horror movie wherein monsters takes away a body part to satisfy his evil needs. The Eye Bank of the Philippines had a good intention of keeping eyes to be able to donate to anyone in need, but what is really needed is RESPECT, ASK PERMISSION from the FAMILY or even just to inform if the patient or dead person had an Organ Donor Card.

Prayers and information dissemination are needed to be able to attain justice for Juan Paulo Infante.

Disclaimer: the photo and the post of Juan Paulo Infante are used not to malign any individual but to create awareness of the sad fact that a dead person was not shown respect when his eyes was taken without informing his family.

Before you take away something
Inform his/her family…

What had happened to Jason?
Here is a news item..

A Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) chairman succumb to death after he obtained stab wounds in Makati City past midnight yesterday.

18-year-old SK Chairman Jason Patrick Infante died of five stab wounds. Councilman Eric Araneta was beaten along Taguig Street in Barangay Valenzuela. Michael Mate still remained in critical condition after sustaining a stab wound.

According to acting city police chief Superintendent Jaime Santos said the three were roaming the area when they encountered the suspect, Eduardo Bual Saravilla, 21, and Katrina Escover, 24, near a store.

According to some reports, Saravilla got ire when Infante’s group reminded them of the curfew rules and other city ordinance, allegedly stabbed the victims. Escover, introduced as Comora’s girlfriend is yet to be investigated if she also participated in the attack.

Saravilla is a member of Sigue-Sigue Sputnik Gang and reportedly facing a murder case in Manila.

credits: ManilaRepublic

5 thoughts on “Justice for Jason Zeus Infante”

  1. Jason is the nephew of a family friend. This is very upsetting. It is painful enought to loose a child to such tragic means. To find out what these organization did is inhuman. These organization/people/doctors are heartless thiefs.

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