Beauty and Brains Siblings (The Nisperos Sisters)

Beauty and Brains Siblings

In La Union, there are a lot of beautiful girls who could fit such descriptions but it is an amazement when you met them and got to talk to them…they are also amiable..

And I am talking about, the Nisperos sisters of La Union…

Sheila and Laura...

Sheila, kindly describe Laura

Laura is my younger sister but thn I must say that she is far matured than I am.(laughing).She is very straight forward and goal oriented. We do crazy stuffs together and we often get fond of  the same things like dancing and singing. A lot of people would say that we are twins most probably because we only have a 2 year gap that is why most of my daily activities and undertakings were spent with her. I find her jolly and sophisticated. She makes sure that everything is done concisely if not perfectly.

She is one of the reasons why I stood up despite life’s great challenges and storms. I consider her as my “lucky charm” because if I do have pageants she was always at the backstage serving as my refuge and stronghold. I love her so dearly. I thank God for I have been blessed with a smart, pretty and enthusiastic sister.

Laura, kindly describe Sheila

I fondly call my ate “ilang”. I don’t usually call her as ate, not because I’m impolite or what, but it’s just that I am more comfortable calling her ilang or sis, because I use to call her ilang since childhood and calling her that way is just more sentimental for me.

She was the reason why I also joined pageants. She helped me in my pageant career and served as a good adviser in my personal life. She is generous, helpful and funny. Majority of my childhood memories were spent with her. We are always together. Until now we are still together since we are in the same boarding house. We are often mistaken as twins.  I am always with her during her pageants, and I think that opened me to the complexities of the whole world of pageants.

To Sheila..

How did you start your journey in pageants?

I started joining major pageants when I was 17 years old. It was all traced back to my handler Pascasio Arines who trained me and believed in my talents and God given wit. I was in second year college back then and I really have to catch up during the rehearsals, photo shoots and all the wardrobe fittings.

I am indeed very blessed having a supportive and loving family. They’ve been such a treasure and an inspiration to me. I have said to myself that I should reciprocate them by doing all my best and by just being the real me whom they trusted and supported all throughout.

What influenced you to join?

 Back when I was in my pre-school years, I remember watching the Miss Universe Pageant which was held here in the Philippines a very beautiful and outrageous woman bagged the crown and she’s none other than Sushmita Sen a total Indian pride. I was very enticed seeing her walk as if she’s limitless, that was the time when I felt like my heart was skipping a beat. I told myself that someday and somehow I would like to put my very feet in her shoes.

My family also played a major role in honing me to join pageants. I gathered self confidence and glamour from them. Without them I should’ve have been a nobody.

What happened in your first pageant?

My first major pageant was way back 2010. It was a very unforgettable night since I never expect to win the title Mutya ng Santo Tomas. My preparations for the pageant were never easy. I have to travel from Baguio to Santo Tomas almost every day just to catch up to the rehearsals and blockings. I really struggled managing my time especially because during that time I was preparing to meet lots of requirements and projects.

It is overwhelming to be with 23 co-candidates,  I had so much fun being with them, I have had  the chance to blend with different personalities and it helped me to be versatile and treat the pageant not as a competition but an event to gauge myself how to love and gain true friends.

How were you chosen as the representative of Sto. Tomas in Mutia ti La Union 2011? What was the story behind it?

 First, I was asked by my handler, Tita Pasky  to join the screening  of the pageant. Luckily I passed and was chosen to represent Baranggay  Raois. All the sacrifices and prayers were answered when I was announced to win the Title that very night. It pays for me to be brave enough and get out of my comfort zone since before joining pageants, I honestly lack self-confidence and I fear talking in front of a crowd. But then my perspective and attitude towards facing a great number of people have come to drastic change.

How did you manage to survive the costume made out of dried fish?

Wow! Wearing such great creation, my Filipiniana daing costume was breath taking and fun! I can hardly breath, walk and sit because in doing so all the dried fish in my costume might get wrecked up. I remember when three men carried me all the way up to our float for me to get on the ramp. Since the indigenous material covered the costume it was very heavy and no air passes through the fiber of the cloth and the scent of the dried fish,  made me perspired a lot and I almost fainted! (haha)..After all the long way of the motorcade, my agony was doubled by the head dress I have to wear, the latter is almost 1.5 kilograms!( imagine that weight on your headJ ). But then it was all worth it, the people were very astonished and surprised of how the costume was conceptualized. After the show, as I removed the costume I noticed lots of scratches on my arms and on my legs. I was very happy that despite all those hardships I still managed to smile and carry the costume with poise and grace.

What will be the memories that you treasure as Mutia ng La Union 2011 winner?

For me all my MLU days are worth to be treasured. The people I get to know, the acquaintances I have made with my co- candidates are priceless. By the time my name was called as the Mutya ng La Union 2011, my world was changed instantly. Up to now I still could not contain the blessing that God has poured on me, the prestigious title opened new opportunities and new perspectives to my life. I realized that nothing is impossible as long as you opt to listen to other peoples opinion and when you get to open your mind to new ideals and take a stand to soak yourself in moving to  greater heights and bound your spirit to face a  great responsibility.

I will never forget all the things I have been through before, during and after the Mutya ng La Union 2011. I will forever carry it with me and I will be forever thankful to all the people who supported me and believed in me.

In what pageants did you also join after Mutia ti La Union? What were the results?

After MLU ’11. I was again given a big break, and that was to be chosen as a representative of La Union’s National Tobacco Association, to be  a candidate of Candon City Ilocos Sur’s  most awaited pageant the Virginia Tobacco 2012.

I was crowned as The Miss Philippine Tobacco Institute 2012. I never expected that I will be granted that title because that very night I was not feeling well because of my changed eating pattern. But then, the Lord gave me the courage and the strength to finish the race and my heart leaped with joy because He never abandoned me. I felt guided and I felt loved by my family and supporters. 🙂

What are your plans in the world of pageants and in your career?

For now I would still want to focus on my studies but I am not closing my doors in joining beauty pageants. I am hopeful  and driven to graduate my course Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, have my review in Manila and pass the Board exams.(through God’s grace). I also plan to enter the workplace environment as soon as I finish my studies. I know that there is still a lot in store for me and I do hope and pray that everything will happen in their most perfect place and time.


To Laura.

How did you start journey in pageants?

I joined my very first pageant when I was in my elementary. Grade three to be exact. I was chosen by the grade three advisers to represent all the Grade three sections. However, the Miss Sportsfest 2012 held in our town officially started it all.

What influenced you to join?

My family inspired me to join. Whenever somebody is texting/ asking me to be a part of a pageant, I immediately ask my mom. And her answer is always predictable. She always says yes, if and only my schedule permits me to be committed. She always emphasizes the fact that good opportunities only come once, and I have to make the most out of my youth. She reminds me that joining and winning pageants are things which I can no longer do when I’m old, and I know it makes her impeccably proud. I also ask my sisters, father, brother, cousins and they support me all the way.  In short, joining pageants is a family affair for us. 🙂

What happened in your first pageant?

I’ll consider the Miss Sportsfest 2012 as my first official pageant. It went very well. I was asked about what Sportsmanship is all about. So I expounded about the benefits of sports and how it can contribute to the betterment not only of the body but also of the values people will have as they eventually learn about camaraderie -in the process of being engaged in sports. I won, and the rest is history which eventually opened new opportunities for me.

How were you chosen as the representative of Rosario in Mutia ti La Union 2012?

 After the Miss Sportsfest 2012, I was asked by Mister Pascasio Arines  (fondly called as “ tita pasky” ) to join the Mutya ng Kabataan 2012 in the Provincial Capitol of La Union to represent our town , Rosario. So he was my first handler. I am very happy to have him as my handler because he pretty much taught me about the basics of joining pageants and it really helped me a lot. I won as the 1st runner-up with one special award. After that my handler asked me to try to join some sort of “screening” and meeting   with our mayor, Bellarmin Flores III. It went very well. During that very meeting, we even promptly brainstormed about the design of the float, costume and the like, which made me so excited. So I was chosen to represent our town.

Kindly share what were you feeling during the event in Luna, where I remembered was that you were not feeling well after you performed the song number?

Hahaha.  Kuya airwind , this question vividly brings back my MLU ’12 memories! I can still remember the feeling of rush, gush of emotions (happiness, anxiousness and excitement).

Well, that day (float parade), I was not feeling perfectly okay. I have to manage to attend my classes in the University of the Philippines, Baguio City while simultaneously attending MLU Rehearsals. So I have to commute every day, back and forth. This entailed studying, reading in the bus, practicing (for my report in class, talent, catwalk, poise, smile, etc.) while rehearsing at the Capitol, going home late and barely having a good set of sleep. So I think that pretty much cause that, plus at the parade, I wore this gigantic head dress made out of chiseled wood ( in line with the wood industry of  our Town’s  One Town One Product), though I’m not complaining about my costume, because I really appreciate and enjoy wearing it! Also, I have to endure this high heels made out of wood while standing all throughout the parade that caused a sprain and cramps in my sole.  However it was all worth it! Seeing people smile and clap for you while shouting their inspiring cheers and comments make me want to fly, do more and give my very best. People in Luna are just so warm, hospitable and accommodating.

What will be the memories that you treasure as Mutia ng La Union 2012 1st Runner-up?

The float parade and talent competition (of the five finalists) in Luna was just so unforgettable. I think that was one among the biggest crowds where I have performed.  Also, the cheers of the people in Luna are just so positive and uplifting for me, especially that time where every candidate is appealing to the people to be admired and appreciated.  Some say our float is so beautiful, some say I’m beautiful, and I was like, am I really beautiful? Seriously? LOL! It is such an ego booster!

Above all, I think the best thing I earned aside from the good memories is the good people I used to be with along the pageant. The staff of the MLU Pageant, people in the capitol, our municipal coordinators (sir Anton and ma’am Ampy, who are very generous in all their special ways), our mayor, (who is very supportive), staffs and officials of our municipality, People of Rosario, my handler, my make-up artists (tita pasky, mother therry young, mother margarette, mother leon  and  mother Dennis) and of course  my pretty co- candidates. This experience forwarded me not only to new experiences but also of new good friends.

kindly share your journey in other pageants after the Mutia ti La Union like the one in Ilocos Sur and in Balaoan?

 After the MLU Pageant, I  was asked by various handlers to join some pageants. I joined the Mutya ng Kooperatiba in Candon City, unluckily I didn’t won but I got one minor award. After that, I joined the Miss Beautiful Girl  2012 in Balaoan, La Union. I won the title with two minor awards. I joined another pageant in Sta. Maria Ilocos sur,  Miss Summer Girl 2012 and was awarded 3rd runner-up with two minor awards.  I also won the crown of an Eco-tourism themed pageant in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur .  Mister Rex Vitales helped me in actualizing my potentials through these pageants (from the Ms. Beautiful Girl to the pageant in Narvacan). Recently I also joined another pageant in Ilocos Sur and was crowned as the Rimat ti San Antonio 2012 (thanks to mother jomar for applying his superpowers in making me beautiful!).

What are your plans in the world of pageants and in your career?

As of now, I am so focused in my studies, especially now that I am already in my 4th year of studying ( a breath away from graduation J). However, I am always open to joining other pageants if it would be okay for my schedule. I think I am joining another  “big” pageant on March 2013, but I’m not yet sure about it.  Hopefully I would be chosen as one of the candidates. I hope to join more pageants because I know that aside from gaining friends, pageants make me a better person as it hones my character and personality in handling both winning and losing and in reacting on unpredictable situations. Above all, I am really looking forward to joining pageants because I love making my mom proud. J

I am also looking forward to my graduation. After that, I am planning to pursue Law or if not, maybe take a Masters Degree maybe related in Linguistics, Community Development , Education,  Forensic Anthropology  or perhaps Public Administration. I am just so ambitious (in the sense that I want to do, achieve and accomplish many things).

Any message to your supporters?

 First of all, thank you kuya Airwind for giving us this opportunity of being a part of your blog! It was just so nice to answer these questions. It was really fun. Salamat kuya for all your support!

 To our supporters, FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!. Until now, hindi pa nag si-sink in sa amin na may supporters kami kahit paaano! lol. you inspire us in your countless special ways.

To all the people who loved us in spite of our shortcomings and limitations, thank you po and we wish to commensurate your love the best way  we can. Thank you everyone and To God be the Glory! 

Here are some photos that captured the journey of the Nisperos Sisters

The Journey of Sheila

Journey of Laura

Photo Credits:
I-Biz Studio, Balaoan, La Union
Hon. Jay Orros,
Ma’am Matet Madrid-Ancheta
Ma’am Myla Madrid
Sam Nisperos
Tagged photos from Laura and Sheila’s FB

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