Travis: “A Hunk with a Healthy Past”

Travis Navarro Millard
Being a hunk is not all about having the good body but also having the perseverance to look good and remain healthy and fit. Here is a talk with a promising model who had a wonderful transition from being To Healthy to a Hunk.

Let’s get to know him and his healthy past..a balikbayan who were given a chance to conquer the runways of Philippine fashion. A model who is a towering 6’1″ tall and weighs 175 lbs. He relocated to Manila from Houston Texas to pursue a career in modelling and even pursued a degree in Business Administration. he previously worked as a certified optician while attending school full-time thus it had shown that he is one persevering individual.

1. Kindly describe Travis Navarro Millard to a stranger like me

I would probably describe myself as a dreamer, someone who doesn’t place limits on life’s possibilities; an open minded, down to earth gentleman.

2. What made you decide to come back in the Philippines?

I’ve always found home in the Philippines. I would always visit when I was younger and would never want to leave. One day I guess I got tired of my life in Houston, and wanted to pursue something more exciting. So I decided to move to the Philippines for 6 months to give myself an opportunity to really discover what I wanted to do with my life.

3. How did you attain the hunkness after being “too healthy” before?

HAHA, I would hardly call myself a “hunk”, still working at being able to be called that. Diet and exercise is genuinely a fail-proof method for anyone to achieve a fitness goal. It really takes a lifestyle change and adopting new eating habits and fitness practices to really succeed in transforming yourself to the physical person that you wish to be.



4. What influenced you to be a model?

My own former dissatisfaction with my personal image. I was never really happy with myself physically, and the idea of being “good-looking” or “in-shape” seemed so far from reality. I guess what really motivated me to actually pursue modeling is the thought of succeeding at something that seemed to me as being impossible. The “what-if” factor that keeps enticing you to pursue the unlikely.

5. Have you joined any pageants? Or modeling contests? And kindly share your experiences in joining…

I joined Fashionissimo 2011, a Filipino male-model search. Joining Fashionissimo gave me confidence, introduced me to many respected individuals in the modeling and showbiz industries, and an experience of camaraderie through the sense of brotherhood shared among us candidates.

6. What are you plans in your career as a model and to your studies?

I’m presently in Houston, TX working in the medical field, but I’m permanently relocating to Manila at the end of this year to complete my undergrad at Ateneo de Manila University in Business Administration. I plan to pursue my studies while trying to work part-time while I’m in school. It has always been an aspiration of mine to work as a television host, where I can use my speaking skills and personality to entertain and inform.

7. What is your message to those people who were too healthy “fat” about being fit and having a healthy lifestyle?

All that matters is whether or not you are happy with yourself. Nobody should be able to dictate how someone should look or feel. A decision to pursue a “fit” or healthier lifestyle should be entirely your own decision, not one influenced by media or those around you. But if you make the decision to pursue a fitness or weight loss goal, be determined and expect mistakes. Don’t be discouraged by failure, losing weight is difficult for anyone. Stay focused, set reasonable goals, and be patient.

After getting to know more about Travis, I do have proven something..he is FAT in  between his ears, he got the brains that will surely bring him to have a good journey.


Photo Credits from the Facebook account of Travis and from Fashionissimo webpage.

3 thoughts on “Travis: “A Hunk with a Healthy Past””

  1. Travis is my son. At a very young age, he has been focused on what he wanted to accomplish. He understood the value of an education when he was three years old, that is when he ask me, when could he start going to school. When he was in the fourth grade he was already looking at differant colleges, and comparing were he might go on the based on his teachers and their attitudes. its been interesting to see him grow up. Travis was never a “kid” in my eye, he always seem to think and act like an adult, at least around me. Travis never played with toys, he worked and built his own computers out of discarded stuff, he would find in the neighbor hood, or things I would bring for him. Starting when he was 11 or 12, Travis had a number of his own bussiness when he was growing up, and that is were the money came from so he and his mother could visit the Philippines. He has always been generous with his money and would send his earnings to the Philippines to help his family there. One time after he returned from a summer in the PI. and I was buying him a new pair of shoes, he told me he was the luckies kid in the world,because he never took any of his blessing for granted. We never had anything in common when it came to interest, so all our discussions were of serious matters. It has been interesting having Travis as my son. I am always looking forward to hearing from him, and getting news about what he has been doing. To say I am proud of him is an understatement.

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