Man of Pride

The man of pride..


All I know in this world, I am the best.

No one is above me since I am the greatest.

Since I was young, I always  know what I want and that is to be on top.


I never imagined that someone is greater than me since I know what I can do and that is to be above the rest.


I never wanted to be a loser, so if I am given something to do, I do my best preparation by researching and studying all aspects of my project so that I will end up as the best.

If I am given an invitation to an event, I always prepare myself  by choosing the best outfit so that when I enter the room, all eyes will be on me and become the life of the party.


There are times that people tends to be obstacles on my way and what do I do?Of course, I will keep them off and shove them to stay out of my way.


I know that if I will continue to always  be looking great, always be doing the best work and staying above the rest, I know that  I will keep on being on top.


 Humility is stranger to me since all I know is pride within me.Image

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