Escapo de Terra Incognita

(A collaborative work of a mom and dearest son)

The forces of nature  are inter-dependent to each other, when someone is up, the rest are down while some are good, the rest are bad. An influential black organization also known as Impacto Espacial lead by Teo Paeng Sin, leader full of evilness and negative desires who aims nothing but power, has the plan to take over the earth that in his leadership, they have launched loads of mission  to enliven that dark vision they have for the world. They came from the other dimension of the earth called “Juai.” They exist through the space wanting to go to earth and be the one to rule since their existence in their dimension is nearing its extinction since  pollution is destroying Juai. They then went to Earth with dark intentions , to look for the strongest human and use that human as a weapon. They camouflage and morphed themselves as human event organizers and with power and money, they started their mission and put their plans into action.

Impacto Espacial had set-up 100 different martial arts tournament. From varied discipline of codified practices and traditions of combat that are purely used for self-defense , physical fitness and mental, physical and spiritual development they made martial arts to become a popular competition. The martial arts have crossed over into sports since the forms of sparring among the martial arts enthusiast are becoming more competitive. From Judo, karate, taekwondo, boxing, wrestling,kendo. Muai thai, mixed martial arts and others that there was a diminish of combat effectiveness of martial arts and it had encouraged  an attitude of focusing on winning trophies rather than on cultivating moral character. This scenario of over competitiveness among martial arts enthusiasts had been the target of the Impacto Espacial.

Kagamine Shin, a playful , lighthearted high school student that seeks nothing but a good fight joined the tournament hoping that he can fight strong people and earn some money for his sick grandpa. Shin’s parents died in an accident when he was only 5 years old, and so he has been living with his grandpa. He learned taekwondo from the mentorship of his grandfather who nurtured him to be what he is, and thru his perseverance, he mastered his skills at the age of 10.

In 7 days the tournament ended and Kagamine Shin won the Japan Martial Arts tournament. But something so mysterious was becoming an issue since after the winners were proclaimed, they were nowhere to be found, the champions disappear one by one like bubbles.

After the 100 champions were completed from the 100 tournaments, they were then made to believe that they must be able to survive the challenges that they are tasked to face. All the champions were sent to Juai where in, they were made to be hungry for blood and fight each other. The organizers composed of the Black Organization lured the fighters of bigger amount of money as a cash prize that made the fighter to salivate more for victory and quest for their survival of the fittest. One by one, a fight was made until days were coming and going. The number of fighters were lessen, the losers were killed while the winners were tricked that they still have to continue the series of fights until a real champion will survive claim victory. The number of fighters went down to 50 , the organization have their eyes on 6 people , these 6 people were quite proficient being the strongest competitors in the tournament. Kagamine Shin ;Taekwondo , Cornella ;kendo, Bruce ;Wrestling, Len ;Karate , Maurice; Boxing , Leo ; FBI’s most wanted.

The series of fights bring epic heroism with depth that challenges the most experienced fighters while its fast-paced action engages new champions.  Each fighters has been chosen because they are either inherently good, or they have the potential to do great good and change the course of history for the better. Despite the ability to kill opponents in their game, fatalities are part of the element for the enjoyment of Teo Paeng. As days passed by and the number of fighters were becoming few, some of the fighters had become allies and friends during the course of the tournament. Shin and Cornella intend to unite and whoever will win must share his blessing, the members of organization evesdropped them and they were not glad about it since they don’t like that emotions and concern for each other will be part of the fight. They just wanted to find the best fighter and eliminate the weak.

Then the days passed by and allegiance were developed amongst the fighters that they were able to discuss amongst themselves the possibility of not being able to go back to earth if ever they will be eliminated. They came up with  a plan to seek freedom from Impacto Espacial since they were able to find out that the winners were not given the privilege of going back to earth and received the prize that was promised rather the fatality amongst the fighters are increasing and was not able to make everything into order . The fighters were finally awaken of the lies and betrayal of the black organization ,they seek for democracy and freedom from the lock-up and forced fightings.

The remaining 6 fighters utilized their strengths and made a plan to trick the organization. They set-up a meeting with the Teo Paeng together with Impacto council to discuss the last fights they will going to have. The fighters ,Teo Paeng and the council have a meeting and right there and then the fighters hostage the them.

The fighters made  bargain that they will only release the leader if they will be brought back to earth, thus the black organization wanted to claim back their leaders but not to grant what the fighters wanted or else the plans of conquering earth won’t push thru thus the members of the organization were persistent to claim their leaders but at the same time the fighter were also very determined to be home and be reunited with their own family thus they didn’t gave in.

Aside from making the leaders as hostages, they also made a clear mapping on how to escape from Juai. They made an outline of their escape route and studied them very well and with the help of the fact that they hold the neck of the leaders of the organization, whatever they demand  became a law that whoever will break could be a threat to the life of the leaders. The fighters then demanded that they will travel together with the leaders so that their escape will be possible. The three fighters made an escape ahead of the others, utilizing their maps and info, their escape route was made possible, while fighting all those black organization members who are all hindrance of their escape. They were then able to be on guard for the other three fighters who still held the leaders as hostage by guarding the exit area.

Upon learning that the first three fighters escaped already, the members of the organization thought that they could get their leader back already but then the three remaining fighters and the other three fighters who were waiting in the portal were so wise to coordinate with each other.

The black organization gave in and just followed the demands of the fighters and they let them go and finally the six fighters were able to reunite and finally received freedom from Impacto Espacial but not only that also destroyed the portal connecting Juai to Earth so that other creatures will not be able to enter earth anymore.

The humanity of the earth acknowledged the contribution of the fighters that they considered them as their heroes and the kids were influenced to utilize the real essence of martial arts  and the people then made the discipline as basis in their daily life. They use it for their own good and for a better interpersonal relationship that they now use martial arts as a sport and not for money making.

The people called them THE SIX, who were able to promote martial arts to protect each other and not to step down on each other. They inculcated the true discipline and principle of martial arts to each protegee and eventually made a league of chamion fighters with a good heart.

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