Angelica Maranan (an Angel with a Crown)

Angels have wings but  I know an angel with a crown instead. Let’s get to know her as we trace her journey in the world of pageantry, Miss Angelica U. Maranan, one of the most popular beauty queen from La Union. When I heard her name, 3 things came into my mind, those gorgeous dance moves, those winsome smile and the articulation she does that could  amaze you because she seems just telling a story while she answer a question which others could be  wracking their nerves but not her.


How did you start your journey in pageants?

Actually, since I was a kid I have dreamt to be a beauty queen, walking along those prestigious stages throughout the country. But I wasn’t permitted to do it, either by our school or my family because of some personal reasons. But fortunately, one opportunity had initiated my life as a beauty queen. I was then a new student in Felkris Academy Incorporated, and as a yearly routine, the school is ought to send representatives for the annual SBO Campus King and Queen. Having the qualities and potentials of being a candidate, my teachers have then chosen me to represent our school in the said competition.

What influenced you to join?

I was gradually influenced by several factors. At first, I was actually quite hesitant to join because I am a newbie in this field and I don’t have any experience in doing it. Nonetheless, several people were very motivated to persuade me to join the competition. Moreover, my teachers had required me to join the pageant and had promised me incentives regarding my academic performance. And the least people I expected to convince me are my parents, but they were very supportive about it this time. So I had definitely grab the opportunity, and worked hard for it.

What happened in your first pageant?

It was a good start. I have received several awards, and I was crowned as the 2nd princess of the SBO Campus King and Queen 2009. I was very happy that, even if it was my very first time to join such competition, I was able to make it to the top 5. Knowing that my contenders were years ahead of me, and were very tough and competent, It was already a great achievement for newbie like me.

Angelica Maranan-2nd Runner-Up and Best in Creative Costume
Credit to SFC webpage for the photo

In what pageants did you also join before Miss Virginia Tobacco? What were the results? 

After joining SBO Campus King and Queen, I have joined several barangay pageants and most of the time I either grab the title or atleast win a place on the runners up. I also have joined a pageant during our school’s centennial foundation last 2010, and I was crowned as the Miss UCC Centennial 2010, Ambassador of Goodwill. This had also paved the way for bigger opportunities in my life like modeling, and of course The Miss Virginia Tobacco 2012.

Kindly share your experiences in teh Miss Virginia Tobacco? 

The fame is not the best thing in joining pageants, rather the experiences and memories you’ve had. Basically, Miss Virginia Tobacco at first was a big bulk of pressure in me. Being chosen as one representatives of La Union wasn’t easy to achieve. We’ve gone through a close door screening, with 10 judges. We’ve showed our modest body contour, poise, beauty, talent and most especially intelligence. We were 12 highly regarded ladies, and most of my contenders had already joined numerous prestigious pageants. The toughest part of the screening was the panel interview. It was like a research defense where everyone has something to ask and react. But I am very proud to acclaim that they were impressed with how I have delievered myself even if I was on the hot seat. It could’ve been my edge to the other candidates that’s why I was fortunately chosen to be one of the representatives of La Union. The other two deserving candidates were Miss Shiela Nisperos (Miss La Union 2011) and Miss Jenelyn Manzano (Miss DMMSU 2012). 

When we went to Candon for our Photoshoots and Press Conference, I was so intimidated with the rest of the candidates because I they were all so tall and I was 2nd to the smallest. Nonetheless, when we had our photo shoot, I was very confident having several experiences of glamour and fashion shoots, I know I have an edge over my fellow candidates even if I am not tall. After the in door shoot we went to the tobacco field to gather and compile tobacco leaves. Unluckily, I was not good enough in doing it, I have injured my hand. But thanks to my co-candidates who were very helpful and had given me needed things to cure it. It lasted for about two weeks in my hand, and had left a small scar too. It really had hurt me actually, and It was one of my unforgettable experiences during the pageant.

Our next meeting was the 2 days in-house. The day for the talent competition and the day for the pageant proper. It was a great experience because I had the chance to mingle with my co-candidates and I have known them better. They were very outgoing and very friendly. We enjoyed a lot of laughters and story sharing moments. In addition, the food and accomodation rendered by the city government of Candon were excellent, and special thanks to the helpers who were very patient in ensuring our safety and comfort during and after the competition. During the Talent Competition, I was very happy to be chosen as one of the top 3. Knowing that my co-candidates had exhibited applauding performances too, it was already a great honor to be a part of the Top 3. 

The Pageant day was the most crucial, I was very nervous since the time I woke up in the morning. Some of the Board of Judges had interviewed us one by one, wearing no make up, just our personality and attitude. After the interview, we have directly proceeded to the gym, for our final rehearsals. Every step I made during the rehearsals were signs that the time is running and the event is getting nearer, and accordingly, I got very nervous about it. Unintentionally, my props for our creative costume was lost, my official number was not made and because of that I’ve started to be worried and discouraged about the situation. Nonetheless, my ever supportive and smart handler, Rex Vitales had look over the situation and fixed it before the pageant had started. 

The show had carry on well, It was a spectacular event. No hindrance had hampered me for standing out during the pageant because I was well motivated and inspired to do the best that I can do. Knowing that my family and friends had traveled a long way from San Fernando City La Union, to Candon City, Ilocos Sur just to show their support and prayers for me. I have prayed a lot too, and to God be the Glory, He definitely had answered my prayers. I was very overwhelmed not because the host had announced that I am the Ms. Virginia Tobacco 2012 but because the crowd was shouting out my name and number for the title. Thus, it was very evident that everyone in the gym had unanimously judged, that I deserve to win the title of Miss Virginia Tobacco 2012.

what are your plans in terms of pageants and in your career.

“Achieve your dreams one step at a time.” I firmly believe that I have done great things and had achieved impossible things for me before that went out to be possible. But for now after Miss Virginia Tobacco, I am planning to focus on my studies again. Having my last year in my academic endeavor, I am trying my best to fit into the qualifications of being a Cum Laude. But then again, I am very open for opportunities and projects still, depending on how flexible my time would be. After graduating my Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education major in English, and taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers, I am planning either to work abroad or accept some modeling proposals in the Metro City, Manila. Hopefully, I can overcome anything that will impede my way towards achieving my set of goals. Thus, nothing would be impossible for a mind that is well determined and motivated to achieve what she wants and what’s the best for everyone.

Take a look at her photos as evidence of how she had been the ANGEL with a crown.

Angelica in a gorgeous gown by Rex Vitales during the Miss Virginia Tobacco 2012.
Contact Rex for hair and make-up services and other fashionista needs at 09182759224
The top 3 Ladies who brought home a crown and prestige at the Miss Virginia Tobacco 2012.
Miss National Tobacco Administration 2012- Chatterlie Alcantara (NTA Candon
Miss Virginia Tobacco 2012- Angelica Maranan (NTA La Union)
Miss Philippine Tobacco Institute 2012 – Shiela Nisperos (NTA La Union)
Congratulations to the La Union Delegation to Miss Virginia Tobacco 2012
Angelica Maranan – Miss Virginia Tobacco 2012
Sheila Nisperos – Miss Philippine Tobacco Institute 2012
Jenelyn Manzano – Top 6
Congratz also to their handlers
Rex Vitales, Mother Narsing and Thery Young
A breathtaking performance at the SBO Campus Queen where she grooved for the Miss Talent title.

Here are some of her Fashion editorial SHOTS.

Angelica as a model for her school, UCC
Leica Mariz Phototgraphy
LYTMUNKIS Photography
Photography by: Ryan Suarez
HMUA: Rex Vitales
Photography by: Bernice Rivera
HMUA: Rex Vitales

Photography by: Charisse Tuazon
HMUA: Rex Vitales

Photography by: Vince Carl
HMUA: Rex Vitales
Joe Malicdem Workshop
Photography by: Gettie Lomboy
HMUA: Rex Vitales
For Orders / Inquiry:
Please contact Kathleen Marie Barbadillo
0917 828 2866 (Globe)
0949 858 3456 (Smart)
0923 655 5999(Sun)
Model: Angelica Maranan
Hmua: Angelica Maranan
Photographer: Marius Flores Jr.

She had indeed gone a long way from her first attempt to the world of pageants and now works as a freelance model while she continues to finish her education.It would be great when she graduates and be an educator for I know she will be great mentor just by sharing her knowledge and experiences in life. From the failure to clinch a title to victory of having the crown and prestige of being a queen.

Read her answers and you could manifest that she is indeed a beauty with brains.
Her being a down to earth even she had reaped a lot of success will surely define an ANGEL with A CROWN is all about.

Photo Credits to all owners of the photograph used from the file of Miss Angelica Maranan.

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