IBP Kamagong (La Union’s Pride in Dancing)

IBP Kamagong is a fast rising dance group from the City of San Fernando. La Union and had been able to take part in the popular TV show, SHOWTIME and the SUZUKI National Dance Championship. I got the chance to have a chit-chat with Vic, the IBP Kamagong mentor to get to know more about the group.

Vic begun to gain interest in dancing thru witnessing the cheers and support from the fans of the popular dance groups. He was one of the fans of IBP around 1996 and he joined the group until he became the leader and choreographer of the group, IBP Baguio. IBP had different batches like IBP Shadows, IBP Dancemasters, IBP Most Wanted, IBP Classics. He had been the founder of those groups and created the most popular amongst them, The IBP Masters now popularly known as the Amplified Hiphop. IBP Kamagong was the latest and it is the one formed in La Union. They now carry the legend of IBP and considered as the most popular dance group in La Union.
They had surpassed a lot of trials eversince IBP Kamagong was formed last 2009, they were not yet that good but became a Champion on their first try. There was a point wherein the were belittled by other gorups, like they don’t deserve to carry the name of IBP until they had proven them wrong. There ere instances that tehy lack teh budget and sometimes even they are teh obvious winners, they don’t get the title since the contest was manipulated. Last 2011, they had disbanded since another group was formed where some members of IBP Kamagong went to join but eventually, for the love of the group and for brotherhood amongst the members, they get back.
The number of years of being a group is already an acheivement for the group, at the same time, being able to clinch the championship title and for having been a part of National level competition of dance groups like in Showtime and the remarkable 4th place ranking during the Suzuki Nationals in Manila wherein 60 groups all-over the country had joined.
The group is currently taking a break but preparing for a comeback this August thru rehearsals and aiming for a Championship award in the Suzuki Nationals on December 2012 in Manila.

the IBP Kamagong would like to thank all their supporters and frind who continously believe in them and had pledge to perform better and aim for continous improvement. To their haters, they are grateful too since they are part of the trials that they can surpass just merely of the brotherhood and camaraderie among the IBP Kamagong.
For any dance performance feel free to contact, the IBP Kamagong thru 0929-4713110 or 0946-1365513 or ibp_victor30@yahoo.com or search for them in Facebook.


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